Denzel Washington Made Me Nervous, Admits ‘Fences’ Co-Star Jovan Adepo | TODAY

Denzel Washington Made Me Nervous, Admits ‘Fences’ Co-Star Jovan Adepo | TODAY

24 Replies to “Denzel Washington Made Me Nervous, Admits ‘Fences’ Co-Star Jovan Adepo | TODAY”

  1. Great movie, excellent talent and most of all…….superb storyline / message. I think that everyone who sees or saw the movie 🎥 will or was able to take something away with them. Good interviewer too, she asked relevant, to the point questions 👍🏽👍🏽

  2. Yes, she is indeed beautiful, and the movie is absolutely riviting!!! Viola Davis….OMG. "Well I've been stand'n right here with you!!" "And upstairs in that bedroom, in my darkest hour"…..Wow, just wow! I can't watch that scene and contain my emotions. Talk about being in character!!!! I often wondered if she had to reflect on her own life in some fashion to pull that off. I streamed this movie and was engulfed, I can only imagine watching it in a theater setting.

  3. idk what everyone talkn bout the host is fine asf… she look like that old cartoon squirrel that flies a plane. her body sexxy tho those tighs and all sure is fine. face a 5 her body a 9

  4. Good movie but you can tell it was from a black play which are notorious for making black men look bad and black women look like angels.

  5. Denzel is one of the greatest American actors, rated with Brad Pit, Jamie Foxx, Samual L. Jackson, Vin Raines, Vin Diesel, Clint Eastwood. I have never seen a better man, religous, loves Americans, Denzel a real standup guy…doesn't hate. A true American.

  6. Good interview questions. See the movie. Cannot understand why DW didn't win Best Actor oscar.

  7. Denzel is such a wonderful person and GREAT actor. Love him. Loved the movie Fences it was truly truly heart wrenching and just so so good…….One thing I would really like to know is when he always brought home the bottle of Gin on Friday after payday to drink why he always poured just a little on the ground was it like a tribute to his father or what was the significance of that? Would love to know……



  9. Great interview! Love the journalist and love Denzel and the co-star, Jovan – can't wait to see more good work like this.

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