Death Boats to Greece (Part 2/2): Europe Or Die

Death Boats to Greece (Part 2/2): Europe Or Die

[Applause] [Music] one of fifty million people are displaced around the world it has a conflict poverty persecution in climate change mrs. kasuba also black I meet three of the biggest gateways for migrants and refugees into Europe are through the western central and eastern Mediterranean to tackle the unprecedented numbers of people risking their lives to enter its borders Europe is spending hundreds of millions of euros to fortify its frontier apv an example at my master key what a mattress here is evolving the one he niggaz me more active yes my mother she died from hypothermia she Haven personal 1267 their names he had a document scam laughing [Music] more than 2,000 people were illegally pushed back to Turkey from Greece between 2012 and 2013 according to a report by German and Geo Prizm we traveled to a small Greek village in the Everest region right next to the Turkish land border this is where the biggest alleged pushback happened a mysterious disappearance of a large group of Syrians in November 2013 so in a small village called cranky the villagers here have reported seeing 150 Syrian refugees some of them were on the town square by the church and apparently white police vans came took all the migrants drove them away and nobody has seen them since an appointment it’s a non dismiss ministers ask Allah security service in Metropolis bigger the government the Bellas and f350 Linden are typically Nina sixth official in nature or the Polish particular collagenous education with a little Rasta Texas man let me get analyst water the opinion of the beginning epsilon magnetar rather than a lead you can use people to get in the pit Krishna knows one of the missing Syrians was allegedly later found in Turkey according to his witness account the hundred and fifty refugees were beaten robbed and then sent back to Turkey and thirteen people were missing after the illegal readmission operation to find out of the Greek authorities had investigated this disappearance we went to see the Regional Police Director of East the Macedonian trace 150 Syrian refugees disappeared in a town called proggy do you know what the investigation is at the this current moment to Mary’s new policy in the missile the policy dedicated Caidic Ezekiel is not can’t happen them to put to put above to ETL common success you were there in in 2010 where suddenly had a five-fold increase of migrants coming in entering your region how did that affect you as a police officer found XE canvas mrs. Anna hormone Vinny my son taught the Atome torture Miguel Omotesando capice it’s inhuman ability anima T sin T cos the – don’t burn with understand America that is more about the viscous Irishmen appellee manses humanistic komotini who may yet truce compost obligate truce it was a travel from the experiments their Minister come see who logos in committee no new laws in people’s film and you know post-election meiosis coterminous Raphael’s Anna Scott women’s bottom to Caritas CX and he left a stern in equal to mention the girls could get a divorce so we just finished interview with mr. Salim Augusta director of the police of this region he described that the conditions in their detention centres and reception centres were wonderful this is the absolute opposite of what every single NGO who has had access to these facilities have reported we asked to see one of the detention centers for ourselves one of salamis officers took a pseudo one in the town of Villa Kea but we were not allowed to enter and very limited in what we could film I go down without a camera am I allowed to speak to some people down there the view is not alone apparently there are 300 people in the reception center and about 200 or more in this Detention Center in the screaming Yazidi so I imagined it from the Yazidi minority do you speak English [Music] are you applying for asylum people don’t want to apply for asylum in Greece because if they do that means that they have to stay in Greece and they don’t want to stay in Greece because it’s a country in crisis it’ll be difficult to make a living we’ve heard a lot of reports of racist attacks must be really confusing because they come from war-torn countries they had a very difficult journey here and there in this building you can’t leave it no I’m sure they have no idea what’s gonna happen next around 6000 people are currently detained in Greece for up to 18 months sometimes longer NGOs have reported subhuman unsanitary conditions in the centres with accounts of little or no access to a yard wet mattresses and broken toilets leaking excrement to the floors below in the even miners and asylum seekers are detained with insufficient access to legal aid that simply detained in order to be deported back to the country and again one has to understand these people are not criminals they’re being treated as criminals but they are not we have had cases of people trying to actually come and commit suicide the tensions only be the last resort but in Greece is used systematically and is used in a way that we believe it’s also a way of actually pushing people to leave the country it’s also a way to tell people you are not welcome here Greece has received millions of euros in EU funds to boost border control and build more detention facilities substantially less has been allocated to improve conditions for migrants and refugees once nicknamed the barn door to Europe the Greek land border with Turkey is now blocked off by 7 mile long fence but cost more than 3 million euros and was built in the midst of Greece’s crippling financial crisis the fence ends where the Greek part of the avarice River begins whose brutal on the Kurds presented deadly natural obstacle we’re on the river Everest that’s Turkey that’s Greece this is where migrants cross in small rubber boats and because the river is really deep the boats are not very safe and many of them can’t swim many people have lost their lives here we found the local fishermen to take us along the dreaded waterway how long have you been a fisherman Hyrum avarice depending on mr. Bedi machining work show me if I’m a prospector me poop regna terrae out to pursue an auto birthing he keep of lips were taking the Taurus machine our enemy too narrow come on Aboriginal you can make the quneitra now give me the variable parameters pitama away would be police for us as a Democrat a PVR even pull out one exactly what am the poster for my personal poodle here is evolving no plastic Oh chef the Cobra here is a manager would it be need palazzo madama nice distinct man do you ever have to save anyone watch florence evolution was more rapid yeah Maura you’re three amuro namie amuro’s begonia Nene Ortega Miami you niggas me more appears not gonna last [Music] the bodies found in the river are taken to the regional morgue in Alexandra Palace just people good morning the cities were found to deliver after war not two months six months actually for us the problem signification and if we found somewhere that’ll be long for anything else and if someone interesting about these people and this is the photo from the personal objects we take DNA from these people they take DNA from deaf people and we’re making duplication the coroner has taken it upon himself to log the DNA of each body that is brought to the morgue taking DNA samples and archiving any belongings are the only clues to identifying them I hear the only one thing we found after six months how many people have come to your morgue that you haven’t been able to identify for me in the last five years it’s a five hundred maybe and is this a total number of people that have been found or have more people they found yeah you know from at the Greek site is this number but the river levels a 50-person percentage from Greece another sensitivities if we found someone and got in the Greek side come here if we found in the tricky side we have an information we don’t know what exactly happened there we don’t no matter who don’t know nothing about this [Music] she Haven personal objects four seven names documents cam laughing so people are now not a name but a number yes only only with number wouldn’t that mean yes so are all these people buried in the cemetery with no means of identifying them the many hundreds who have lost their lives in the average river usually end up in unmarked graves in remote migrant cemeteries so you had to drive for an hour of small mountain roads to get here and the cemetery was absolutely impossible to find it’s completely overgrown and you couldn’t tell that this is a cemetery [Music] they’re all these plastic gloves but around here here I’m not so being used to to carry bodies so that means probably means that they’re not buried in confidence there are no names no nothing not even any religious symbols we don’t know how many people are buried here either unnamed graves of unnamed people who died trying to get into Europe and there’s no way of knowing why they came where the families are it’s like these people never even existed Chris Bosh what advice ichika just unobligated around agree necessarily of service Oscar Bihari masa kou Narayana any egg Martin that is residue turkey Oh Monica is for Allah particle Sunday a yeah uh busy you see this condition and have many dreams many feature but all system in rubbish industry happier in this condition like crazy mad because of one

