Deer Hunt For A Monster Buck | A Cold Front Buck Called Diego

Deer Hunt For A Monster Buck | A Cold Front Buck Called Diego

this is a journey this video about one of my favorite hunts in my favorite box it was a rollercoaster of emotions I have to be honest we called it a previous video the highs and lows of hunting Diego he's a buck I shot in 2016 we had a lot of history with him over three years trail cam photos footage in person seeing fact when he's a three year old I saw him mounting a doe out in this field over here so this land this was Diego's land and I'm gonna bring you some clips here and several videos in one that really shares the story in the journey and I hope you guys appreciate it and this is the emotional side of hunting it's the happiness down Falls we had a lot of opportunity and I'll start with we had a early October cold front Dylan and I were in the stand in 2016 and Diego came in and really I'm gonna let the video that's coming tell the story but it was awesome and it started you know really the beginning and end of our journey with Diego and my favorite buck convict buck story anyways and will let you see this this first little episode well I'm starting to feel like the right now I'm actually nervous it is perfect conditions we had a major fucked up here this morning it was up to 74 degrees yesterday it's in the low 40s right now literally 30 degrees or than it was yesterday at this time I'm supposed to go here home tonight we're supposed to have major frost in the morning so aside from a few more leaves beat up trees and it feels like donut them it's only ten days away from the pier on get a lot of bucks on the camera down here on the screen – I'm not sure that there's anything there working at Target that's coming in yet but there's quite a few boxes there's one four year old hey buddy – hoping to get a better look at y'all girls look we're enjoying the spot leather and this is all set then right here and a really good good gold from the middle we gotta find the block tonight I feel fortunate to wear all those gold gear but I thought what this hat is awesome so we finally got some temperatures that I could justify awared and I'm not gonna wear one in 75 so it's mama cooling off so I think that's a good sign when we're wearing this hat that's a good sign well we were very fortunate last night had a run-in with a five year old buck Diego and he was one that was on her hit list five years old we've had three years of pictures of him and he came in a little bit low light but he walked by ten yards and from the stand and I passed him up I think Dylan's probably wondering why I passed him up but and you know maybe I would regret that later in the year but I feel truly blessed have spent time in the stand watching Diego in fact I got to watch him with the binoculars for over a half hour after he passed so he made a scrape he made more rubs and scrapes going down the hill so very good opportunity to spend some time watching one of the local Giants I don't feel he's in the top 10% we hunt an area where there are some six year olds out there some other five year olds a few four year olds minutes not like we have ten of them but we had a handful in between the two properties that we hunt there's an opportunity to run into one of those true Giants one of the really big bucks and bagels a big one two three weeks from now I might I'd be happy to end my season with him right now but I was October 12th the seasons young and we have a lot of seat time that we can put in and and so part of that you know watching him watching his movements felt truly blessed you know and I when I finally passed him up I kind of you know was indecisive the whole time which usually means it's a good reason to pass him up set my bow down and close my eyes and think said thanks to God for the opportunity opportunity out in the woods and even just see that Bach so you know all in all didn't shoot anything but you know one of my best songs ever and to spend time watching a true five year old box that you have the history with and I have a feeling we'll run into him again and if not then you know great to see him you know one of the things when we were walking out we were walking through the pasture and down you know several hundred yards from where we saw Diego yeah told Dylan we looked up on a little hump a little Knoll out in the pasture and I first saw Diego three hunting seasons ago moaning adult as I was walking out it kind of against the starlight and it was kind of cool so it brought back memories and you know start thinking about the pictures of them and you know you get to know these deer you kind of get to know their personalities he happened to be in an area last night where he hadn't seen him before but he's part of the same area I believe it's because we shot a five six year old buck out of there last year I think Diego slotted into that spot he's expanding his territory around there and I think he's really slotted in there so we'll pry see him again but the cold front was awesome it was a pinpoint you know we were out in that cold front we happened to pull the trail cameras and last Saturday he was out and shooting light in that same exact spot making a scrape so and that was a cold front cold front on Saturday we had a cold front here in the middle of week we actually pushed off the stand use so we were hunted this morning on another property they've been doing a lot of logging next door for three or four months really relocated the do you hurt and so a lot of people think I'll do some logging and you know if you're out there for a week or two cutting wood and firewood the deer will come back you know they come back right away but when you're when you're displacing them for three or four months I'm not sure you know it's October 13th today I'm not sure they'll even recover by the rut I think next year they'll start moving back into normal but it's pretty slow on the property so the tale of two properties we're seeing great bucks on the one the other box real slow morning we're actually going back to the other one hunting different level tonight and so that's what we'll do a lot of times is get back and forth between properties but also hunt levels 300 feet in elevation difference between the top and the bottom we were hunting one elevation last night we'll hunt a different one tonight different entrance/exit and we'll see what's there I might even get to see Diego again in in better lighting as you can see in the footage the footage is a little bit low light