Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury BT Sport Box Office preview show

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury BT Sport Box Office preview show

/ now and if you take yourself back 12 months who would have thought that this contest was actually taking place the road that Tosun view is taken and we're here now they've both got so much to prove of course Wilder in the United States still to really establish himself as a major star berry and fury as we'll discuss later on the show you know has traveled an incredible road but you've got a very close-up view of both of them closer than myself and Richie actually yesterday's weigh-in what did you see there well firstly except for the weather we could have been in Manchester it was such a pro fury crawled fantastic support he had and he looked in good shape and I think he was trying to gold well look what he's got successfully as Ritchie was saying under his skin who throughout the whole hog put all the pressures and all the build-up for that for the fight but while that was proposing he came and focus and I think that's a positive for him going into the fight tonight and what about the weights Richie and the differential between the two I think the weights gonna play a big part in the contest if the contest goes over five or six rounds I think Walters gonna be very dangerous early but that weighed the extra three stone that tightened few years got in those later rounds if he's leaning on Wilder that could really tire him out so I think it would be an advantage to Tyson Fury and how did you think overall weight and other factors fury looked I think you look fine you know he's never gonna be cut up he's not built that way but he's a pure box and I think he looked similar sort of shape that he was against critical back in 2015 and if you can put on performance like that and he might need the performance like that yeah tonight and if he can then I think we might have a new champion why would Wilder be wearing a mask Paul I just think it all adds to the spice of the occasion and and actually you couldn't see his expressions in his face so I think that was why Tyson Fury at the end there was really really gold in him but there was no reaction at all from Richard I thought the mass was great but was that actually a telltale sign perhaps that all the stuff that Fury has been throwing at him has had an effect on Wilder I think it has had an effect but like Barry says at the time when we thought it would probably have the biggest effect at the at the weigh-in it didn't have an effect on him at all he kept very calm and composed so I was actually impressed with Ianto water for that were there any points gained and lost in your opinion I don't think no not knocking the way into I think before all the all of the the Vantage was gained in the press conferences multi-sim fury I think with too close to the fight no Fatima they make any difference as you alluded to a moment ago berry it is a remarkable turn of Fortune for Tyson Fury the lineal champion lest we forget who lost it all and now he's come back to try to regain it and reestablish himself in a champion of being a world champion of being whatever it didn't mean nothing to me at all I only wanted to be proud of me a Klitschko because nobody else caught in so long and I did ability wiesen five times better than anyone in the world in a moment anybody had Okocha goals anyone that big as me but they're not as fast they've got no movement no I would if you know I mean robotic as it said and if I could do the distance the 12th Reese no problem I'll be able to beat them now when I was 14 I was watching Vladimir as a world heavyweight champion on TV saying can I can beat that guy I know I can be that guy and I will beat that guy so when we was face to face and he said he said a stupid comment like oh you want what I have everything I have you want I said what do you offer I want you have some money and some belts Klitschko is what Klitschko is he is a good champion he's good for boxing great role model complete toss her in my opinion that's why always nothing more nothing less you can expect to see the new heavyweight champion I only wanted to be Klitschko that was it I wasn't interested in the next 25 men behind him that was it I only wanted to beat flood because he was the man for so long and I know that 99.9% of yous all expect me to lose to the great vladimir steel hammer and i know by looking at him he's got a lot of doubts he's very deep fought about this fight is very worried about it and on saturday night the whole world are gonna celebrate with me because tyson fury will have achieved these goals come on disputed heavyweight champion of the world did you realize then that you were the man to topple that club there as well I knew it because I knew we knew it they all know it I'm interested in breaking your face in that's what I'm interested in yeah you're boring I want to read you out the heavyweight division tell me more how much you hate me tell me more I don't hate you need to get under whiskey I don't hate you make it personal you have about as much charisma as my own two pumps zero I told you [Applause] I've never ever feelin like it before or after nothing nothing can compare to that because it was a dream come true who is the ultimate win against the formidable 12 year indian champion he only moved a mountain I'm the greatest feeling of all when we put normal people wrong we have the new unified heavyweight champion of the world it's the Tyson Fury I caught that one fine never Lamarck on me and I was back in your corner well I just bring 12 rounds where so-called super champion Wow I feel great another 12 you said after beating Vlad that was it you know you had looked beyond that at what point did you realize that was it was in the ring was it when you woke up with the belt no I said to me done before um before the fight week before two weeks before said if I win I'll probably never box again because a lot of time the fire was doubting even before the Klitschko fight I didn't want a box anymore I just had enough I'd like people to get to know the real Tyson Fury behind all the bravado behind all the tongue-in-cheek behind the person trying to sell fights and sell tickets I create controversy and interest I expected more than what what actually there is in life