Difference between an Olympic recurve bow and a beginner bow

Difference between an Olympic recurve bow and a beginner bow

hey nice to meet you guys i'm bernardo de vera from brasil on 23 years old I shoot recurve bow like this one the top competition recurve bow okay so here we've got a recurve bow as well but this is a beginner version of it it's still a little bit modern made of plastic maybe glass fiber and the string itself in the essence they're both the same but now with this one we're talking about about the best you can get for a completion bow these are the stabilizers we've got the side rods and the long rod and their main function is to just stabilize the bow and keep the aim steady as you perform the shock and also they absorb some vibration but something that catches a lot of attention is the sight so it moves up and down and to the sides so that you can move the side to make you shoot better it's just a reference point so you put the sight in the middle but to make the arrow go there you have to perform the whole shot well okay a very basic technique easy to learn in the beginning you you can put your three fingers underneath the arrow you just keep your bow arm straight and then you bring your the tip of your fingers through your face maybe you can put it on your cheek you're gonna see the arrow itself so close your eyes so you can kind of pretty much see where it's gonna fly and hit well with a modern bow because of the sight you should really focus a lot on the anchor because if you don't have a good anchor then the site is gonna have no use for you well apart from this it's just details and maybe to most of the people it's gonna look pretty much the same but I'd say that the anchor is the big difference all right so even some of my friends they make fun of me they mock you saying that the ball does the whole shooting that I don't have to do anything but it's pretty much the opposite like the board has all these accessories and the sight to help me but still all the shooting is up to me I can put the aim in the ten ring but it's up to me to make the arrow hit they're in archery something so nice is that the bow it kind of evolves with you so we will start with a simple bowl and then your equipment gets better as you get better in the technique as an archer itself so you don't have to be scared you're gonna start with a simple bowl with light poundage which is gonna suit you better and then with time you evolve it to get to this one

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  1. cara, fiquei muito motivado vendo seus videos, e me animei a comprar um arco e começar,meu foco nao é competição e sim lazer. daí procurei sua pagina no face e fui fazer uma pergunta que arco comprar,vendo os modelos que se vendem em lojas aqui,mas vc nao me respondeu, tudo bem, deve está ocupado, mas aí nao vejo sequencias nos seus videos nem fidelidade as propostas iniciais do canal, sei que a vida é um corre corre,mas nem pra fazer um video pra deixar claro pra gente que nao vai mais continuar, pra podermos contar com outras pessoas e nao esperar por vc. ultimo video postado todo em ingles aí quebra, e ainda nos deixa esperar o proximo que seria em portugues e nada.

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