36 Replies to “David Byrne-Don't Fence Me In”

  1. From the Red Hot + Blue aids benefit album featuring Cole Porter tunes covered by various artists. (The Brazilian drumming on this was reminiscent to Obvious Child by Paul Simon also from 1990.)

  2. This was a release from "Red Hot & Blue" an AIDS awareness disc from 1990. Lots of cool songs on there just like this one. Favorite is the Tom Waits cover

  3. I just started watching "The Bachelor" (the movie, not the show)… and this song comes on. I'm like… this tune is lit AF AND that sounds like Byrne. Hopped on the Googler with "Don't Fence me in Talking Heads* and now I'm here. holla.

  4. I'm going to use this song in a commercial for fences. I run the Great American Fence company. We specialize in really, really long fences.

  5. thank you dear friend David i have from 77 be a speal friend you never no but al the time i feel it again and again that we now oure soul like brothers a hart time but i becoming free
    of myne past you have help in my live to make sudce a speale voice in the mucic i how i love so mats it was like astory telling in music like your book how music works i hope you will like this comfersation i so only once a live concert of you in Utrecht in vredeburg wher i leef
    som poetry of me ii hope you like that poetrie of mine i love your concert in Vredeburg i was dacicing al the time thank you so mats dear Friend wouter Joannes

  6. This is just beautiful!   It's not a privilage of the cowboys of the old days to have freedom.  It happens to be the right of every living person 🙂

  7. Nice version but I have to wonder how many of those people even know what a saddle is let alone what Hobbles are?

  8. I don't own a property(house or land). Yeah, I own some stuff, but I try not to buy anything I'm not going to use. I call it quasi-minimalism. It feels quite freeing, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

  9. your on a computer/phone most likely with an internet connection. might I call your bluff on the property and possessions part?

  10. Heb zo 't idee dat deze tekst op jouw lijf geschreven is… En dat in de versie van één van je 'ouwe' favorietjes…
    Moon song for may… check!

  11. this has always been my favorite song and has been something of a themesong for my life. great rendition.

  12. Being 15's cool, isn't it? How's that acne treating you? Don't worry it'll pass. You can go have another snickers bar to pass the time

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