I don't know always was expecting more if I had a hundred million in the bank I'd expect that to feel different even been lineal champion of the world and we're all unbelt some beat in the great money on defeat eleven years it didn't have no meaning to or value I didn't value it wasn't an achievement for me seven billion people in the world and I was among who who became world champion on that time but it didn't mean anything it didn't mean as much as these slippers on me feet today nothing I was depressed the did wanna live I want it I really wanted to die I one other date with the death man I didn't have nothing to live for in my opinion in my mind nothing was worth living for and everything was pointless what's the point what's the point any money what's plain being rich wants point being successful what's point having a family was quite believed in hair everything that there was a point in doing I had a question he was our role model and he was in a worse way and we fought he was because we didn't know what was wrong what was going on you know if you asked him you never got any sympathy from us would say you're a fool you seeking attention you're a clown the achievements the money the fame the family nothing mattered so when nothing matters then I thought there's no point in living I do want to die and I prayed for death on a daily basis I wake up in the morning thinking why though did I wake up this morning wasn't a die in me sleep and if I tell that to me why from me family then they just break down and what is going on in this man's mind he wasn't an easy easy two years there wasn't a day went by that didn't want to die I tried to drink myself to death that didn't work apparently I can take a lot of alcohol I did I did attempt to crash into a bridge at one time and I pulled out last minute and that was it really I didn't want to jump in front of a train hang myself but I just hope maybe a heart attack or die I'm asleep or something he nearly destroyed me marriage and my family life you've got money he's got three kids on the point other time he wants to die on a daily basis they ain't well so it's not a good place is it to be him how would you feel about that now the fact that you didn't give him any sympathy at the time I won't give him no sympathy now you know it's just where we are I had counseling I never had any antidepressants I am against taking pills and stuff to get better I knew the moment I start taking pills to help me with her life and then it was over it may as well a big debt what helped me was having a routine and the purpose to live after the Eclipse gonna fight I didn't see out a purpose in life anymore that made sense I wasn't didn't wanna box anymore because I've achieved everything what was the reason for me to keep box I didn't wanna box eighty bucks an hour time I know I wasn't training and I trained all my life from being a teenager like a young kid on a daily basis and when you don't train you feel depressed if I don't train now for a week I cannot wait to get in the gym and train and trading it don't train for longer than a week I depress completely for me the box inside is just is what it is it's just a fight but the most important thing for me is keeping in shape if I stay in shape that I'll be depressed free forever about to combat fights now lost to stone battled mental health problems part of alcoholism battered addiction to drugs a battled everything now a monk a battle in this life and Here I am if I can do anybody can do it I'm no one special I was a fat pig at nearly 28 stone drinking and taking drugs on a daily basis changed my life around a suffered with depression up to the point of suicide anxiety attacks everything that you couldn't get any lower than I was on air I am living proof that anyone can do it because I'm back today telling the story and inspiring millions around the world boxers are lonely hard road no one can make you get up in the morning go for all if you don't want to no one can make you fight on and dig deep and win fights it's all about the individuals are driving it in one you get on the best team in the world but if you don't want to do something you can't do it you won't do it doing a nice little very happy two years ago when Tyson put on loads of weight 27:28 stone did you ever anticipate that he would get back to where he is now oh yeah I did I can't I can't say yeah I never doubts he wasn't just fat he never just put it all the way to me he was down disciplines most hardest being in boxing I love to eat cakes and biscuits and sweets on to the triple have a 10-minute walk noose of what sort of character he was and what he was gone for at the time and now when he come over off always no interested in doing it he boxes I remember wrapping him up we got gloved up and we got in the ring and I remember he just stood there looked at me and laughed and he was just so happy to start doing a bit of training and I thought that was when I thought maybe does one or maybe he does want to come back and he still got love for the sport two years it took me two and half years I really didn't believe had ever box again but now you're back on your terms rather than boxes terms is that I said I needed that break from being 12 years old to 27 I never had a break training training training training country training couple training comes but I suppose you're on your way of really realise if you love someone or something and when they're gone you don't have any no more when you take something you love out your life because you think you don't love it no more and it goes and you really think then it's like I did love that thing or that person and I want it back it's amazing that he's come back from where he was it was a state horrible listen I'm am fat he was faster than I am he who worked so hard in the gym to get off for weeks and weeks and months and months and then he can put it all back on in a day well I can I can put a stone on him one day quite easily if I wanted be 50 stone yeah are you gonna crack on and realize up you did it to yourself there's no pity for an idiot just wanna say I'm coming back better than I ever was before were there times where you said you look better don't tell him I can do it well that was my job that was my job to make sure that he didn't get to that point because like I said if I'd pushed him into a grave straightaway