7 Replies to “Diamond Horseshoe Revue – Walt Disney World 1992”

  1. As many of you know, this was not the original Diamond Horseshoe Review. The traveling salesman/Pecos Bill part was played by Bev Bergeron (who learned the role from Wally Boag). Bev sells a copy of the original on his site (google his name). It's in the lower left of the screen titled "Remembering the Golden Years of THE DIAMOND HORSESHOE REVIEW". It's cut from various people's video. It makes me sad that Disney isn't doing the full show for Limited Time Magic.

  2. @studioken It's great learn her name. She was wonderful. We loved seeing her through the years. She had a great personality and charm. Still miss the Diamond Horseshoe Revue. It think it's really a shame that Disney took it away.

  3. My absolute favorite thing to do. Gerry Rose was amazing as Miss Lilly. I would love to know what she is up to today.

  4. Pure Americana! I love it! It is shameful that the Diamond Horseshoe is not active any longer at Disney World.

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