David O'Caoimh Wakeboarding @ Liquid Leisure

David O'Caoimh Wakeboarding @ Liquid Leisure

unless your house are we filming already yeah welcome back to DES vlog yeah this game is just Tommy's getting into the vlog game so and he's quitting ground we're just going straight on this the whole time are you gonna face it is a stop back home at liquid leisure and I'm joined today by David Oak we've YouTube's favorite wakeboarder favorite YouTube Aaron ledger we're gonna do we can do the one batch who challenge today so yeah thanks just had a little vlog you don't right there it's so intense look if you've never been here you'll see on the ground there's obstacles everywhere it's just like I just did what 1050 laughs no matter there's no breaks we're gonna gonna get the dried up in the air and go see what you got though so talk us through its obviously there's been a bit it's the drama lately let me explain everything so there's been a podcaster square and this podcast was recorded before this long story short somebody has impersonated me dragging a load of cable parks in the in the u.s. I know of West rock and another angle Doster and pretended to be me and acted like a complete douchebag and that's why ever hates me but I spoke to everyone we're all good now friendly apologies to that's about so good to me I'd let you find this out this morning but I knew back then calling without – – there we go and then this morning West Rock mastered me like off thanks for the phone call and I was like I ever found you so I spoke to the guy super nice well gee it's good to set the record straight yeah I mean what we've been tentatively calling the no it's been going pretty crazy lately I mean there was obviously a lot of the voice without a stir what's up Blake I'm bringing bodyguards to mediate boxes here he thinks I'm joking security detail it just so happens completely coincidental that to six-foot-four Irish guys who are massive are just going to watch the contest their fans rojava dumbass so I was actually nice last year we filmed here I uploaded onto my insta story yesterday and there's the one the West like crook girl and ever onto the onto the pool app as well literally like you could've just poured Slater huge 50 inside is that what we call ins each now it's yeah well you know back in the day were you guys wait were it was actually killed to put some angle on your board that caused it so it's just that old school vibe right looking for the save some sake grinds the pressure I fully run a stealer – Tara Tara laughs I like she was just wasting laughs I was like this is so terrible my fitness is not doing any good here to be there I was having a bad time as well so I'm like well you do have I've got I've got a New Castle which although it's great having like you know a fresh glass and not being the issue is that I am so looking forward to being able to like fly properly clean another mug we're gonna do it I'm pretty happy [Applause] they haven't gone I'm Haley I've been thinking that I might be going crazy lately I've been praying up to God or sappy I don't really understand this why these people Amy I just put my feelings on these traitors from Daddy lately I would study down my life and Brady barely on my friends they've been out here and shadeija Haley got no info I'm kind of feeling lazy try to tie the shoddy but I feel I got a savior I just said I'm going I'm when they actually I to tell him that I'm fine and attach the swine's already loved artists II know I said I'm wasting all my time yeah lately I've been gone out my mind for the city lately I've been going out mind for the city lately I've been gone I'm a mind full of lately I've been gone out my lately I've been thinking that I might be going crazy lately I've been praying up to God to save me I don't really understand this why these people hate me I just feel my feelings on these phone daddy lately I've been feeling like I'm not knowing lately I'm craving drinking and smoking lately my socks have been Tucker I see it lately I'm tired and I'm feeling broken made up with shouty I know she been Wiley I happen to so you know I keep quiet lately I've been trying to touch with my guy he never picked me up when I been darling but you know I'm still trying no I feel like I'm dealing with the lineup I was going crazy I met him man I'm a man I'm trying to keep from crying lately I've been going I'm a mind full of lately I've been going down a mine for the city lately I've been going for the sick lately haven't gone am i lately I've been thinking that I might be going crazy lately I've been praying up to be I won't you set me I don't really understand is why these people hate me I just saw my feelings on these fatties forum Danny so yeah you're pretty not good I mean there's just I was like – Dave just leave all the terrible clips in there I didn't warn I'm sure I think that was a good surgery I really enjoyed on it was really probably better than I could've anticipated but definitely the first quarter was better than the last three quarters yeah I mean that's natural like you know you're gonna get time and to be fair like you know for a park that you don't rider ever so basically the plan now is we've done the cable part of it we've done done one battery and then tomorrow we're gonna go to tell us for guarantee you see Jam which I believe and a hair from here it's already awake and I'm doing O'Brien coaching weekend but I also get to wait for Dave's gonna come along and we're gonna do some grown on the boat hell yeah so I'm a little bit nervous never done bow before but yeah I think it'll go right that's it yeah when I first started I first started on the bike so I'm pretty excited to like to get some clips then I don't have done a bit of wake surf stuff and that sort of thing obviously that's a lot slower but pretty excited to see what we can get on the boat obviously I only got the one arm to wear anyway if I can just mention that as many times it's gonna be like a nice cover so yeah so watch out for vlog 2 where we're going to go do some boat stuff alright well make sure you like subscribe all that and see in the next one peace peace

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  1. BEEF WITH oc! Don’t @ my boi Blake bishop or he will roll up to Ireland with an AK and pop some shots all payed for by his rich AF family #beefwithoc YEEEEW!!

  2. Great vid with Dave AV & Dave O'C (Dave O'C sort your fitness out mate, ha,ha). A new cable park, Peterborough WakePark (UK), has recently opened nearby so will get some of that in the near future.
    Looking forward to some superb vids on this channel. All the best dude

  3. You know David I am also a self-defense instructor and MMA fighter we could just trade out wakeboard lessons for bodyguard Duty hahaha

  4. Even with an arm out still better drone flyer than most! Those splashes on the lens duuuuude!! Nice to see david coming down our way! Shame wasnt at home to get some stills! Maybe for summer! PP 2019?!

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