I don't think he would have been able to do it I knew when to push him and when not to push him I knew the science of when he was starting to fatigue the diet itself was very tough for him you know we're on the ketogenic diet which is very tough you can feel very low on energy at the start of it and with that on top of the training schedule I gave him was very tough I've not surprised myself because the wrong inside of it and a fitness side of it was one thing but when you're as experienced as me he can always spar I was firing like the top Bloods in country in the world 26:27 stone and do it as many rounds as they wanted the box and abilities never been in question I've never lost anything from the ox or a militant movement me feints me IQ Muffy also did was Paul I'll wait on and take off again which I've done all my career he was mission impossible to be honest with you at first everybody thought he was finished a lot of people thought he was finished and you know to be honest sometimes I would sit on the sofa and look across the nose – I remember thinking to myself I don't know if this job can be done both sort of took a risk on each other I had to take a risk on my brew he's gonna commit to it on that and go through of it and go through that mammoth task and the hard hard work that it's been you know I had to trust him that he was gonna do that he had to put his trust in me that I could give him the level of what he needed well luckily with me in boxing I had another lease of life another will to live I'm not a will to to strive and have goals again and I've been truly blessed in my life time and time again and I don't look at this as a comeback because I'm not coming back to all I want this is a new me this is a new Tyson Fury this is a new book I ain't going back to rewrite an old story that book finished he never ever ever was opened again I thought he's gonna take more time to get back into this place mentally and physically but it's a credit to himself to see where he's at now I wanna tear do you want a Wilder pieces like a pitbull because he said I couldn't never the world thinks he can beat me but I never been beat in the ring I never lost the fight stopping defying odd sense was born the way I see my wife is to me boxing career whatever happens happens whatever doesn't doesn't either way I'll know I've not left anything in the tank because whatever would have stayed retired then I always would have known I could have done more I would have regretted it not because of an achieve everything I could've home because of nothing more I can achieve but I know in my life that I would have had more to offer and I wasn't ready to retire that's why I'm back for this time whatever happens I'll know I'll give it everything and I'm no Ivan nothing more to offer and that'll make me a very happy man I can lay in bed at night thinking you know what I've done everything I wanted to do me life and I've got no more to offer now I'm just gonna enjoy myself listen anytime anyplace anywhere I'll fight you in your backyard like a dunk let's go I'll beat you you Bob Bob I chose this fight I had a contract there four or five fights to get back in but that was made a decision in October of last year when I was 27 stone and I didn't know I was gonna feel off to a fight or a few training camps I didn't need any more try I didn't hit any more fights to prepare myself for the best you ain't ready so the 41st person that's gonna be knocked out you're looking at the man right here the only thing is when we look at Obama you big daughter is you ain't ready for me and you never happened you never will be we was talking about four fights and that he said to me that was that was what he was looking to get in his in his deal but there was offers fly-in everywhere you know and to be honest with you Frank Warren come through with the best operatives [Applause] I'm gonna show you no come on this fight was easily made in the end wasn't five minutes because you wanted or he wanted or just both just we both wanted to fine we both wanted to fight on fights are easy to make if both both parties want to do do a fight with each other what do you think of Waldo as a person firstly as a person I don't know him I only know him through his professional career which have kept tabs on I don't know his personal life I don't always like to go out for a being with I give each other a bit of stick and obviously press tour was entertaining and you know people say about it being set up it definitely wasn't set up is two fighting men the problem is they're both unbeaten they've both got unbelievable self-belief come on bring it on any time a day 22 us on dengue big dosa I have no inkling on on who he is as Deontay Wilder the man behind the gloves I don't know but as a boxer you got to admire him because he's become world champion and he's made a few defenses of his belt him he's unbeaten so you gotta respect somebody like that he knows that the anti world is a very very good fighter a very good champion he's definitely got respect for Deontay Wilder but we've got a job to do why did you think it's taken so long for him to resonate either with the American public also with the boxing fans boxing is a long haul process takes a long time to muster you craft America's like a thousand times bigger than England don't quote me on that Bob it's a lot bigger so in England if you've got ten fights you're ready to fight for a British title or whatever and you moved into fights quick there's the public eyes on you they've got someone anything can fight and then you move first you moved into massive fights straightaway in America you can be box in an Alabama somewhere in a kitchen somewhat and nobody you will take any notice at all so to build up these massive records like 30 no 40 you know 50 you know without fighting anybody so while there was going silently under the radar in Alabama he never left it really and in my opinion he's done 45 but I think he's really only had six proper fights even harder lower with the shoulder that's why I think he's he's only just started to get known because he's only just done six fights which remains of it because the rest of the guys they want to and 2617 and 54 or 8 and 16 they're nobodies so just record builders I could get to a hundred and fifty you know but I fight a man like that it doesn't mean anything