but funny light to shoot them and and also get to observe them for a long time I can tell you those five year olds are steady movements they're calculated movements are slow they're determined the attitude that they have is just awesome and that's part of the experience we had a great experience last night and you know I still have a tag yes we get to hunt more and possibly experience a lot of other cool things now it's pretty cool you know gaggle was one of the older bucks in the area we got a chance to see him we had a great hunt it was predictable it was a cold front and we have three lands that we hunt on so I kind of want to see just what what else was out there you know he was a great buck to take but as the season progressed and as it got closer to early November as we got some more pictures of Diego some more video and after that encounter it's almost like you have your up close and personal with a mature buck like that you have a little connection you know that were really having appreciate you for that block having an appreciation for all these animals but when he was living around here for that amount of time it was just something that I really look forward to seeing him the next time in the stand and check out what happened when the story unfolds this is where really we talk about the highs and lows of you know a favorite buck story and that connection you end up having with them I wish we would have had a better outcome but check out what happened well we had a great night tonight we're right on the verge of everything is kind of blown out and you know one of those time for every every stick every leaf move in the woods you just have to wonder we had five-year-old Diego walk by me tonight and I'll be honest you know he's big buck he was just not range then range just to her she had a couple opening wasn't sure not a shoe [Applause] really cool to identify some kind of special toy see there's a fire you'd watch mom like that at school it got em I hope you tomorrow clouds cleared out high pressure moved in and it supposed to be warm enough we'll get one more cool morning tomorrow and back that morning is what I've had my sights on from the miles sold until tomorrow so we're gonna be back in the stand tomorrow morning we're on some cool conditions at the pre run I bet you there's some doors come in already they're already in estrus no we're gonna be locked down here pretty soon it's kind of like started a season all the summit's you know there was locked down it's almost paper on it so and we'll be back at at the one can't we this literally is where I saw him for the first time right here it's windy I just I thought good to put a post out on Facebook so looking down it I looked up and he's right here he came from down the logging road he had dog and I'm trying not to move it's windy and so I let him get over there and stopped him and shopped and you know interesting thing about this morning this is my first year filming in the tree and being filmed filming myself anything and so Dylan you know he's full-time and media content manager does everything I mean he's my only employee so you can imagine but last night we sat we saw Diego down below in his 35 yards kind of thick didn't want to take a shot so I talked about before we went out last night these are 30 40 percent six I call meaning that there's a 34 percent chance with issue amateur block last night we were really close and I told Dylan last night you know this is those two sits with the weather and a little cold front this was 11 degrees 12 degrees cooler master this is an important set Dylan supposed to meet me at 5:30 this morning you know Dylan we were supposed to get ready and start walking in at 22 tend to know Dylan text them you know Dylan called no Dylan by then it was 6:30 and I had was about a hundred yards from the stand it took me about 35 minutes to get to that point sweating like crazy slowed down there's a little hole where I could get my phone out and not scare anything with a light and and no texts or anything no calls this I was literally at that point I was getting worried inside I've got a hold of my wife and she got all the Dylan's fiancee and you know what's happened to us all and this is the first time Dylan's been working with me since May this is the first time he slept in and of all the mornings I feel bad I think because I know he feels terrible and but the buck I shot Diego it's about the story you know we follow him we watched him all summer long and on another property a mile away and he comes in here this is his home here in the fall what just something might try to practice and and preach and teach to my clients and readers and the viewers and so we don't have another good morning to sit for five days this was the morning to sit you know for right now and so I came out wanting I made that decision to come here without Dawn and it felt weird because it's the first time that's at with no camera for the entire year and once you know Diego would be right here I mean literally seven eight hours in front of me like I said windy it's about twenty after eight I let him get over there just gave him a little neat and he stopped and I shot him great blood trail and it's looks like it's a liver and it did go a little bit low so we're going to give them several hours and I completely forget though it's not not what I think I think Dylan's gonna have a harder time living this down than me as a full-time videographer and but hunting film and for that I think Dylan actually likes filming as much or more than hunting so this is big for him and I feel bad you know for him so but uncharacteristic of him we're gonna wait and we have a good blood trail and excited it's Diego I passed him up on October 12th or 13th whatever it was and after seeing him last night I'll run it up and scarred on the back from scrape and it's just really hard to pass him up so we're very hopeful we're gonna give him a few hours and we'll hopefully be able to show you walking up to them and looking at them up close for the first time well it's been about 24 hours since since I shot him we jumped quite it twice yesterday he only went about 150 yards both times less than a hundred yards first time so you think it was a liver shot second time we jumped in with six hours later we were able to observe him for a while a couple hundred yards going towards this bedding area we're going into right now it's pretty open bedding area it's down in the middle of a draw so if he's in there and he's mortally hit he should be in