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  1. Glued with …….? + super polligrop powder?  Sorry I can understand what you say. ?your bottom denture/  Can you please write me down here? Thank you!

  2. Hun, how did you get the horseshoe shape? My dentist won't do it for me..I'm sooo bummed. My pallet feels horrible. I'm so depressed.

  3. Im so interested in horseshoe uppers!!! Im soon to start my extractions/denture journey, the pallet is one part i was not looking forward to, i would say "i wish tops could be horseshoe shape too!" i didnt know that was possible!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Mine is an accident and a medication they gave my mom while pregnant. It came thru to my adult teeth, I kept such care of them 7 years of braces just to hit a deer & found out my teeth were horrible… thanks for your videos I'm going thru hell on day 8

  5. So you made a normal full upper into a horse shoe? Also how long does this normally last for you before you redo it?

  6. I think ya are sexy as all get out .like i tell my wife lets make love with out our theeth lol lol we make it all fun for us.we dont let it make us ashame ya no .thinks for your vid.s ther help fil

  7. All I want to say is…. Way To Go Star Wars Fan! 🙂 And you look great! 🙂
    GOD definitely knew what He was doing when he gave us teeth for chewing and smiling. Isn't it amazing how it seems we all look alike without of teeth? 😀😁 I love that! ☺ I love your videos. You are definitely a seeker and teacher of better suction and comfort for those of us who wear dentures. 🙂 Such honesty and transparency and your videos are so informative. Thank you so much beautiful! 🤗

  8. How long did you get extractions before you got these dentures from Jo's? And what did you say you mix for the bottom to stay in? Oh yea it's your fault. I git the package from jo's, waiting on impressions kit right now

  9. Hi, my new dentures give me terrible headaches, the dentist says its because my sinuses sit very low so cutting the palate msy be the only way I can wear them. Did you do it yourself??

  10. Thanks Donna for sharing I was doing my horseshoe Denture today so checking it all out before I do. I’ve got it down packed in my head… can’t wait. Hope you & your family & your precious granddaughter had a Very Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year🤗

  11. Did you make your own horseshoe uppers? I have 4 pair of dentures in 10 years. Thinking about making wind chimes. Wiuld love to make horseshoe out of 1 pair.

  12. Are they Russell Klein? How did you cut them into horse shoe? They look very nice. Hope we can get DensureFit up here in Canada soon.

  13. How do you get rid of bone spurs? I've never had any problems until these last 3 teeth, then I had a thingie that felt like a sharp little bone. Guess the sharp part fell off but it left me with a sore bump. Thinking bone spur. Om gosh, I'm typing to Wally wally Bing bang lol. See what you've done to me jk. Ty so much for your videos. TC🌷

  14. I’m hoping to get mine fixed Monday so I can use Dentsurefit!! All adhesive gag me bad and don’t hold. I’m so frustrated bc they move back and forth on the very front of my mouth. Mine isn’t even with my nose either it’s off too and these are perms my temps did better than these. That doesn’t say much.

  15. You said, '. . .you better take care of your teeth or you're going to loose 'em. And then just loose 'em, I got new ones.'

    That was so damn cute and funny, sill LOL LOL here.

  16. Hey I do t judge, I say to people “walk the moon in my shoes and you can judge me then” that shuts them up. 😂😂😂 your so real that’s why I like you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Great video Donna ..denture queen 👏🏼💋😍💯👍💗 xo. 4:46 what a nice lather 🧼!! I want that recipe :}

  18. I bought some Densurefit and I guess I did it wrong or something and I had to take it out. So I've been using Reline-it from Wal-Mart until I get my permanent teeth.
    Your teeth are so pretty! I'll be glad when I can have him make my permanent teeth.

  19. Im watching and typing 🍿♥️
    Your face…..lol
    Im loving the close up…DenSureFit looks great after all that clean up….

  20. Girl I love your videos! Your a hoot to watch! 😊 have a great day! Thanks for the video! 💕🦋🌸

  21. Maybe the denturefit would stop my upper from popping off while I eat. I thought I was spoiled with the fit of my denture but the DF on your denture puts mine to shame! I hope I win tomorrow! Thank you Donna!

  22. Isn't this your original denture. Reason I thought so is because I see the frenectomy cut out is off center. Does your tongue want to play at the horseshoe area? I forgot, how did you cut out the horseshoe, with what implement? I probably wouldn't do it myself unless I had a pair to spare. Does the horseshoe provide you with a more free feeling? Again, with all the question, sorry!

  23. Still got my fingers crosses for the awesome giveaway 😁 Soon as I get the alert you uploaded video I watch it cause your videos are helpful and still love the no filter😀

  24. I just received my RK ultra thin upper horseshoe… I love it perfect fit. Its snug ,and I don't need adhesive unless I eat with it… Nice video…

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