and it's what are you box him for I think he's the most dangerous fighter in world boxing he's a frickin nature similar to Tyson but if I've got different attributes being frickin nature's he's six foot seven weighs about 15 hours down he's lightning quick punches like a horse kick him he's got a long reach you know he's a very very dangerous man in 40 fights WBC champion the biggest puncher in everyway history even though they stocked out bombs all the way to 30 on fights every man takes knocking over every man bears a chin and every money's been knocked out been separated from he senses a chins arch in a matter after this big small or Fattal thing he's still not in our gym I think he's the biggest punch in any history Mike Tyson didn't even knock out as many opponents as Deontay Wilder and he under few stats to quite a few of them I might be biased but knowing where Tyson's come from I believe that this will be the biggest win in history about him this is what he's born to do is a showman he's a talker he's very intelligent he's very witty he's honest you know he can communicate to all kinds of people you know and that's what the public want Kludd was an awkward an awkward big fella tall box punch good left up good right hand but he was old flat in May was 38 years old when I meet him at the end of his career No Wilders only 33 just basically just start with championship career so I think while does a much much bigger test than them then Klitschko Klitschko was a very skilled fighter anymore throw punches unless he thought they were gonna want a wild or throw punches even knowing that he knows a lot gonna land they still throw that's the dangerous man who's a big or could nominee you can punch it's a bit more just getting in the ring and fight in his leg it's about what you do outside the ring as well Tyson's a must rather I'm so proud of it ready for retirement funds out there I have been brought up hard and fast I don't fear no man I don't fear being knocked back out or even killed I don't fear nothing via if you win this fight can you guarantee that you didn't fall off I can't guarantee nothing I can't guarantee I'm gonna wake up in the morning God says we're not promised tomorrow solid for today so that's why I do this even if I'm gonna lose I won't knock it out properly I want to lose proper I don't want to lose by split decision oh my god I got robbed knowing they I want to get carried out in a stretcher if I'm going or else I'm gonna try to put you on a stretcher anyway we'll see in the wild to fight anyway cuz everybody thinks I'm gonna jump and job around the ring and oh wait till he catches me in around 11:00 with 30 seconds left and I mean I'll pull my own hair knocked me on teeth out pump yourself in the face I want to rip wild his heart I'll feed it to him and if he knocks me out on the process and good luck to him but he better be prepared for a four-hour fight because I think this is my calling can't fight this is my wake up and smell a competition for what do you want to achieve whether in boxing or through box you know I want to achieve happiness I want to be happy and I want to stay healthy because when you lose your penis your health declines how on your health declines game over have you already won coming back from what you've come 400 percent gain a fat lazy bomb with millions in the bank there's no life at all being hungry and fit and being quiet I'm in a jungle that's life this is how to order Wilder vs. fury on BT sport box office for BT TV customers go to channel four nine four and follow the instructions for sky customers if you haven't ordered an event from BT sport box office before register and pay online at Aran customers go to the on-demand section and choose live events and if you want to watch online or via our app visit w-w-w dot BT comm forward slash sport box office and follow the instructions this is a pay-per-view event and it costs 1995 you must be over 18 and for more information and full terms and conditions go to bt comm forward slash sport box office incredible stuff isn't it the rise and fall and hopefully rise again of Tyson Fury and here are two men who've charted it all our own Steve bunts and John rolling John can you believe we're here I mean in all honesty Paul if you'd said to me a year ago 18 months ago that we'd be here watching a heavyweight title fights you know in LA involving Tyson I'd have thought you were mad you know but but we are and it's just an amazing story and when in your opinion Steve did the penny drop with Tyson Fury one chance at doing this and I need boxing I have a feeling it was probably last summer before he started to shed some of the ten stone I think there are one or two certain rumors circulating about the type of money he could make if he came back for just a half come back let alone a full come back then he put in place a program and certainly by last December there was talk last December of him getting into shape we saw and took loss and repeat fights so my gut feeling is it's been a year and I think too much is being made of always lost loads of weight he's taken a long time to do it and he's had a go he's not being on a Weight Watchers course Paul he's been training for a purpose and that purpose is what's gonna happen in this arena all the comebacks you've seen can he be as good in your opinion well you would suggest having looked at other comebacks that the chances are against it but you know I mean people have come back and done extraordinary things Muhammad Ali obviously Tyson came back after his period in jail George Foreman after his time away goes and wins it back at 45 it can be done and it would be a just an astonishing story and we do feel as though this is a history moment in our sport of boxing Steve don't we but the names that John has put on the table there that's the company he's going to have to keep Tyson Fury isn't it is he good enough well he's a scholar he's a boxing scholar so he wants to be with those guys he did an interview with me last December 12 months ago where he talked about coming back and he said I won't do it like Muhammad Ali does it I won't do it like that when I come back I'll have a year before I have a big fight well our Lee had five months he said about the same thing Plus Ali fought the number two and number four in the world before he fought Joe Frazier so he's had