there I mean shouldn't have left that area it's just steep all around it and we've had several bucks go in there and die so we're heading in right now first date break it suppose I was sleepless night and see what happens and we have our miss whoever our small tracking army – yes the day started in a bunch of fog this morning and looking for Diego we had high hopes walking in the we let him set overnight and and we got out there we didn't find Diego where we thought he might be in the bedding area but we found two drops of blood over about 500 yards the second one was in the bedding area we thought once you got there don't know where he went but literally no blood very little blood very disappointing you know it's the bottom of the roller coaster now we've had a couple highs and lows he really thought we'd get up my questioning where the shot is now at this point and you know it's really down to think about it Daigo went on to the neighbors you're able to secure permission neighbors are great in allowing us to do that you're all happy they did that maybe we'll be a look tomorrow you know they're hunting tonight so now you want to take a dog and go all over the place they have some important hunts they have to do and that's just the way hunting goal is if you didn't stand the properties you know maybe we'll be able to around they did say that they look for him tomorrow sauly and keep an eye out for them and they'll get into some other areas it probably we didn't just walk another stanza back so I haven't given up all hope by to be honest there's not much left and you know this is this is how the roller coasters go sometime it's fortunately we don't have to go through this very often but I'm hoping for better news tomorrow we are headed to go take a look at Diego up close the neighbors found them and we have had such a roller coaster from Illinois last week and we'll bring that part of that story to you and the last couple days of thinking we had Diego and the shot was decent and then jumped them twice going back the next morning getting permission to track them and they're not finding them and just really discouraged and the neighbor said they keep an eye out this morning on the way to the stand they smelled them and they found them I'm afraid the large portion of the meat will be wasted which is horrible but at the same time you know the roller-coaster continues if they found them that is great news to know what happened to them and we're gonna go go look at them right now well you know it was a rollercoaster of events but this is Diego and we get to look at him up close now it was a rollercoaster I mean I'm so excited to be standing over him right now he's beautiful five-year-old buck we have some history with we have photos of them for three years we've known raves lived for three years as a third time we've seen them and eight sits on this property and I can't believe we got him you know great great opportunity at him when I when I took the shot we thought the shot was great after he jumped up an hour later it wasn't we let him go for five hours and then again we jumped him again we gave another day I believe him I jumped him then and we're able to recover him today two days after the shot and I would have much rather for Diego's sake to have had this happen a lot sooner a lot quicker recovered but at the same time perseverance paid off and we and you're able to harvest I mean that's I mean just to spend the time with a five-year-old like this and to close this chapter this final chapter of da galore I really feel truly blessed fortunate is about this time that's what it's all about I love that one-on-one pursuit this is our target buck over here the one we're after it's it's you know sad to have it come to an end and not hum anymore but at the same time and I feel so excited now after all that took place with Diego those day and a half couple days lost the sleep at night the highs and lows heck even not having Dylan in the stand with me now it's been a few years later and and it never bothered me that that happened I you know it's just part of the highs and lows as part of the story and you know I had Diane out there in the woods with me Dylan looking for him and and really working hard with them having the neighbors helped out winded up being great guys you know really going through that whole process it was time to end the season and after the season was over to sit down right back here behind this Cottonwood and really have a reflection about Diego and what he meant to this land and to my hunting memories that'll last a lifetime well the season of 2016 was interesting around here because we started the season anticipating and watching here in the summertime and before the season even began a really nice buck that we named Diego and he's a five-year-old Bach this is a third year we had pictures of him and you know we looked at him and he is big beautiful Bach and we always want to see what else is going to be out going to be out here but he was kind of the king then around this area one hand you want to pursue him hunt them on the other we want to see what other Bucks are out here and then finally if and when we did harvest them it's over and so he kind of ran these hills and this was his area in fact hisses his lower area right here where we're at right now kind of anywhere in this 180 degrees was his and I shot what I think was a five or six year old buck the year before and it was interesting because he was up on top Diego was on the bottom and then this year when it came around and that Bach was that buck was gone up there and then Diego took over that spot so otherwise we had never seen Diego up there and so it was you know interesting journey with Diego I did end up harvesting him up on top you know this was it was a bittersweet time the harvest took a little bit longer and the tracking job and the recovery took longer than I would have liked anybody it would have liked we did finally get my hands on them and you know there's there's a little bit you know especially sitting here in February there's all it's always a little bittersweet you know he's not gonna be here but it was really cool you know this year it was all about Diego and the story is over but memories are awesome with them and you know each year that's why I love pursuing mature box each one has a personality each one has a territory and in the end if you have run in with them whether you're successful or not each one of them provides an incredible story that only hunters can relate to

