| DAY 28 | CARDIO Circuit Training! (Hindi / Punjabi)

| DAY 28 | CARDIO Circuit Training! (Hindi / Punjabi)

good answer gradually your testicle and hey thanks for tuning into my Bollywood body now the whole sunny with madam Tsukiji madam took a due date 28 or third adapted mechanically stabilized you know I have to speak a little bit English my English very good nowadays the very very Nakuru Samantha you want to see the difference between Korean English edition English very different okay GG dragoon real English out of Granada only of a movie all original series and easily we take it cement stone the decorator angstrom the memorizing the body body auscultation a very very English a check result for underwear p-orbitals 340 sure P for telephone for gd8f for 4G 4G practice for Australia unfortunately for tracks kpk for compute an L for anything m for military and pork mixture Oh for hospital before tools job you for curiosity our for our ds4 Eskimo feast or Asian for antibody for like the blue post-war matrix for example white for white versus before Superman Hey see I wasn't joking am i returning everything here and I was wanting to dependent hopefully enjoy yoga capsicum without me around thankfully with argue revision here but steady on your opto of Oz nahi I deliver in Kitty less let's launch good space 28 covergirl stretching that leg stretching Ahmad now as you get after day 25 the workers are getting little intense especially today is a very prime example of what's about to happen to you yeah I thought I only like educative ronnied attorney none of thoughts milk is not planning we can take but I've wrote that the mama given a job to me and to work okay okay kiss Rocco for shark attorney ops of phone video today or email Vinatieri Vasavada boy whoa whoa Oliver confronted again learning is a odd day twenty years of economic near to every word curve Argentinians fifty high knees it's a circle fifty nine is ten push-ups 30-second length team exercises George a 30 seconds bakers fifteen cents let me let me yes L will go fifty I need cup 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 4 t 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 50 grand let's go give me 10 for 30 second rate and here you five six beautiful seven eight nine and ten drop plants cornea on the back come on no tippy toes straight back good job beautiful breathed reproduced about emails or no sexism else which are highly is 10 push-ups 30 seconds like 30 seconds rate but y'all Chinese 10 fishes 30 seconds plane 30 second break of the barrage Quran theme set anonymous was given up the data's organism regulating hand moving on to once your date's Dominic's tea break is done opposite day to do military brain come up to such TMI stage is this so you can recover after heart rate each other sort of animal only moving on to your next exercise next exercise manikin I have fifty cross runs ten squat jumps and then you're going to do 30 second wall sorry v6 ready get in and go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 50 10 watch them 1 2 8 9 and 10 day now and we do 30 second wall sit now legs up so yeah maybe V Duvall's V the doubloons of goody another this you Nebraska program butchers of arrow 2 and Omega 0 reduces the second – slow 28 29 and 30 take a big beautiful 50 cross run 10 squat jump 30 seconds v6 or skip a 30 second break if you have AC inside without a hit means everybody a predominantly a break place at there once that is done let's move on to your next workout Suki now you're going to do 50 mountain climbers 10 burpees 30 seconds but bridges 30 second break 3 gram let's go multi hundred here and go 1 2 3 4 40 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 50 good job now do 10 burpees lay down pat them on the ground and hit is Lido so 50 mountain climbers right away up to 10 burpees good job that is 9 one more and that is 10 perfectly down portrait and open first time or squeeze very much Tanya squeakin so about making gear for chop mountain climbers right away 10 burpees 30 second pod reach 30 second break that's your 1/3 and then you keep repeating like this 3 sets as well take a break good job good job good job the jobs mountain climbers 10 burpees 30 second bridge bridge it says it's a circuit training teens in expenses working they're very hard we only do a little bit of reps so I mean you she doesn't get much tired up with mapathon Alexa but if you would do both through the whole workout it's a very physically demanding work out now what we're going to do is look if you grab it now we're going to be 20 step ladder you know they will identify in and out you're going to do letter acidity there you go there you come back right away you're going to become a 30-second wall set and then you become a 30-second Superman ready gets it and do it eight out of eight out of eight observe is it out of out of finding ourselves in it out of that lateral letter letter letter letter go go go good job look at that beauty and right away right there thirty second voltage 30 seconds announces as they don't read read read read read 30 seconds nice Kunie job here cuz they are gonna technically the energy degrees pregnant b4 to the Janet we could pop asana work on your speed and agility 30 second wall stick and right away we're going to become a 30 second Superman I envy you Superman and Superman when Superman up and squeeze squeeze left in city squeeze your butt nice and slow breathe breathe breathe getting lots of blood and oxygen to you but and 30 seconds take a break twenty feet bearing back thirty second wall six thirty seconds Superman thirty second break this could be about Miss Teen Center honey by now you should be if I'm not mistaken about twenty five minutes into the workout circuit training is all the small circuit trainings of the appetizer convenient annuity short avocados I Q gets combined workers of fidelity now last exercise of the day of the geechie Camejo sonic later after the scatological Jagger now we're going to do one thousand high school I wasn't joking and go two three four one thousand I'll get up how do I know you're not going to do like this start doing Dhoni here start doing this but I'm okay you have to finish one thousand countin 1,000 people here you know give me ten twenty more beautiful nice and slow okay some days they start jogging around just like this for jogging Rob's are moving around okay here you go start moving around views yes yes you're not going to stop until it's one thousand you're not going to stop in it is two people see I need Salinas Valley we're gonna be pretty tough exterior that's it so all together out in the four mini circuits in a thousand idea this is about a 40 to 45 minute workout but you have to play your cards right make sure try your best to finish 1000 izf need 13 undefeated on today Louise mr. Nana banana try your best then they see Beauty I'm not just saying it but you know this a comedy movie me that I made it none naked Romanian and they look at the apartment sorry Eddie sometimes ladies measure what suffocating meeting on Tabata cheese but until the abyss cookiecutter having that Marty we have to cheer neither a logically hula Garvey we put the Swedish rule against the Saravanan ASUC Marcia revenant a YouTube member subtract can imagine my Bollywood body father some painful cancer Graham injury tada what are they always quick question though a lot of time if they are separate look at your place nigger service what oh here you go you get that layered if you go like that thank you very much for bringing attention I'm to infinity state should watch Ltd could sneak a rose – rose – rose killing each other tilting it is a shaper Shane Jacoby poppy and Djokovic at all knowledge the courage or the never mind you differential of a subscribes very sorry sorry order who never been officially and shelf oh gee I'm mob people but if and I please I make wherever possible I am ethnic OD me what's over that record you reading or risque bottom so janky from cotillion from am eroding it we don't live in jobs living it Bajaj again dude algea getting a semi latina clicky permaculture learning it is those into hanja apana l4 hopefully my Bollywood Bundy here you go some are critics jaws will be occurring at karaoke John Hannigan a plaque