this in mind oh we've got to get away from the idea that this sort suddenly came in August he's been planning this fight for a year and we know that technically he is very very gifted John but is there in your opinion the nagging doubt all that he's been through outside the ring all his personal difficulties and rightly people outside of boxing have latched on to this he's been standard-bearer it's more important than sport isn't it the things he's been through but is there the danger that it might yet come back to haunt him well clearly that's clearly that's got to be a possibility because to have abused your body to the extent that he has and to be back here doing what he's doing that is a very big ask but I think that the important thing so far as Tyson's concerned is that he really really believes it and I think that mental strength is going to be a key factor and the great fascination of this 50 50 WBC world heavyweight title fight is the strength of the opposition and Deontay Wilder is also a man with a story to tell I've always been real strong I've always been stronger than what I've looked [Applause] I'm not a nice guy with this time to play I want to destroy and if you the person in front of me dude it's gotta be between me and you people just don't understand without conflict you know either had to work my ass off to get I didn't had to sacrifice so many years I know what I possessed I know what I can do that's not guys out when the saying is don't read a good book by its cover that's definitely me you know when you look at me you don't I don't look like a the average heavyweight built with muscles or just just my frame you know um I got an athletic frame what do you think of Tyson Fury I like Tyson he's very funny to me yeah you know I like I like his personality and boxing because in boxing you know we all have egos you know we're all crazy you know because we're crazy we don't want doing this so you got to be a little crazy in this sport to even just be doing and risking your life what kind of fight you anticipate he's been in some fun fights he's been in some dull fights what kind of fight I don't recall no fight that I've seen Tyson Fury that's been this site we've always seen tights Furion were slow bored and fights and stuff like that and the only action we got out of him was his mouth that's where he's that's what he did his mouth just talk talk talk talk talk talk talk you know you get the British action you hear it you know this is you know it's comprehending but the things second thing is you say it's funny no he's going this way looking for a punch and if you can be okay at this point of time is this all about the pain then I got a brain come December first yeah I mean all the talking is over this is serious business now you can talk I'll come to these numbers you got social management and that's my jungle man this could be a fight that takes a little bit of time to catch fire but once it does once they find the rhythm once they find each other in that ring it's gonna be very explosive and I will tell people you know don't blink don't go to the bathroom don't go get something to eat the hot dog can wait you know till after the fight this is a fight you cannot turn your eyes away from because anything can happen at any time in this fight everybody has the puncher verse the boxer right the ante the puncher and fury the boxer but I'm telling you right now the boxer can punch and the puncher can box so it's really anything can happen eight nine years we've been boxing so I literally watched him get better and better and better and better I think right now he's peeking into his prime and to meet us would make the fight even more intriguing and even dangerous the types of Eureka's Tyson is coming off uh what two years and he's hopped right in with a pecan and prom Beyonce Wow so when it comes to just being the pure puncher he's by far the top three hardest natural punches I've been in and that's what 20 ounces on that's what 10 inches on he's just a heavy everything in his life could be going wrong everything if you hit you with the right hand it's just totally different bargain is he the best you face so far no I don't think he's the best that I faced so far in my opinion you know the best fighter I've faced so far in my opinion is Luis Ortiz Tyson favorite steel are known to be found if he's gonna be the best I fought I haven't fought him yet so I can't make it that decision offering them yet but the Klitschko when should stand them in good stead right was that not a pretty of winning it was it was it was a boring good win when I look back on that fire only thing goes in my mind is what if Klitschko would have threw more punches because he would have changed the projectory of the other up the whole fight if he would have thrown punches tie someone that you know Tyson just but but styles make fights you know Klitschko style was more like you know they say robotic and you know how to do European guys be there you know just sit there but with a guy like Tyson Fury that's so mobile and like the move and slip and stuff you can't you can't be still for a robot with a father like that that's why with me I'm so mobile agile hostile I got a heart of a lion I am a king you know I can't have no guy that's just right here facing me like you gonna get crushed the ante is not Crisco Klitschko was older and he was like very conservative Deonte is not going to be like that with him he's on he's on the mission and Tyson fear is in his way so I mean I think that he's gonna get rid of Tyson fear and on to the nest no matter what you do he's not the kind of fighter like a Vladimir he nasty rat you know he takes chances even if he's missing he have miss and fall on the ground but it's all because he's trying to get you out it's not one fighter that ever fought him that has got away with killing the clock still in crunch wasting time if you do not belong in the Deion's a law that you will not touch the fury he was the champion for easy he's lost a lot of weight that could be scared because you know that he's happy for it no pun intended you know he's home before this but the difference is he's never faced anybody like Deontay Wilder before Deonte brings something to boxing that very few people and human beings have inside of them you only have a small percentage of relief in the world right