Discover 7 Blocks to Your Life’s Purpose; Living a Life of Purpose

Discover 7 Blocks to Your Life’s Purpose; Living a Life of Purpose

Hi, this is Heather, and I’m David from Zen Rose Garden In this course we’re going to be going over seven blocks to finding your life purpose. This information is golden information that we have gleaned over the last 10 years together from our clients. These are blocks that continue to come up time after time after time that block people from their happiness and their reason for living. Over the last 10 years we’ve worked with over 1,800 clients performing over 8,000 sessions and maintaining 360 plus five-star reviews & these 7 common blocks to your life purpose that keep coming up time & time again we’ve developed strategies around and helped people overcome them, and we know that you can too. Yes, but first you need to know what those blocks are! So let’s get started!

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  1. Thank You for watching our trailer for our Discover 7 blocks to your life's purpose course! This course is FREE ($47. value) to our YouTube FAMILY!! We LOVE YOU guys and appreciate all the love you give! So, we wanted to give something back! We want to know what is getting in the way of living a life of purpose, so we can continue helping you! Leave your comments below about what you think might be blocking you from living your best life!

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