35 Replies to “Design and build an awesome wood fence”

  1. This guy knows how to destroy he's money. A wood fence looks god but he's wood fence it's beyond horrible. Tard or something…. who knows

  2. Surprising how many people don’t like the fence. I think it’s a cool design I haven’t seen , makes me wanna try one. Thanks for the videos.

  3. Honestly, if were the owners..
    I'd be regretting my replacement. Good job buy ugliest fence iv seen.

  4. you wait till the Sun hits those boards they're going to bow Every Which Way from Sunday way too much spacing also not filling the holes up to above the ground level with concrete is going to make a water catch which will rot the polls quicker even though they're treated

  5. sometimes the likes/dislikes and comments help the world at large…sometimes..ya live n ya build a less than decent style fence n ya hear the critics n ya move on. better luck on the next fence.

  6. For those of you that have criticised his work which I think is better than the first fence I am sure there s a specs shop near you some where

  7. Lol I like the first so much more!! I wouldn’t take down a fence for those reasons! Waste of money! But if you collect yours from between grass clippings well who’s to say anything

  8. The cedar fence you removed was better than this fence. Is the new wood even pressure treated? They look pretty bent already and will bow even more with time if put up wet.

  9. the bowing was awful , please fix and repost a video. would like to see what u do next with your money lol

  10. Did you leave the panels unpainted even though it's treated? if left unpainted, how is it holding up so far? also, were the 10 ft posts left uncut? thanks.

  11. Hardworking guy sorry, but you have wasted yr time and money to destroying something good N building bad. That's my take anyway.

  12. Definitely an interesting concept for a privacy fence. Someone asked about durability, well, they're 2×6's so I'd assume they'll be fairly durable. More so than the 1×6 that a more traditional fence uses.

    That said, I'll probably go the more traditional route, as to completely replace my fence, would require about 480 to 500 feet of fencing.

  13. I dunno- If I was a thief , vandal, or hood rat, the new fence looks much easier to scale than what was originally there. Just saying; something about vertical boards makes it look taller & less penetrable

  14. spacing for each post is to far apart you need additional posts or 2x4a in between each sections so the boards dont bow over time

  15. I know it's too soon but are there any updates regarding durability or any other issues that might have come up?

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