Trek feel you have you it's only one you saying both it's small portion percentage of Ely Beyonce is not only on the physical attributes he's elite mentally because he actually actually actually believes that he's put on this earth he was made by God to be a champion every time you see a wild in the fight you know as a sight have you seen my knockout reals that's what I do it all you know I'll give the people what they want to see that's knockout he's fought in over 39 knock knock he's knocked out every man he's been in the ring I mean and I'm not saying it's not easy to knock the grown man now he's a grown man he's these guys are 6 for 250 250 pounds but he's knocking these guys out so I mean it's self-explanatory Tyson fear is going to happen to him as well you ready his skill set skill set I don't see I don't see a skill set on analysis I don't see skill set with him he's very awkward I mean his whole thing is just moving and doing okay I don't I don't get it but I don't want me a rush for him probably he'll probably tired himself out more this time people say that you're this wild guy they said the same about Marciano he didn't have a whole load of technique is that something that bothers you when people say that I merely don't bother me at all maybe they're not happy in the life in their life you know don't dwell on my life and come in and bring the negative energy you know and spills your negative negative beans all over the place you know pick dishes up and take it back with you you know I don't care about what people say like I'm like I said it falls on deaf ears with me but I am gonna prove your own dough you know and that's what I do I'm a play maker so I'm always shining under the lights the bigger the fight is the better is gonna be for me people for some reason are under the impression that Deonte comes out at bail one you know swinging like this and it's just simply not true you don't beat burr mains to Vern a fighter of that caliber over 12 rounds and win the heavyweight championship of the world without throwing proper technique punches typically what people are talking about is once Deonte has someone hurt he will then you know go in and throw some punches that are unorganized and awkward and he's an awkward fighter anyway I think that's what people are seeing and they're thinking they're taking that to mean he has no technique but if they'll listen to me long enough I'll tell them watch the seconds – Vern fight watch the one – bang bang that knocks – Vern down the first knockdown technically fantastic the second and third knock downs were the more unorthodox so he can do both [Applause] once I got it to my 15 fight you know knocking guys out I start something everyone and then I started and must have some you know I must got some here and then it just started being even more confidence booster for me because I'm continuously consistently nothing these guys out over and over and over again someone just like that it's like this ain't nothing fake this is no fluke this is nothing in here no blood this is actually real [Applause] I know what I possessed I know what I can do that's not guys do you anticipate you coming over and having a Stadium fight in the UK at some point in the future almost after most definitely you know I say I'm gonna heavyweight champion of the world so with that being said I love traveling you know I've been to many different countries now and within my forty or fight so I'm no stranger to going to other countries and being able to be in a hostile territory I'm behind enemy lines or whatever you want to call it or getting out of my comfort zone well one thing I promise when I go to Las vegas-based I'm knocking you Don I've been there done it you know that's what makes me so experienced in this sport you know a lot of guys gonna be hesitant to compete against me because I have so much experience I've been to so many planning fought so many styles I've been out of my comfort zone so many times like it's not a support nothing can be a surprise of me at this point in time my career and that what makes me so confident what makes me so powerful and so strong because of my experience in this sport nothing is just shocking for me you can eat a big duster it would be in the opposite corner actually form UK when their time comes who's gonna get the best opponent for that that situation you know that's what I can say about it we can assume you know we can put a lot of names in them but will it be that name when it's time to come who knows just know that I'm looking forward to coming over being able to fight over there you know and have a great time I don't need police in the back under my house see that so you can own that in the u.s. can you own the ammunition would you you hunt or do you go to a range go to range I mean I'm about to build one a whole course this is custom my 50 Cal I got a number my customer that's happy other man imagine yeah and when you shoot it is crazy like when I first shot I put it down for like a whole like week before putting it back up because I was I was like hell no it's too much pot what the kick yeah it was a hell of a lot of power I'll teach you do it shooting I use do it all the time like every weekend we used to in the therapeutic like that yeah episode so I like clean I'll use a clean all of them break it down all that stuff you have beautiful houses Lamborghinis and what-have-you on the driveway you have everything that you want for your kids that you want it started out have you got what you want from boxing now yet you know I'm still working at it I'm still working what I ultimately want from boxing is to unify the champion like I said I want I want to you I want to unify the division I'm sorry like I said I wanna I want to see one champion one face one name you know the heavyweight division is too small to have multiples of champions in it you know so when there was one champion then that's everything has changed it's changed the game of boxing in the heavyweight division it changed it up least for that time of whoever obtaining those belts have it at least for that moment of time do they reign you know because you got one person everybody looking to get to him this person you ain't got to go through all these different different little things and stuff that's going on this one guy and that's my ultimate goal and still the