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  1. Obviously this Priest has no internet access or is unaware of the rape situation in Sweden, the violence on the streets of the UK, the Muslim gangs setting up no GO Zones all across Europe but hes a priest i guess:) VICE NEWS you suck for highlighting that with the 'Dramatic Music' GTFO

  2. I really like a short documentary TestTube News did about two Syrian brothers… see,ONE of them wasn't as PICKY as these people are….he applied for asylum in Romania (yes,not the most prosperous country,but not in horrible condition as Greece either) and he got accepted,so he lives and works in Romania where they don't discriminate him or harass him for being a foreigner. It's this kind of PICKY migrants that people from the EU can't stand. If they are truly as desperate as they want to make us believe they are,they won't PICK AND CHOOSE where to go (Sweden,Denmark,Germany) but they will go to the first decent enough country where they can make a normal living and stay there.

  3. To all the piece of shit commenters here I understand where you are coming from, but remember YOU are born into the right family and the right Country, and this was a product of LUCK, so try to understand that they could have been you!

  4. Go back to your country and try to change it. Don't come to our and try to change it to your country. Remember, you are voting with your feet to come to the best countries on earth. We want you, not your country.

  5. If we implement the one child policy in Europe, we'll have enough room to bring these refugees in. Until we have room,we gotta keep them out otherwise Europe will collapse.

  6. When I read all the comments I wonder if people on this planet have a brain or a heart… Have you watched the whole thing ?? Have you missed something here ? Is there something you don't (want to) understand in this atrocity ??? You make me sick.

  7. If Europe wants to accept refugees, then why is it treating them like criminals.
    And if Europe doesn't want to give proper aid to the refugees, then why is it accepting millions of refugees.
    Its not like the refugees forced their way into Europe, they were accepted into Europe first through the sea, and then into the country.

