Davey Crockett canoes with Duke + Golden Horseshoe! | Disneyland Vlog 2019-06-22 Pt. 4

Davey Crockett canoes with Duke + Golden Horseshoe! | Disneyland Vlog 2019-06-22 Pt. 4

right you're right there's nobody here canoes need some love there's a lovely little queue right here I do enjoy [Applause] are you up next – I am actually SS Linux boat my boat Thanks watching love you go I know so people have tap shoes guys I'm a backpacker bag go and take off your backpack their bag place your bag at your feet now if you need more room folks there's plenty of room and our overhead bin compartments okay everything use a window seat case of emergency grab the nearest child a floatation device you grab the children we grab you at the hierarchy see if the cast members first now that we reported on nice here we go it seated our test paddles inside dr. Madera to these four fighters you're tripping all the time all right buddy have fun out there what hand locked on to that fishtail other hand closest to the blade vice first on that side blade portion faces out to the water not in your partner's face on the count of three folks dip that blade to the water then gently pull that water back behind you there we go one two and three turbo stir up to you now if you find yourself confused please don't worry just follow that paddle in front of you make the same mistakes they're making little best if that person in front of you is a small child or a very beautiful lady unless carrying a child now the oh dear oh oh oh sorry guys my fault that's something else sorry guys guys you know I got I believe favoring I'm only a weekend cast member but you know I come every right now you guys are behind Apartments on the second floor is shooting star some of the guys think he's following a flu let me say stick sunny say peace pipe I was on break with him yesterday he said Duke I know what do you holy are you said he'll Duke this close to storms lamb don't tell anyone it's a lightsaber sounds like what do you do with that lightsaber he's basically telling you all with this magical object I obtained from Star Wars man I can push a buck and clear five hours of wait time installers land steer Oh tell you guys what you guys are a great group give me five big strokes we will take our main break okay Rio Libran & 2 & 3 & 4 & 4 and for hey guys how you doing good sir hey Aloha Mahalo shot got read up good to see you guys hello hey folks around the corner full public view live a boat smile big pretend you're having fun hi folks I'm gonna sit down I'm gonna help you guys now let's have some fun together here people a sudden burst of speed welcome but you folks are the show feel free to yell some crazy random things like I love this ride manual labor on your vacation it's been all day and walking around working the lower body definitely come the canoes workout the upper body right so colder can work out and back ladies gentlemen make some nah I'm half myself my beautiful Kayla thank you so much hope you folks had a blast come on back work out the other side if you feel the need for balance I am a little rough I'm all about balance growing up but you don't wash make sure their fingers and paddles are inside the canoe I don't want to pinch fingers I don't wanna do paperwork alright guys have fun yeah are you guys coming back again yes okay three legs I think eyes want to come back make sure you drop it for the canoes get so excited take my beautiful calif you're on a plane folks my bros buy a job and Kayla's job is Disneyland Resort cast members to make sure you guys had an absolute wonderful time on this ride judging by the looks on your faces at this very moment we are so fired the Golden Horseshoe how long's the best since we've had lunch at the golden horseshoes made out of hundred years I think it's literally a 500 years yeah like a hundred years ago I had a recently just when the cameras off like her mom ago and the cameras on her I disappeared out of existence right now she's not there to the show you see my wife we're sure I don't know there's no one there and let's take care of there she it's like when Superman puts on the glasses I was thinking more like quantum mechanics but share that you guys want to get some lunch too Golden Horseshoe I'm gonna try some fish and chips and I've heard tell that they've got a tasty little toy story theme Treat in there that I want to try also it's a Jesse themed churros and ice cream and fruity pebbles I think all right yeah let's find out there's a show to my gosh that table down here too Golden Horseshoe more history today we are dining industry we have written the history we have walked in history and now we're going to beat history yes the loop-de-loop is what we're looking for fish and chips pepperjack chili man grilled chicken mixed greens south everything I'm seeing fish and chips yeah buffalo wings or no just chicken wings like barbecue sauce with a kick the pepper chili mix we're about to get a show we are gonna get a show in about the bye [Applause] Oh Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that wasn't bad for a Golden Horseshoe I'd like little horse that was we got a little bit everything was pretty tasty the chili back was good the fish chips worked better than we've got really good fishing ships before so it's like and the the skins were pretty good the word dance concern efficiency I wasn't I wasn't expecting Chilean on the loaded potato skins I don't know why right but I just I'm so used to just getting shion-san in sour cream bacon is it in Spain of wood [Applause] we've got lots more videos for you to see so grab a churro and check out some of our other videos and have your mind blown by how much fun we're having we truly are the best of Disney baked fresh daily don't forget to subscribe to our channel we'll see you next time brush baked

27 Replies to “Davey Crockett canoes with Duke + Golden Horseshoe! | Disneyland Vlog 2019-06-22 Pt. 4”

  1. That was some classic Disneyland action. Loved it so much!!!!! Those canoes and Frontier Land vibes!!!! The best.

  2. that hidden Mickey cave was actually on one of your other videos when you were on the Mark Twain riding on the lower deck.

  3. The canoe guides seem to be good-natured, like a lot of mailmen/ladies. A little bit of sunshine and exercise can do that.

  4. Amazing what a camera in the face can do. Been on the canoe 3 times with Duke and didnt get nearly the show he puts on for the camera.

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