undefeated WBC heavyweight champion of the world beyond Marciano at 40 line and I may rather at 50 and oh do you have a number in mind I don't really have a know I've said let me get the 51 just because when I look at Floyd he's not even considered in the heavyweight division so his numbers really don't matter what he do you know as far as you know who he beat and how many times he defended you because we're in two different weight division now Marciano and it's more realistic to me you know I definitely want to do over achieve a lot of things what other heavyweights have done before me that's for sure but if I get to my goals that's not none of my goals but if I get to my goals and I don't reach having as many a knockout as a certain person or going 49 I know like Marciano like it wouldn't bother me because I've already accomplished what my heart was so desired to do and everything else is just extra ideally we'd like to get to the point where we're in you no consideration for rocky Marciano's 49a no record I think it's within reach and I think there's enough viable challenges out there and exciting things that could be in the future that would propel us and that we could do that within maybe three to four years and at that point you know we get that record then I would like Deonte to get out with his health as well and I would like you know my goal was for Deontay Wilder at 40 years of age to be able to on a daily basis do whatever he wants to do it's an important view that you following that lineage of Jack Johnson Joe Lewis Marciano oddly Larry Holmes Mike Tyson what does it mean to you to have your name alongside those it means everyday you know I always tell people I'm a walking icon now it's still a lot I gotta prove in this sport little still a lot I gotta do but that's the strong part about it believing that you're something with others can't see quickness is one of those days that you know when you know I can't say that when I quit I'm gonna be done that's it because I like it because we all know as a fighter we love fighting and if you bring that right price up oh yeah we getting back in that ring you know like my man Linux Linux if they bring the right pricing and you don't think Elena's getting back in that ring but you know when I do retire when that time comes hopefully you know I'm out for good I don't want to come by they've been through so many chip it pain that's why you you know most fighters never want to see their children fight because we feel we sacrifice for them now to get them a better life some make it and some don't you know but with me I'm one of those guys like I don't want to see much especially when you come today a fine form did you do everything right did you do everything you know you can do that you sure about yourself you've been with the weights did you put all you can put into it and if you did gonna have doubts what happens on December 1st December 1st I'm not talking free reality that what happens holiday I talk goes out the window I mean business what I say and that's what I do I'm a knockout artist that's what I do you know how many times I gotta prove the people over it over and over and over it's a surprise to me every time I not guys I get surprised here too people wouldn't even know that you enjoy it you like the feeling I enjoy is it feel powerful you know didn't see another man especially to see the reaction of what that body does after getting punched although that can sound so mean but I'm in this sport this is me I'm in this sport this is what I love to do so you know someone on the outside looking in hearing me like oh he like you know you're not in the sport and it's the reason why you're not in the sport enjoy the gladiators enjoy these guys putting their hearts on the line putting their bodies on the line putting their life on the line for your entertainment but it's a wonderful sport and I'm just glad to be the crazy guy to be able to do it you gotta understand the switch Deonte has it you know and he knows how to turn a switch off especially when he's with his kids he's a father he's not a fighter when he's with his kids but when he walks down to the ring it's another switch that clicks on and that's the bronze bomber he knows that his job is on the inside of the Ring and talking is only you're gonna do that so much because the end of the day when that bell ring is no talking on what they talk with these outside of the ring he's a Deonte while he's a funny hilarious guy I mean he said just a good guy to be around likes to crack jokes inside the ring he's a monster he turned into the bronze bum and you don't want to get in his way man because you don't get knocked out a sulfus on severe punishment should you be Tyson on December 3 and I beat Tyson and then should you be Anthony Joshua yeah and I beat Anthony how big you're gonna be then in sports I don't know I mean once I once I beat Tyson and and Josh would you know I don't know I just never thought about I don't care I don't care it's famous presidential curse I wanna say it's a curse it could be it could be a privilege for me it's a privilege but for me it's a privilege because it's definitely cuz I'm so I'm so normal you know I'm a normal person I keep myself that way I don't look at myself as someone famous or celebrity like I don't even like forming celebrity on my mouth it makes me feel some type of way I don't want to be none of their I don't want dad like I love my life I love how peaceful it is I love the people that save my life so much you know me and I'm good in life like I'm I'm really happy alive I have been through so much in my life and I had to do so much in my life to get to this point where I am it's crazy ladies so crazy people just understand why and I leave the sport I want to have my name in the history books you know I weren't by being a hall-of-famer because I will be that that's for sure you know but I want to go over and beyond then like I said I live in my car that I'm still alive and people could love me and they can see me they that was the baddest man in the world he did it right there he's still alive and I can express myself and I can motivate I'm not gonna inspire people still like I did it I'm gonna you know I went through trials and tribulations to get there I've done it and I'm off to the sunset so Richie here we have a very credible WBC world