    If the refugees know Europe won't help them very much, why not unite and fight against the problems going on in their country.
    Why not revolt against ISIS. There are 50,000 ISIS members, but there are 9 million Refugees, and pretty sure 4 million of them are young Syrian men able to fight, i am pretty sure 4 Million people with Guns and man power can easily destroy ISIS

    Come on Syrian, stop going to Europe, fuck Europe, they accept people and then treat them like crap, you might as well die for your country instead of fleeing like a little bitch to another country. Plus, you have more than enough man power to over take ISIS, and i am sure every country will help you fight them if you all decide to stay in SYRIA and get rid of ISIS

    Then you can make your country better than Europe, and don't need to let any European travel into your new and improved country, keep that to yourself, and you don't have to beg to shitty Europeans

  8. These people (migrants) are fleeing their countries because they fear for their lives. And this is the greeting that they get? To be crammed into refugee centres like cattle. I understand Greece's economic situation, but you'd think the UN would be funding the Greeks to accommodate everyone. I understand there needs to be mutual cooperation, but this is a complete shitshow.

  9. She's one big trouble maker!!! And she's going to solve nothing, it's awful to see the death but they should stay in there own country. They will cause more problems than we can handle!!

  10. they want to avoid all this misery dont come , stay in your own country and fight to change your conditions , dont think its ok to use other countries infrastructure , we are not a free ride , take the hint , FUCK OFF !

  11. ok so who is going to pay for everything??? all the bleeding hearts need to give their own resources to deal with them…other wise GO HOME TAKE YOUR RAGGEDY SELF AND DEAL WITH YOUR COUNTRIES ISSUES !!! l am so sick of all the whiney woo woo blah blah blah …

  12. Internet trolls…Can't watch a informational video without getting involved. I wouldn't mind if YouTube got rid of the comment section all together.

  13. Shaving watched all the parts of this series, one thing stands out: why does it seem the majority of migrants young men? Just curious.

  14. isnt it strang that millions of syrian and iraqis wernt travelling across the sea to get here before the wars wage by nato etc hmmmmmmmmmmm

  15. I am quite genuinely shocked at how xenophobic, cowardly and heartless many of the commenters on this series are. These immigrants are escaping from countries destroyed by war, they are men, women, children and babies. Have some humanity.

  16. They really need to make those fences electric and have a moat on the other end with electric water so if they do make it they will get shocked to death.

  17. why these people don't unify, take all this effort and energy, loss of life, and fight to improve there countries!

    make your lives, your children's lives, and the world, a better place.

    change starts at home, in your house, and in your neighborhood!

  18. The situations are the same even for those whom are recognized as genuine refugees. In Greece human lives have no value.

  19. Why does the left care about boat people dying with babies in arms? in 1999 didn't infant Cuban refugee, Elian Gonzales get rescued at sea after his mother died with him in her arms? Didn't big Lib Pres. Bill "I feel your pain" Clinton send SWAT troops to seize him in his Miami relatives' home and deport him back to Castro's Cuba?? So why do these Clintonista European leftist politicians care about mothers and babies now?? Oh i know, the Demorat Clinton administration didn't want young elian Gonzales growing up as a republican!?!?

  20. look what they did to sweden, when is my country next??? greece is doing an absolute great job, keep them out

  21. Funny how this documentary does not mention at all crimes they commit. And its a large amount of crimes, such as rapes and murders

  22. why do they have to be treated inhumanely at the detention centers?!….. my the powers that be of the whole force make better ways for the people trying to escape war destruction poverty and pure hell to get to safer grounds…

  23. Look at all these Americans who drove native Americans to extension talking about protecting Europe from immigration. What a joke !

  24. yeah and what now we should invite the whole world to come in ours country why import misery or let misery come to us ? WHY ? to all those so called humanist, when they will camp in your town in front of your house will you open your door and let them sleep in your house ? theres no job, the governement is not able to fullfill is social duty to its own population at this very moment, they never paid taxes and they will benefit of everything.. I SAY STOP THIS MADDNESS NOW, this is just the beginning, and one day they will be to many and we will be the minority in our country,

    we should help them in their own country, stop stealing africa's ressources so they will be happy at home, every human deserve to be happy but not by stealing ours

  25. Funny how some people have short term memory. Africa is in a dire state today because of European invasion and slavery and colonisation, they were dividing up Africa and claiming colonies that to this day stands and was responsible for enriching Europe. Now the case is reversed and you act like a bunch of racist hooligans? So much for European values.

