Deck and Fence Cleaners Review – Mold Mildew Algae – Pressure Washing Pre-Wash

Deck and Fence Cleaners Review – Mold Mildew Algae – Pressure Washing Pre-Wash

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  1. thanks its time for me on the whole washing process, last time I did the house and deck with a mr clean product, and have been happy with it, though it doesnt to super great on the deck so I will try this out … and my fence I know the mr clean house wash stuff aint going to touch that mess, it was a mess when I moved in 3 years ago

  2. Thank you for such an informative video. Awesome job and we appreciate all of the hard work that you've done just for us!

  3. Good test but not using a bleach/dish soap mix was a fail. I came here and thought you would use this commonly used mix (You said your would). That IMO would have been the baseline to test against.

  4. Hey Doc, I recently found some of your informative videos and love them. I had a huge amount of pressure treated and composite around my home and I have been cleaning them for over 30 years. I saw this video and really enjoyed it. I tried the 30 Second cleaner today and had great results. Thanks again! The results were close to what I’ve refined over many years. For the past 10 years I’ve been using a mix of regular bleach with a small amount of degreaser (purple stuff) mixed with water. The ratio can be varied depending on how badly molded the area to be treated is. I didn’t do a side by side comparison but would be curious to see that. I think that the cost of the bleach and degreaser may be a little less per mixed gallon with similar results. I can honestly say the 30 Cleaner would give my 10 year old concoction a run for its money. Both yield fantastic results.

    Great videos so keep them coming. You do a fantastic job and I am impressed with the content. Right down to the video camera and editing software video. You certainly give us all the tools to share some of our knowledge. I may have to try my hand at a YouTube video sometime in the future 😃

  5. Thanks for your side by side test and what a great recomendation! The 30 Second cleaner works as described. Amazing results, with little effort and no pressure washer. I bought the concentrated version (and mixed per the instructions) since it's what they had at my local Home Depot. Thanks again for your unbiased comparison, it saved me countless hours cleaning our large wood fence

  6. Thank you very much I’ve trying some of different products with no really good results,now I’ll use that one on my next.
    Do you think that will work good on cedar siding?

  7. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this video. Not only will I be saving money in the future, I was able to learn about fungi and algae. I wish you luck with your fence, my goodness is it big. Thank you for doing this video.

  8. I absolutely love 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner, I use it to clean everything outside. It is bleach based like you said, but if I remember correctly it’s only about 8% bleach. Works great mixed 50/50 in a small spray bottle for cleaning my tile in the shower as well.

  9. thanks for the review! i have a fiberon composite deck with algae mold and mildew and the manufacturer recommends 30 second spray and walk away. this video confirmed that is definitely the best product for my decking.

  10. Good video, I think people’s expectations differ, my idea of a good product is at both ends. At one end I want the best cleaner, which is bleach, at the other end I want the stuff that you spray on and it kills the Algae and Mould over time.. so after I clean the house, I can leave something on that keeps the Algae and Mould away. Now I might be wrong but I believe “wet and forget” sticks around for a few years but I want to bleach first to get it clean. Apparently Bleach only lasts 24hrs once it’s been sprayed, so maybe a week later, I could spray and wet and forget to keep it looking great, probably look even better as time goes by.

  11. I can't believe it. At about 5 in the evening yesterday I decided decided to power wash my deck ran to Home Depot to hurry and get it done before it got dark I bought the only one they had. Then this morning I decided to look at videos to decide whether or not I should try to use something different next time and do the research I should have done last night and perhaps waited a day. Low and behold the one I got was 30-second cleaner which is your winner. I thought I was going to be mad with myself and have to buy something else. It rained for three days straight so my deck is pretty wet and even this morning still slightly damp but it's going to be a beautiful day today and it's drying by the minute and looks better every minute. I made the right choice. And yes it is definitely bleach based. I bought the concentrate and used a sprayer one to one. I think next time I do it I'll just use the straight concentrate. Great video and I'm so glad that the one I got turned out to be your winner.

  12. Hey if you haven’t already cleaned all of it try RMR-86. Used it in an attic that the exhaust fan was venting into causing mold and you could watch it disappear in only seconds. It’s a little pricey but I was super impressed with the performance of it.

  13. Thank you for doing this! I recently started a power washing business, and your videos has helped me a ton! I just watched this one yesterday!

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