Diablo 3 – How To Farm Primal Ancients

Diablo 3 – How To Farm Primal Ancients

alright guys what's up in this video I'm going to go over my idea of how to best farm primals now about on the last half of season 10 is when I kind of started adopting this mindset at the beginning of season 10 when primals first came out I was just doing a lot of GRS hoping that you know they wouldn't just drop but the most part you know with the one percent drop chance or the one percent chance to be primal you kind of need to go another step in order to ensure you get the problems you need this yeah now this information is probably good for people who want to fill out an actual establish build with all primals whether it be in non season or in the next season's coming up but for me this is what it helped me get the very specific problems that I've been needing to get and you're not going to like it you're not gonna like the strategy if you don't like bounties but you just going to get used to it that's the best way to do it so just like a too long didn't read kind of a situation the best way to get primals is to take items that you've already got and roll them in the cube you're going to upgrade them are you going to reforge legendary because the way you did is like if I want to get a holy point shot primal instead of just waiting for our quiver to drop and hope that it's a primal holy point I know this is going to be a holy point when I reforge it so it's either going to be a normal item or it's gonna be a ancient outer more primal item yes it's kind of expensive as far as a bounty mounts are concerned but you do an entire 25 you to entire game all 25 boundaries of a tier 13 game then our torment 13 game then you're going to get roughly 16 of every single matching you have a three rerolls for me I've actually able to get like 300 or so mats in like a few hours of farming bounties and it's really not that big of a deal if you can just kind of get into the farming mentality and just kind of just you know get to 3 or 400 bounty mats apiece and you can really kind of knock it out pretty fast and that's how I ended up getting a lot of the finals I mean I don't have a lot of primals for the impaled build but like Doug I said is one thing I started doing very very late season 10 and as far as going into a new season and having a like a strategy for knowing like if you want to get actually like focus on getting primals of entire build what I would do is when you start your season know what goals you're going to build and just get every piece of gear for it so for instance I have all of this bull impale build what I'll do is begin season I'll also just keep duplicates of every one of these items this is actually good strategy for looking for upgrades as well so if I find a second shadow gloves I'll keep it in my stash you know it's kind of keep all even if they're not upgrades I'll keep them all my stash then whenever I do bounties I'll just take the items let's say like the shadow gloves and over here and I'll start reroll them you know look that primal and chances are I might find an upgrade for whatever I got so you know it's kind of twofold strategy right you're looking for primals but you're also looking for you know moderate upgrades for what you're wearing as well and I think that over the course if you do that from beginning of season all the way to the completion of season I think you'll you know get a really fine tune to build and be able to really hone in on your great rift bushes and all that stuff as well so that's just kind of the quick and easy you know how the farm final is faster I mean it's too difficult to try to like just give see a bunch of jobs and hope that stops primal because you know when that happens you get all of this junk primal stuff happening and this is even this even all the primal results so they're just not on characters but you know you want to be more focused with your your technique as well because it's a hell of a lot easier to actually go and do a bunch of bounties for like 6 hours and then re-roll items you know we're going to be the item that you're looking for and pasties are going to be an upgrade or it's going to be just total garbage which is fine just you know you're taking a chance or it could be the primal you're looking for so that is my opinion if you like this video that was helpful hit like and if you haven't already hit subscribe you know I try to put out you know how-to videos info and build guides and all kinds of Diablo content there'll also be some other Blizzard game content coming soon like Diablo 2 and yellow one to look after that but yeah I appreciate you guys stopping by and being my opinion on primal farming so take it easy

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  1. T10 – T13 for max rewards. There is no reason to do T13 unless you can one shot everything. https://www.diablowiki.net/Horadric_Cache

  2. Man, you really need to get rid of that music. I wanted to check two of your videos so far, but as soon as I heard the music background, I muted and then killed the window. Also, I have seen other people commenting they hate the music in your other video. Take this as a constructive criticism: you want as many followers as possible, but trying to listen to you over that music is not pleasant. Do videos without music, or if you absolutely have to have it, adjust the volume so that it doesn't interfere with what you're saying. I understand you like it, but you don't make videos for yourself, but for other people, so keep that in mind when deciding on music background.

  3. Cube gambling gets you ancients and primal, but the problem is Deathsouls which is a lot less annoying than farming souls.

  4. What's the best ways of getting ancient rings? I've been farming torments, and gr and even some bounties (which is absolutely horrid), and I've wasted too many hours farming for them.

  5. something useful is increase tour legendaries per hour. for example you need to do the highest GR you can complete in less than 3 minutes consistently. If you do this your legendary per hour will increase and the more likely you have a chance of having that 1% drop. if you do a gr that is higher lets say 85 and it takes 10 minutes to complete you could have completed 3 runs of the other in that time, which is more effiecient and gives you more legendaries per hr.

  6. I think people should look at this as more of a way to just get ancients, rather then primals. Spending 6 hours for 500 of each mat to get 1 primal is not what most people want to do. Instead for newer players, I suggest doing this to make regular items into ancient. Within 6-10 hours you can have all ancients, and you still have a chance at getting a primal or two. 6-10 hours is still a good junk of time, but to have ALL ancients is still pretty darn good.

  7. I've been doing exactly this since ancients were first introduced. My shortage usually isn't on bounty acts, I'm usually short on forgotten souls

  8. screw primals, you're wasting your life. 6 hours of farming bounties, jesus. Just push GR's as far as you can go, then move on to another build.

  9. disliked… Its not a great strategy because of the cost… you mentioned it, but only cover PART of the RIDICULOUS COST of reforging… the X5 bounty mats you need isnt shit… those can be gotten with farming bounties like you mentioned, but the X50 Forgotten Souls is where you get screwed… Then you need to go farm fuckin regular rifts too to get the souls.. REALISTICALLY, you need to bot to get a FULL set of primals for your build… period. Not even the top leader boards have a full set of primals. They are basically forcing people to resort to cheating/botting to grind to compete. so, its all fucked up. Blizzard needs to bring the cost down considerably for there to be any chance of me playing this game again. FUCK diablo 3 now… Its has become a GRIND game. Pointless. Grinding shit over and over again isnt worth the MINISCULE 1% drop rate they imposed.. A bunch of cunts they are.

    EDIT: I just read a post that I didnt even think about… THE PRIMALS ALSO HAVE A HUGE CHANCE OF BEING JUNK… NOT EVEN THE ONE U ARE LOOKING FOR. Not to mention the roll of the primal is often NOT what u need to be effective, effectively turning the primal u want, INTO SALVAGE!

  10. you gotta get a crap load of forgotten souls though. My experience has been that is the limiting factor. Bounty materials stack up fast but the forgotten souls lay way way behind

  11. Your title says "How To Farm Primals". But still, you didn't show us, that your method actually works. You could have told us the whole content in the descrtiption : "You can get primals by reforging legendary and set items". That was quite dissapointing

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