Decorative Metal Fence Installation Tips: Attaching the Gate

Decorative Metal Fence Installation Tips: Attaching the Gate

our decorative metal fence project is almost complete in this video I'll show you how to install the gate the previous video in this series decorative metal fence installation tips installing posts and panels shows you how to set the posts in concrete and secure the panels you can find it hello's comm slash videos in the last video we set the gate posts and installing the gate won't take very long the first thing you need to do is decide which way you want your gate to swing if you have a swimming pool it must swing out away from the pool check your local codes once you know which way you want your gate to swing you can set the hinges and check your manufacturer's instructions for specific details now unless you're on a grade like we are you want the top rail of your gate to line up with the top rail of your fence and you want to set your hinges near the rails to best distribute the weight well start by placing our top hinge against the gate post with a large flat side against the post and we'll secure it with screws we'll do the same with the bottom hinge making sure the hinges are in line now set the gate into position you can use blocks to help hold it in place and attach the gate to the hinges with screws now your gate should swing freely so onto the latch if your fence surrounds a pool use a latch approved for swimming pools now I'm going to set our latch at the height of this second rail but you can put yours at the height that's comfortable for you first I'll drill pilot holes and secure the latch arm to the gate with screws then we'll hold the latch in position so it lines up with the arm drill pilot holes and attach it with screws to works great now we can adjust our self closing hinges now these are spring loaded but you can adjust the tension of course follow the manufacturer's instructions for your hinges on these I'll hold the nut with a wrench and loosen the tension screw on the side then I'll turn the nut just a little bit either tighter or looser as needed and tighten the tension screw I'll do the same thing to the other hinge but make sure you adjust both hinges evenly if your hinges came with a cap install it there that seems about right now for maintenance on your fence it'll probably just need an occasional rinsing the hose or for more substantial dirt and debris a cloth towel and maybe some cleaning solution both of which are available at Lowe's and that is all there is to it I think this fence adds a nice touch to this yard now if you want to see some more ways to liven up your landscape take a look at our other projects at you

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  1. I liked the techniques used in the installation of metal fence gate. This is definitely helpful for the homes with swimming pools.

  2. This produce is such light weight garbage that I am amazed that anyone would make a video about the installation and attach their name to it! To call this material an embarrassment would be an understatement. However, all of the fence products Lowe’s (and all the other ‘home owner’ type stores) sell is a joke.

  3. the gate area would have looked better if you would have leveled the tops of the gate posts. also your bottom rail wasnt in all the way on the low side or any of the rails on the high side. crappy job at best

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