45 Replies to “| DAY 28 | CARDIO Circuit Training! (Hindi / Punjabi)”

  1. So easy work out ,,,,, previous work out was very tough like squats junps (50)πŸ˜‘πŸ˜,,,,,,,,, jumping jacks ,,,these are tough ,,,,,,,,

  2. Day 28 cardio circuit training
    High knees/push-ups/plank-3*50/10/30sec
    Cross run/squat jumps/ v-sit-3*50/10/30sec
    Mountain climbers/burpees/ butt bridge-3*50/10/30sec
    Ladder/wall sit/super man-3*20 ft/30/30 sec
    High knees-1000

  3. I lost 12kg so far from ramadan nd also cheated but doesnt result in w8 gain…my thighs are toned espesially outer thighs and back…

  4. Had took 30 sec break after 200 high knees….its winter and m swetng like ice melting….thnku for great series

  5. Rozana koi aik exercis hoti jo ap ko khana chor deny pr mjboor krte….1000 low belly button high knees πŸ™πŸ™

  6. It's my tomorrow's workout. I am already freaking out to see those 1000 high knees.πŸ˜‚
    I'm almost dead already.πŸ˜‚
    Gode reh jaane kal te.
    Jokes apart, you're too good with your work. Incredible workout sessions.

  7. Hi bro it would be great if u reply this or make a video on what i am requesting
    What workout routine i should do coz i didnt workout at all for 2 months what will be the best comeback workout routine to regain my strength and my gains plz its a request 😊

  8. super video .. hello sir I am 20 years old and my weight is only 50 kg can you tell me which supplement best for me
    for weight gain..?

  9. you are to good trainer.mene apki video dekhi h.kya ap bta sakte ho mere 2 c section ho chuke h to kya ye sb exe me kr sakti hu mera weight kafi ho gya .plz mujhe btaye

  10. sir can u suggest mi good workout an diet I am already had joined a gym from 2months I need to loss 10kg with in next two months plz help me
    age 25
    hight 5.4
    wight 65

  11. sir I have my farewell coming up next month. My weight is currently 62 kgs. I have a huge problem of belly fat. I need ur help because I cannot wear a saree on my farewell with all that belly fat bulging out. plz help me sir by suggesting a workout routine. My main problem areas are my thighs, and ofcourse the belly area. please help me sir. please suggest a set of exercises or workouts which can be done at home.

  12. sir g garmiyo me kaya khaye jisse vajan v badhe aur sareer me v garmi na ho. please esi koi video upload kar dijiye please sir.

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