Dirtiest Plays/Cheap Shots in Sports (Warning)

Dirtiest Plays/Cheap Shots in Sports (Warning)

50 Replies to “Dirtiest Plays/Cheap Shots in Sports (Warning)”

  1. The first one with the basketball player, grow up you baby. The second with the soccer player, well, I do not like France at all, but the italian player should be suspended and the cup given to France. What a joke! But you have to admit, that basketball would be so much more fun to watch if it was Full-contact and fighting was permitted. What a pansy sport.

  2. I have watched Zidane tackle live and was expecting him to tackle the ref too when he showed him red card. Disappointed

  3. Did the ball boy seriosuly ask, "What?" after falling on the ball to stop an opposing player from getting it?

    He should not have been kicked by the Chelsea player, but he still was a big part of the problem.

  4. Jocks are dicks. "Kung fu auto racing" has got to be the best damn thing ive heard all day. I want a t shirt that says that. lol

  5. Lmaoo Artest eblowed the fuck outta James Harden . I remember watching that live and just laughing my ass off at how absurd it was.

  6. All dirty until the last one, Pistons got what they deserved as they were the dirtiest team in the league.

  7. 2:50
    Shaded of Wayne Maki laying out Teddy Green in 1969.
    Or Eddie Shore almost killing Ace Bailey in 1933.

  8. I thought this whole video would just be soccer players diving and rolling on the floor like the pussies they are

  9. While i hate Tyson for some reason I will admit there was alot of headbutts when he was getting the upper hand but even so Evander was winning that fight!

  10. 5:00
    Is everyone just gonna ignore this guy just absolutely trucking the living life out of that poor pit crew member?

  11. the only lasting impression is that 95% of soccer players are complete pussies. even down to the ball boys

  12. Zidane should've head-but instead chest-but the Italian assholes, second the ballboy was totally deserved to kick in the stomach I preferred to kicked him on the head, also…….the soccer girl needs some serious cock sucking because she can't control her hormones………LOL

  13. 6:42 is why i was always cautious of trying hockey. Someone would piss me off and I would probably think “I have this hard object in my hands, why dont I spear him with it?” Same with lacrosse

  14. The ball boy was holding the ball on purpose so it could run down the clock and Hazard tried to kick it out but the ball boy acted as if he hit him.

  15. The ohio state/Minnesota basketball game from the 70s was one of the worst. Basically ended Luke Witte's career. Minnesota should have been disqualified that year.

  16. Malone's foul on Isiah Thomas then: common foul
    Malone's foul on Isiah Thomas now: fined 100k, must write apology letter to Isiah's wife and each of Isiah's children, 2 years adult probation in Salt Lake County, 20 hours community service, lifetime ban from the NBA

  17. Materazzi had a big mouth and little else and was no match for the mighty Zizou in any way you wish to measure. And that little ball-boy needed a swift kick up the back-side..

  18. That Soccer Ball boy deserved more Punishment deliberately wasting time holding the ball then playing the Victim what a Pussy

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