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  1. When I watch this film I have to wonder who the other background dancers were and what happened after this film was made ?? did they go on to stardom of their own or stay in as a dancer and their future work ?

  2. She has never worked with a very famous male star, it is said that she is afraid of being robbed of the limelight.

  3. She had the figure they were looking for and would have been sent out from a modeling agency on a go see, cattle call.

  4. Ok, l may be out too lunch but isn't that Norman Jean as Salt? And the one who drops the envelope at the pay desk, 24:50ish?

  5. The opening number is the quintessence of refined cheesiness building up to the entrance of Betty Grable who never had a bad shot or line . . . I loved it!

  6. Thank u Wikipedia, so I was right when I said Argentina, i did not know what part but it was Argentina. Thank God 4 my memory, and you enlighted me on other things also about Dick Haymes, I liked him very much. Thank u 4 listening Maria is my name.

  7. Betty Grable had her legs insured for a million dollars she was called betty grable the pinup girl for all the men in the marine , army, and navy. Thank u4 listening Maria is my name.

  8. My dad was a 17 year old cellist for conductor Alfred Newman on the soundtrack here. Never got back into music after the war and passed in 1992 after I graduated college. Played behind Sinatra too on Hit Parade Radio Broadcasts. Thanks for the upload.

  9. Dick Haymes was one of the great singers in his time, i believe He was born in Argentina or one of those countries like that i am not for sure whether His parents left from this country America, and went over there or that was really his home town so dont qoute me. But any way he was a very good singer but he went off the deep end and started drinking alot and i believe that is what killed him maybe because of his career. Thank u 4 listening Maria is my name.

  10. Betty was beautiful! Her legs were insured for a huge amount of money and she is one of our most lovely pin up girls from the 40s!

  11. Why can't life and love be as pure and clean fun as it was in those days? I think I was born in the wrong era!

  12. Thank you SO much for this movie!!! It's Betty at her best. Betty has always been like a ray of sunshine in my life and has given me so much joy through her singing, dancing, acting and her bubbly personality! We'll never see the likes of Miss Grable again.

  13. Literally laughing at the wacky costumes for the ladies in the musical numbers…love the conversations about the fur coat and why a woman wants one.

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