24 Replies to “Dining at Diamond Horseshoe | Magic Kingdom”

  1. thanks for this review! I hope the food is just as delicious as we have dining reservations here in May for dinner.

  2. Where's the dessert? I thought that they used to serve sticky toffee pudding. ??? I have reservations at Christmas time this year!

  3. Gentlemen, could you, perhaps, provide an update re: availability of this experience as we are now heading into the late spring/early summer 2017? It seems to be option worth considering for my upcoming visit the first week of June '17. Thank you! –Fritz

  4. I love all of your reviews. All of you have such unique personalities and inform as well as entertain us. Keep up the excellent honest reviews!

  5. Loving all these videos from in the parks! I'd love to see water parks, mini golf, carriage rides, horseback riding, spa, and shopping too! Basically everything else to do in WDW outside of the parks!

  6. Reminds me a lot of Big Thunder Ranch BBQ at Disneyland in Frontierland which is now, unfortunately gone…RIP BTRBBQ πŸ˜”

  7. Great review! Thanks!! Too bad they didn't bring back the show…I loved that show as a kid. The lead would always pick my dad out of the crowd, because he's really tall and really bald and she'd give him a huge kiss on his head and I just thought it was the funniest thing. Do they offer anything for vegetarians or is it a set meal? Thanks from Israel πŸ™‚

  8. I ate there back in late April! Cornbread was good, the meat was awesome. I wasn't crazy about the desert though. I love sweets, but s'mores in a brownie form was too much for me. Still gave it a good review on Trip Advisor.

  9. Do they have the stage show during the meal? Long years ago o seem to remember dinner and a show there.

  10. Nice review. I had dinner there in March, just a little while after they started doing dinner there- totally just a walk in – the salad and cornbread were the same but the entrees were different πŸ™ those sausages looked amazing so did the Mac and cheese those were not options when I went.

    Love the atmosphere there.

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