David Wetherill with a fantastic shot at the London 2012 Paralympic Games for GB (with replay)

David Wetherill with a fantastic shot at the London 2012 Paralympic Games for GB (with replay)

47 Replies to “David Wetherill with a fantastic shot at the London 2012 Paralympic Games for GB (with replay)”

  1. Only a retarded commentator could have reacted to such a shot with less energy.
    Its like such an outburst has scared some of you timid types like it was to loud for you silly little trolls.

  2. That was an amazing shot!  Equally amazing was how pumped the announcer got during the replay.  Clearly he appreciated what just happened and so do I!

  3. @Marshall McCready It's the same thing. It's kinda like calling the thing you use to hit the ball with a "bat", a "racket" or a "paddle".

  4. people that play table tennis competitively look down on people that call it ping pong. they think it's disrespectful to the sport. I play table tennis but i dont give 99 shits about what people call it.

  5. Bowling isn't even a sport – very little skill required for that.
    Table tennis is now one of the most viewed sports in Olympics, bowling isn't even in the Olympics because it is like watching paint dry.

  6. it's done on classifications – class 1-5 is wheelchair, class 6-10 is standing disability, class 11 is learning disability.
    basically the lower the number the higher the disability.
    so a class 10 would have a very minor disability. a class 5 in wheelchair would tend to be fine from waist upwards.

  7. He wasn't addressing the spelling, he was referring to the fact that the guy was calling both of these players retarded just because they are handicapped.

  8. Surely, but a handicaped person has to train very hard to do so cause their bodies don't move that easily acording to their will.

  9. "Life does not reprogramme itself. It only does what it is made to do."
    like cancer?

    the matter inside of us isn't programmed, it has no intentions, it doesn't do what it's supposed to do all the time. almost every part of the human body has a genetic condition where that part doesn't work. The number of different ailments one can be born with is staggering.

    To believe God didn't create us via evolution is blasphemy. If we were designed 'perfectly' by God he must be an incompetent drunk.

  10. There is not proof of the existence of a god, nor will there ever be. Evolution on the other hand is supported by a huge amount of scientific evidence and is an established fact, regardless of what Creationists (who are too stupid, "empty headed" or bigoted to understand science) believe.

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