  26. Borders were created by the greedy empires, life is hard for everybody, people should be free to go wherever they want, if they don´t behave properly then they need to answer to the law, everybody deserves a chance, specially the people who´s countries have been destroyed by Spain, Portugal, France, England, USA, etcetera…

  27. Incredible how indifferent one ends up felling, after years og financial immigrants destroying everything.
    You see images of dead people and dead kids, and all you can think is why can't we just kill all of them. Push them back to their nations and let them rot there. If they truly wished for peace, then the first EU country or being in turkey alone, should be more then enough. But no, they are never satisfied unless you spoon feed them everything and kiss their asses.

  28. THIS CENTERS WERE COMPLETELY NEW BEFORE THEY ARRIVED ! THEY DESTROYED EVERYTHING INSIDE THOSE CENTERS – doors , windows , beds , furnitures … SO WHAT WE'RE SUPPOSED TO DO ? TO CLEAN THEIR SHITS IN THE CORRIDORS ? IT SEEMS THEY USED TO LIVE LIKE DOGS IN THEIR COUNTRY AND TAKE A SHIT IN PIT HOLES. Greece have enough problems without dealing with this scum's who leaves their womans and kids to fight for their country .

  29. You knowingly break the law by breaching a sovereign nation and have the nerve to complain about conditions.

  30. Refugees yep, help them yep,,but sometimes you just can't help beggars and sponges, those Hasidic don't want asylum because they'd have to work,,send them straight back

  31. Vice news is nothing but left wing, open borders, communist propaganda channel for white people whose goal is to convince whites to open the borders and accept all the brown 3rd world hordes through emotional manipulation to replace us in our own lands! SCREW YOU!!!!

  32. As the far left, anti-white journalist of Vice News push for the end of White Rule in Europe, they are silent about the genocide of white people in South Africa. You see, this is about Virtue Signaling, their leftist lives have no meaning, so it makes them feel good inside that they are fighting for blacks to have a better life in Europe, and of course they are playing the whites for suckers by saying if you don't allow these blacks to take over your country, you will kill them. But in 50 years, Africa will still be for the Africans, Asia will still be for the Asians, and only white countries will have lost their Race, Culture, History and Christian Identity. And it will be Vice News Utopian messianic complex that will have killed off the white race, and I don't think they will care either, this is all about feeling good!

  33. admiting these people is the beginning of the end of the host country. america has been destroyed by immigrants, non white. we had an insane president who made african slaves citizens. what was 750.000 is now 40 million and most on welfare or in prison. we have a criminal gang in america called the democratic party. they import thiusands of illegal mexicans and other non white people to vote for their socialist utopia. between the 2 america is feeding and housing 150 million non whites yrly. the africans merkel brought in are exactly the same, lazy, rapist , thieves and killers, basically they are human shaped animals. to j-m-g-m bull feathers, in any town or city there is a way out of poverty. get educated and work hard. to hell with welfare and destroying others because you're not happy.

  34. liberal n.g.o's need to mind their own business and allow these countries to defennd their boarders and people. the world is not stupid we know what sorros and other libs are doing. they intend on destroying all white majority countries.

  35. Where are the fucking Americans they drop bombs sell bombs in areas that are a lot of refuges why dont they help, i am a christian and in my opinion America are the terrorists the EVIL not the Muslims only a very small number are extremist dont believe there bullshit we the west only ROB the middle east if u really think about it were we try to bring so called democracy we really just install DESTRUCTION create more hate due to hower lies deceit in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria all rich in oil and gas and the worst is that its done to protect us NO ITS DONE TO GET THE RICH EVEN MORE RICH AND THE REST MORE DEPENDENT BLIND TO WHAT THEY ARE DOING THEY GO TO WAR ON OUR NAME we need to bring this people to justice if it really exists, because i dont think it does when banks ROB right in front of our eyes and get away with it WE ARE FUCKED lets unit against oppression because we the people have to stop being SHEEP and be human beings who care about each other not about what each other has or owns STOP AND THINK before you follow ,love life and your next help does in need there are no colors believes JUST PEOPLE who bleed, hurt, cry just like us !!!!!

  36. Why do illegals think that it is another country's obligarion to provide them with nice places to live in, with medical help, food, etc?

  37. Europeans caused a lot of the policies that are causing these people to migrate. Same thing in America. We have to do better. If we can’t let them in our countries we have to help them fix their own. We need to do better. We have to do better. They are human. Just like us. If you don’t want to do it for them do it for yourselves. By fixing their counties they will not come to yours.

