Deer Hunting with a Tradbow – 12pt killed with a Recurve!!!

Deer Hunting with a Tradbow – 12pt killed with a Recurve!!!

43 Replies to “Deer Hunting with a Tradbow – 12pt killed with a Recurve!!!”

  1. Beutiful Job on the hunt… video…and the Mount. My last buck was a full sneak mount. Boy do I like the one you did!!!! I'm 53 took up traditional two years ago. Been bow hunting for decades. Hopefully connect this year.

  2. I just came across your videos! Congrats on a great buck and the new business venture. That mount looked awesome!

  3. Yeah you’re definitely hunting a rub line lol just admit you went in to a thicket threw 70lbs of corn out and hunted over it ha.

  4. Great buck buddy! No way you would have gotten him with a compound. He would have blown out of there for sure! Nice work! Good luck with your business! God bless!


  6. I get a kick out of the name of your shop…is that like “Born Again Taxidermy”? As in , “that buck has got a new life, right there on my wall”…awesome buck!

  7. Hey buddy came across your channel!
    Awesome vid and nice hunt, that’s a nice buck

    Keep it comin!
    God bless!!

  8. You made a great decision to draw on him when you did. He was gone for sure…great hunt and nice 'Widow' bow as well.

  9. Bayoubowhunter The worry about the shot turned into smiles and a happy hunter. Good luck with your business and your next hunt.

  10. I've always loved the awareness difference between small bucks and mature animals. If you blink too much with a booner under you hes gone, but you can conduct a solo interview and cook a dinner in your stand while a spike wanders around below you clueless. Theres a reason they dont all get big.

  11. Congratulations that is a very nice buck. I also love watching your videos especially the way you have so much enthusiasm and the way you present them and I can tell that you love the Lord

  12. That's a nice deer and great footage man!!! Congrats nothing like a good ole buck with the recurve. Thanks for sharing

  13. You make great videos that capture the true essence of hunting. I specially like the fact that you shoot a traditional bow without cams, sights, dropping arrow rests, trigger releases, etc. Your passion for archery, hunting, and your faith comes right through for all of us to enjoy. Keep'em coming. Best of luck on your new business venture. I will be sure to drop in if I am ever hunting in your area. God bless!

  14. Great videos bud, out of 20 yrs of bowhunting this fall will be my 1st ever with a recurve in hand! Keep the videos coming, best of luck!

  15. Great self filming. Look forward to self filming my hunts sometime. Gets me pumped for the season!

  16. Congratulations on the White Tail! Awesome!
    What is your Draw Weight and size of Bow your using? Arrows? Tips?

  17. I am wanting to get into archery for whitetail. I am fascinated with traditional and more specific a recurve. Do i start with a recurve or start with a compound then go to recurve? Any advice would be appreciated thanks

  18. Nice buck with your Widow. I have been researching those sling style “stands” but can’t find much from Trad guys, tell me more bout the one you went with and how it is with a 58”-64” bow. Also what broadheads were those again? I’m using badgers right now with my Widow.

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