Cute Corgi Escape: Puppy Breaks Down Dog-Proof Gate

Cute Corgi Escape: Puppy Breaks Down Dog-Proof Gate

COMM: This is Beau, and eleven week old corgi, he lives in Ohio with his owner Dan McLaughlin. 00:22
COMM: When Dan leaves his apartment, he puts Beau in the kitchen behind this puppy fence. 00:31
COMM: But when he returns home however short a time he’s been away Beau is always roaming
free. 00:43
COMM: So how does a dog so small get past a fence that size. 00:58
COMM: One day Dan set up a camera to see just how Beau does it. 01:23
COMM: In just two and a half minutes Beau is free. Corgi one. Puppy fence nil.

100 Replies to “Cute Corgi Escape: Puppy Breaks Down Dog-Proof Gate”

  1. why do idiots only own dog/pet??? it's pure common sense that the animal would get super bored. it's not that expensive to have 2 dogs. Fucking idiots

  2. Even though it is frustrating for us humans, animals keep proving how intelligent they are to us. So, why do humans keep denying animals' intelligence? It really takes denial- a trance that allows you to deny reality. Good going, puppy!

  3. when ma mom and dad said chim wanna gk to the mall a said no thanks but then when they come back they zaid to me they so a puppy all alone and i said were is it they said it died😢 just kidding it was still alvie and we kept it

  4. I have corgi too to but the people don't allow pets at our house only food sh pets now my corgi name theal lives with my grandma :(😭😭😭😭😭😭🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😕😕😕😕☹️☹️☹️☹️

  5. Don't underestimated animals, even my pet cats have a way to escape from their room. I have no idea how they open the door!

  6. Awwwwwwww he is so adorable He’s a fuckin genius so he is I wish I could reach into my screen and pet him If I had 100 corgi puppies I would be so happy I love all dogs but the corgi is my favorite by far

  7. Beau needs to be nice & secure in a dog crate while his owner is away. If Beau is trained with treats & praise, he will see the crate as his special place to relax & be safe. My Chocoloate Laborador Retriever, Kloë, loves her crate. She goes in it sometimes just to hang out & chill when we're home!

  8. I love how when he gets free he stops turns his head a little and gives one last bark over his shoulder as if to say ha

  9. Actually this is not cute, the pup just restless and nervous, the owner should teach the pup to stay calm when the pup is behind the bar or inside crib. I have corgi too, but she never behave like this, i teach her since young that its ok to be alone or left alone at home for a couple hours. So i also feel calm when i go, because i know she will be ok and calm when she is at home alone.

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