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  1. Awesome Jeff great story

    I need some advice I wanna set a stand on high ground above a swamp for me and son we have permission in 33 acres only surrounding land is big marsh (west side ) then oak ridge coming uphill gradually to —huge sand pit edge drop off (east)

    wanna hunt together in same tree with him ..any tips picture this high ground shaped like a big triangle coming up out of swampy marsh to high sand pit we can hunt all high groun I described

  2. I had this happen to me one time. After the 3rd time of jumping him up and seeing where he bedded. I got the wind right and started a stalk when I got within 75 yds I started grunting and sounding like another buck as I stalked and got to within 30yd and made the killing shot.

  3. Jeff, thank you for putting this video together. It really shows the passion and effort you put into your hunting. It reminds me of all the bucks i watched my dad harvested when I was little. Then have him be there when I harvested my first ever deer(13pt) in the UP of michigan. Keep up the good work, and the great videos. Your channel is my go to channel.

  4. Jeff these bucks are amazing! I hope I see something half that good! Great video. In Va they runs dogs and most people shoot anything that runs by. It drives me crazy if people would just let the young bucks grow…..

  5. It’s awesome to see your genuine appreciation for the deer in every video you make. Bow hunting can be hard. This biggest buck I’ve ever killed I hit high just before dark and it took me multiple days to find. There was no blood trail passed the point of impact and it was raining heavy after I shot it. I searched for hours with no trail. I only found it a couple days later because of vultures circling overhead. I can’t be sure but it most likely died slow and that just broke my heart. I’m happy to have recovered it. Thankfully this was the only time that has happened to me to this point with my bow and I hope it never happens again. I definitely mounted it and I will never forget that encounter.