heavyweight champion an unbelievable record 40 straight wins 39 by stoppage and yet he doesn't get wider acclaim why is that being I think he's been a victim of his own success I think have him I think he's had 19 knockouts in the first round and I don't think the American public were actually convinced that he was the complete package they'd seen a guy he was knocking guys out left right and center but they wanted to see someone maybe go a few more rounds and it took him what 32 fights before he got any type of like a world title shot yes a definite victim of his own success but in those world championship fights that he's had he has shown that he can go 12 rounds against Berman's Davern and also he's knocked out guys late on in contests his last fight against Luis Ortiz was in the 10th round so I think he's the complete package to be covered this is underlines really bury surely why Wilder needs this so badly this is his breakout moment really isn't it I think so and I think I think the reason why he hasn't broke up he doesn't know he's an athlete he looks like a basketball player he's slender he doesn't have that the Menace of a Tyson of a Mike Tyson and he doesn't have the stature of a Lennox Lewis so he doesn't look like your typical no heavyweight champion if many of he's a bit of a one-off stylistically but so so quick right so so great he's also a straight right hand it's a bullet and it's a dangerous punch for whatever he is in the ring he throws back in the pressure there's a lot of good things but I think Richie's right the fact that he's blowing people aren't so easy it may be the people say he hasn't had any tests he has well and what about the one where he didn't blow his man away or TESE well I think I think out of all after all the negatives after that I think there's a lot of positives because he was in the pressure he was hurt and he still was willing because and again I said he's a guy who who feeds on confidence he was willing to throw when he was hurt yeah he has that belief that if he hits you he can knock you out and so it proved no and in the diversity he came out on top I think so also Paul against Luis Ortiz he struggled early on in the contest but when he got to grips with it he produced that 10th round knockout remember so he did get to him eventually he just didn't do it early on in the fight he was struggling with distance he couldn't fight against a southpaw he was throwing that right hand and he kept missing and coming square he was making la mistakes but eventually he sorted the problems out okay and and who better than you to with your great ring careers behind you to close it out for the moment how did the styles go together in this fight very well I think it would be cagey for the first year wrong some people think that Wilders got a start faster almost as fast and he does indeed quite cagey himself he sits on that back foot and he paused with the jab but if he will commit first because Tyson is his toeses main attribute is his frustrate he frustrates you and he makes you work had and he forced you to throw punches and well they will oblige that he likes to do that so I think once you get past the first three rounds it'll be what it'll be Wilder chasing the fight and up the fury to make him look silly do you read it the same way Ritchie well I read it in a way that few he's got I think as boxes a safe ball shoe box as a safe ball and sits back then he read like Barry says he really frustrates Walder and while there won't be unable to land that right and unless what unless few is coming forward so it could be difficult for him going to be a fantastic night and we're gonna make our way in to the Staples Center where we'll be joined by Lennox Lewis please stay with us and a reminder finally that this is a pay-per-view event and here is how to order it this is how to order Wilder vs. fury on BT sport box office for BT TV customers go to channel 494 and follow the instructions for sky customers if you haven't ordered an event from BT sport box office before register and pay online at purchased a BT sport box office event before go to Sky box office for virgin customers go to the on-demand section and choose live events and if you want to watch online or via our app visit w-w-w dot bt comm ford slash sport box office and follow the instructions this is a pay-per-view event and it costs 1995 you must be over 18 and for more information and full terms and conditions go to BT comm forward slash sport box office [Applause] you you you

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  1. Tyson fury did not fight the best wilder .. he chose the date to fight wilder when he was on his period l. Come on fury be a man at the same time Deontay broke his hand

  2. Makes a refreshing change! Usually it’s the gypsys robbing everybody else! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. EDDIE HURN IS A JEALOUS and he knows his cash cow has to step up and fight WILDER or FURY for any respect from the fan's.
    TYSON 1st.
    WILDER IS second.

  4. Fury is the Liniar reigning world champion undefeated the TRUE champion .
    DETHRONED Klichko in Germany.
    Both Away victorys this puts FURY the beat heavyweight world champion undefeated the TRUE champion undefeated away from home

  5. Wilder knocked Fury out the ref cheated got there lat e counted slow and have Fury extra time and also helped Fury regain balance Charles Martin got up at the same speed against Joshua and the fight was over Fury is just the crowds favourite but Wilder won that fight and cheated to get to points

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    Fury did nothing but defend poorly the first six rds add another to 10,8 rd and one even rd.
    Do the math…!

  7. Wider git robbed plain and simple!
    Fury did nothing but defend the first six rd add to 10,8 rd for Wilder or won even rd.
    Do the math!

  8. Furys punches didnt bother wilder..fury couldnt knock wilder down..even with much more weight height n reach..wilder though knocked fury clean should have been stopped there n then.

  9. Fury 3 years younger .taller longer reach and heavier…but still got knocked out by the real winner..wilder.

  10. People just want them to fight again..that why they gaved it a draw when they should of give it to fury.. same as triple g

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