  38. i just want to say please european and American start begging for oil and gas we will give you but dont destroy our infrastructures

  39. this is what u have to wonder .. Why leave turkey to go to Greece it makes no sense , turkey's economy is very good Greek economy is shit they just want to destroy the country .. When turkey gives back Greeks land we can talk about taking more refugees until then FOH

  40. Liberals say that only dumb people embrace nationalism. The trueth is that especially nationalists are the smart ones. They know their history. They know were their anscestors fought for. They look beyond what's told to them and learned to them. They look into the future and see the dark future for their people if the liberals go on destroying culture with globalism.
    I do believe in a peacefull world where everyone can coexist, but that's also possible without multiculturalism. Everyone got their own place. See it as you and your neighboor, you happily coexist together, but when you both move into the same house. You'll clash eventually. That doesn't happen when you both got your own place.

  41. So many people are displaced because there are too many people. This
    overpopulation is a sin against Mother Nature, and it's not nice to mess
    with Mother Nature!

  42. How much money will the government have to spend on one family every month?
    How many years will they have to do this?
    How much will it cost to teach them the language of the land?
    Are there sufficient schools for the children?
    How many years will it take before they are in a position to make economic contributions to the country?

  43. Somali children bite a Caucasian girl 17 times at a play center in the UK on her back, face, arms! Who know what diseases they have. Why didn’t the MSM report in this!!!

  44. Die in your own country – we don’t want your mass unemployment, unskilled labor, criminal gangs, drug dealing OR your burial expenses

  45. When the Second World War was going on and half of Europe was running for cover, maybe the rest of the world should have put forward the thoughts mentioned by some racist people here.

  46. India should help and give shelter to Yezdi refugees because their culture and belief are similar like hindus, for this only they are being killed or tortured by ISIS

  47. All men are equal in God's eyes, we should protect our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity and do all we can to prevent deaths at sea. See yourself in others!!!

  48. VICE is at it again with their heavily edited humanitarian, heart string pull videos. Why don't they show you what happens once these people get into your country? If you'd like to see just copy the link I've provided..

  49. If only Africa, Australia, The Americas all pushed back the invasive, genocidal, land stealing European & Arab invaders like this maybe things would be different! Sigh…

  50. "They dont give us hot water, no clean water" Bullshit! Fucking liars. Of course they dont want to stay in Greece, the welfare system is broke and they would get very little, however many European countries have very generous welfare, its obvious they want the best handouts

  51. IT IS NOT GREECE'S PROBLEM. IT IS NOT ANY OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRY'S PROBLEM. IF THEY WANT CHANGE…STAY IN THEIR COUNTRY AND FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS. What does she really expect from Greece in regards with already decaying dead bodies?

  52. What a load of shite why don’t you report of all the rubbish they leave behind the fact they they cause higher rate of crime where they go and breaking the law entering a country illegally!

  53. Beggars can’t be choosers at least they’re out of their countries where they’re getting killed…European countries can’t handle their own economies never mind a million extra people straining resources..why can’t we help them reform their countries of origin??…that would make sense

  54. Its hard not to watch these exposes and not feel something for these people. Yet, I just don't get what they think they are going to get when they get to another country? Even here in Canada people got to work, grind, beg, do what they can for money to have a home and food in their bellies. Its such a interesting problem. On one hand giving hand outs just increases the problem, and on the other hand not giving enough leads to unhappiness and discontent. Grim stuff. I have not heard any journalists ask these people what do they want? What did they expect? When you put yourself in the care of smugglers with machine guns and rickety boats obviously bad shit is bound to happen. I dunno, its really hard to make a enlightened comment on something I am so far removed from. Kudos to VICE for these episodes tho. Just remember to keep your reports balanced so that we who consume them are well informed and not just shown one side.

  55. I have no pity for people you are too cowardly to fight for their own countries and only want to escape to countries that will give them free food, housing and medical care.

  56. ok I'm all for helping one another out, but that scene where she's at the proposed cemetery and complaining about how there's no names no religion, like ok woman, you try identifying a body that has decayed for probably months before they were found and figure out their religion. And while you're at it, you buy the coffins and tombstones that you said was missing. Geez, like I said, the immigration policies need to be changed but what you're complaining about is totally unrealistic.

  57. Sad 😢🙁stop dealing with politics and help these people??? Were is America the land of the free ??? They full of shit….

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