18 Replies to “Cyclists Call For Bike Barrier Along San Francisco’s Embarcadero”

  1. San francisco roads are so confusing for residents locals and tourists,people don’t know how to drive the streets anymore because the city keeps changing them far too much .

  2. Solution for bikers to pay attention and for the city to make money: make bikes require a liscense. The motorized versions have a requirement for them, why does the pedal version not require it? It's the same rules for regular bikes as is for motorbikes and motorcycles. Make pedal bikes liscenced.

  3. You could build it and they would still ride in the road ,just like a savage walking in the road making cars go around them with a side walk right beside them

  4. A bike barrier would not have stopped a biker running a red light and nearly running over pedestrians that are clearly shown in this video. When bikers can start acting responsibly and start obeying RED LIGHTS then they can get a barrier. Respecting the pedestrians in a crosswalk comes first.

  5. are we not going to talk about the elephant in the room ? let's look at 0:41, bikers have no regard for traffic rules and pedestrian safety, I want to see them being enforce like drivers.

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