  6. Awesome story Jeff.Thank GOD for good neighbors. Was the hit low?I hit a buck just in the edge of his heart one time.We tracked him for half a mile.Jumped him.Went had lunch.Came back and he still went 200 yards.When I gutted him. He had a small half inch slice in the side of his heart.They have a strong will to live..

  7. Great buck. Dream scenario for most of us amateurs. Don’t really have that class of buck where I live. There are a handful of five year olds around. Problem is they move less than 100 yards in daylight most of the time. Five year olds don’t get to five by walking around in daylight through pinch points and staging areas where I hunt. Two and three year olds yes not five plus. Do they make a mistake once in a blue moon yes but you will grow old fast with un filled tags waiting for those mistakes.

  8. Great job as always , Jeff!

    I’m headed to put out nitrogen on my milo plots this evening here in Mississippi.

  9. Late to watch.
    This unfortunately has happened to many of us if we have hunted over a period of time. Hunting as you said has it highs and lows. I'm thankful that you have good neighbors that allowed you to tag Diego, and put closure to the story.
    As you know I chased Moses, a 14pr. buck last year. I had three encounters with him, one very close but no shots, A neighbor harvested him during the gun season, and even though I did not have a shot the times in the field pursuing him and the photos made it one of my best seasons.

  10. That was a great story!! So much better when family and friends get involved! I think my favorite part of the video might be the end where you reflect on the deer and the long journey of the hunt for that buck. It is great to see that deep appreciation for these wonderful animals, I am not sure all hunters have that. So many just seem concerned with inches of antler. You here all the time “did you get your buck?” As if that’s the ultimate goal. Going after a mature buck especially with some history is what is fun for me. Honestly I don’t even care if I get him but I just enjoy the chess match. This video was really fun to watch and hopefully you have more stories like this in the future! Thanks for bringing it!!

  11. Great video! Where is the video of the 10pt you shot with muzzleloader last yr? I watched it before but can't find it.

  12. as our hair color changes from dark brown to silver gray a new measurement of our hunt comes into play…memories of the whole journey….I would say diego was a booner…great memory, thanks for sharing, bruce

  13. Thanks for sharing. Shot my best buck ever in January 2016. 162/2/8 on 40 acre property in the mountains of west central Arkansas

  14. I am happy to hear you were able to recover Diego. What did Diego end up scoring for Boone and Crockett?

  15. Jeff I've been filming and editing for outdoor TV for 20 years. Your content and your cameraman is one of a kind is spot on. I felt the passion you both had watching this segment and was left feeling your sorrow and happiness for Diego.. He was a warrior deer and congrats on a awesome example of a whitetail deer! Trophy! New memories to come I'm sure!

  16. Diago’s neck is huge. Yes it’s part of it all brother. I’ve had people tell me well I’ve never lost a deer. I tell them well your not hunting then. They just shut up after that. Hey he spread his genes there brother. His offspring is there. Be safe you and Dillon both GOD BLESS.

  17. It’s happened to us all that actually hunt brother. I’ve been sick to my stomach to. Least they found him.

  18. If you ever need anybody to help you down in Tn I’ll help you for the experience brother. We’ve all been there Dillon. Your not the first and won’t be the last buddy. Getting this deer could not have happened to a greater guy brother. I mean that. Congratulations brother.

  19. Being able to take your time and hunt being patient has killed more good deer than anything. You know that same as me brother.

  20. There’s not a drug on this earth that can brang the feeling of getting drawn on a good buck and settling that pin now. I’m looking forward to deer season this year.

  21. Thank you for the transparent video! Even the best of hunters have a similar tracking story! I hope there is a Diego or maybe even a little brother named Carlos that I can kill this year that comes close. Great to know you are a believer Jeff👍

  22. I’m close to forgiving Dylan… another great video! Thanks again for taking the time to speak to Jeff and I at the Denver Airport. Appreciate all of your insight.

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