DIAMOND GRIZZLY BEAR with a BOW!!! Call Of The Wild

DIAMOND GRIZZLY BEAR with a BOW!!! Call Of The Wild

so today we're trying to find ourselves a diamond potential grizzly bear now the way I think these diamonds kind of work is say you have a certain species of diamonds that tend to come on your map you're only really gonna have those species of diamonds on your map you're not really gonna have something that is gonna be something that you haven't gotten yet I mean there's a chance you might but for the most part you're gonna only get the same animals that you already have more consistently and you'll probably get more amounts of them but if you want to find more and different varieties of diamonds you need to go on multiplayer and well this is why we're over here on multiplayer today to try and find a dime potential grizzly bear now I've been hunting on single player for a couple days now and I haven't even seen anything close to down potential grizzly bear so yeah let's see what happens out on multiplayer all right so I'm gonna try and tell you exactly like what just happened it was completely dark oh I think it was like seventeen thirty at night we came down to this position here and I found what should be close to a max weight grizzly bear track and we decided to set up a tree stand somewhere nearby because the host was about to change the time and I knew that this bear was kind of hanging out in this area so I thought if we had a stand somewhere nearby that way the next morning comes we'll be set up for this diamond potential grizzly bear and well this happens so I think we might have just found a damn potential grizzly bear and we have a tree stand right here but of course I decided to get down because I didn't see it and now I hear it coming in that could be him right there okay I definitely see a bear right there it's a female but hold on what's this oh oh that's him guys our time potential grizzly bear is right there less than 50 yards away from us I think he's bedded I think he just Betty oh he's bedded right there 80 yards away from us why is he coming in oh my god I can't believe we found a diamond grizzly holy calm down calm down we have a real good wind okay so I kind of lost him but I don't think he would really went too far all I know is we have bears coming in from all directions I think that's him wait what the heck okay so we have two females here another female there uh well where the heck did he go female female female female I mean he's not too far away he's definitely still here somewhere I just I don't know which one he is so either he snuck around us or he's still down there bedded or I don't know what's going on tell you the truth see something else over there we finally found him guys there he is 93 yards away a time potential grizzly bear look at the size of that thing oh he is definitely being hesitant on coming in we have all these bear here that are pretty much in range within 40s I'm definitely comfortable with that but say him no that's not him is it no it's not okay good I mean if it was we would take the shot but so sorry if I'm losing track of what's going on here but it is so ok so I know he looks kind of dark colored like this so that's the only key you really have to tell if it's him or not obviously well spot him before we take the shot but still whole this is awesome never seen so many jerseys in one spot ok we found him we found him he's just sitting there oh he's actually bedded no way well what might use this to our advantage I probably won't recommend trying this but we're about to sneak up on a bedded diamond potential grizzly bear and reason the bull okay yeah we're gonna have a good wind so I'm ok with that we're gonna have a real good wind but we were sitting there calling for I don't know like 15 minutes and he didn't seem interested so if he's gonna be bedded there we're gonna put the sneak on him make sure we're fully equipped with the 600's zeroed in for 43 and we should have a good wind to be able to get within about 40 I would take a 40-yard shot on come on keep going yes yes well I thought were gonna stuck but we want to stay up as high as we can so we have a good wind and we marked him he is within sixty of us right there that could be him there actually yes I am no way oh my god it's him he's 47 yards away right there pretty broad side I feel like we could get double look I just want to slide over a little bit more oh I wasn't trying to go down that far 36 he's in range but try and get closer I don't want to get any closer but we don't have a choice at this point got to keep the wind in our favor we're within thirty ok promised right behind that tree 30 years Oh smoked them yes oh no way all right we need a consecutive check where'd this bear go the one that was trying to growl at us this whole time centered um he's coming this way do you go down so I'm coming this way oh my god he went down you went down and this is a female so we're at a hundred percent right now and this there's our giant bear let's take a look at him and let's pick them up oh my god no freakin way a 960 ones go right diamond grizzly bear what's up Oh double lung shot at 33 yards out as he was bedded what a beautiful shot considering we didn't really have much to work with 961 and our first diamond grizzly bear absolutely incredible we just got a mounted and I couldn't be happier all right guys here we're at back of the trophy Lodge and you guessed it we're looking at our giant diamond grizzly that we just smoked with the bull here he is right next to our diamond caribou 961 skull ring diamond grizzly bear and we smoked him with the bull all that was an incredible hunt what a rush and the fact that we actually first spotted the track from this grizzly bear at night I didn't know that you know he was gonna be a diamond for sure but there was a good chance he was and we stuck it to it and we kept hunting hard put up a stand there he didn't come in eventually we had to make do with what we had and we used the hill for an advantage we had a good win snuck up to him like 34 yards out double lung them and just what a beautiful hunt beautiful grizzly bear and here he is our diamond grizzly bear and our first one and you know what else is awesome both this grizzly bear the fact that the color that he is he's like a dark gray kind of brown color the other one is more of like a tan this one's more of a gray kind of dark color and I mean it's not rare but in my books this is the perfect diamond grizzly bear Wow actually if we go into our trophy manager here you can see here's our grizzly bear 961 diamond so what an incredible hunt what an incredible journey that was and I think that's going to be a really good way to end this video so I hope you guys enjoyed it if you liked it please give it a thumbs up thank you so much for watching and we'll see you next time you

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  1. I love your vids I live down here In Missouri where there is big bucks and im a boy not a girl ruth Is not my real name that's my grandmas

  2. As someone who has played a bit of Classic and loves it, even when we had to pay for memberships, is CoTW worth spending the money and getting into? I know at some point you made a video that Classic was better at pretty much everything other than its monetary system. Has anything been added or changed since then to change your opinion?

  3. What a stunning hunt!!😮👏 At 32 yards as well!! Wowwww!! Oh my gosh that was insane another great video! I'm loving Alaska!😁 Gotton a ton of rares no dimonds yet though!! Amazing job!👍🔥💯

  4. Why do you have to go onto a multiplayer map to find a diamond? (Do hosters decide the animals on their map?)
    Why wouldn't there be one on your own map?

  5. So thats why I got 4 diamond wolves (all with 954 score) and 0 diamonds on the other species in my map. Great video man! Congrats on that bear. You are a beast!

  6. Congratulations on the diamond 💎bro still trying to find one myself but got a nice mythical red deer stag the other day and mounted in my lodge keep the great videos coming my friend 👏👏👏

  7. Is there anyway you can increase your chances of diamonds? I notice some guys have 100+ diamonds. Iv been playing the game over 2 years and i have 9. Is there anything the player can do? other than checking tracks? and just randomly coming across them

  8. Do you think they’ll add Sitka bucks?? I feel like they could add them with the mule deer update or something. But anyways congrats on the diamond!!

  9. Today I got my first diamond a 968 moose in Yukon Valley, long story short, I was going to claim some bison and then I got killed by a pack of wolves so I shot my diamond moose on my way to the bison. So thank you wolves for killing me.

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