‘Disgrace:’ Sen. Van Hollen On GOP Vote To Block Witnesses | All In | MSNBC

‘Disgrace:’ Sen. Van Hollen On GOP Vote To Block Witnesses | All In | MSNBC

100 Replies to “‘Disgrace:’ Sen. Van Hollen On GOP Vote To Block Witnesses | All In | MSNBC”

  1. Disgraceful derelict of duty to the nation. Senators we hate you. You are traitors of the fore fathers. Disgusting taking a bribe from MOFO TRUMP. We will not allow trump or you thugs to remain .

  2. Indeed, it is a disgrace. If only Democrats hadn't so desperately needed a headline before Christmas, they could've subpoenaed all these witnesses and documents and they would've been included in the trial, with the testimony and evidence they did have. But, as usual, Democrats just refuse to #AcceptTheResults ; instead, having a pouty tantrum that they don't have abject control of everything and everyone.

  3. Keep your eye on Mr Lev!💪🏽 How telling that it might very well be a “foreigner” that becomes “The Greatest American Hero” in this MASSIVE Republican Criminal Cover up!
    Simple Solution Folks.. #NeverVoteGOPAgain
    Mr Lindsey Graham: Conflict of interest much? Your up to your eyeballs in this Trump “Drug Deal”!🤬

  4. #DitchMoscowMitch #DumpTraitorTrump Trending. A trial without witnesses is not a fair trial and acquittal is not really acquitall without a fair trial with witnesses. Trump is IMPEACHED forever. #IMPOTUSFOREVER is trending and more will come out to smear the criminal GOP.

  5. Can't say I'm surprised exactly, but it's still disappointing. The Rs are cowards. They are not worthy of the office they hold.
    Vote. Them. Out.

  6. 😂 Hippocrats…I mean Democrats are fcukin' amazing to observe in their own habitat. 😂 Be the pack mules you were destined to be, idiots. 😘 #DoomedBreed

  7. Democrats are the biggest disgrace in this country. There was no case. There was no crime. All the crimes they tried to pin on Trump are what the Democrats did. This is just the beginning. The house had nothing to impeach him on, Van Hollen admits it and blames it on the senate. The house didn’t have any impeachable evidence. They expected the senate to do their job. What a joke. That’s all the Democrats and the MSM are now to the majority of the American people, A LYING HYPOCRITICAL JOKE!!! They all need lead poisoning.

  8. American democracy is now dead and the republicans have allowed Trump to treat the constitution with such utter contempt that it is no more than an old parchment with no meaning.

  9. It's an obvious cover-up. Cipollone, Sekulow and Giuliani should all be disbarred. They are all involved in the conspiracy and are defrauding the American taxpayers as well.

  10. Accountability? There is not one single legislator that is truly accountable to their constituents. Once elected to office, each of them become a guilty participant in Quid Pro Quo. Very deeply involved after 2nd term. All of them.

  11. If a Democrat President did half of what Trump has done, the GOP Senate would have skewered him or her.  To the GOP, the bar of deciding impeachable offenses is way lower for Democrat President than for Republican Presidents.  I hope GOP Senators who voted for no witness testimony suffer most horribly in all ways.  They deserve public humiliation and hostility from their constituents.  Watch GOP Senators avoid having town hall meetings. They are too coward to face their constituents.

  12. We need to get rid of the Republicans responsible for this injustice. They have proven that they don't mean us any good. They took an oath that they obviously lied about. It's time to hold THEM accountable for not doing the right thing by the American people. We ALL need to join TOGETHER on this. Time to make some changes!

  13. You poor people are brainwashed. You have let yourselves be fooled by the devils agenda. You have debased minds. Open your minds to Jesus and He will set you free. It doesn’t matter if you believe or not. It’s all going to happen just as it says in the Bible. We are now in a time where good is evil and evil is good. People would rather believe the lie than listen to the Truth. Turn back now before it’s too late. God Bless!

  14. Trump wins again going to drain the swamp who’s coming for you Democrats Yeah better run Trump 2020 let’s get a house oh by the way he’s lying he is a Democrat The first impeachment didn’t have any witnesses either typical Democrat can’t tell the truth

  15. Citizens!! Remember these GOP Russian-Assets-Senators and his Russian-Asset-Presidente (Trump) and go and VOTE-THEM-OUT!!! Next all these Mob-Team should be INDICTED!!!

  16. Let's quit electing corporate puppets.
    If a representative can't run a grassroots campaign they DO NOT deserve to to be a representative in the House or Senate.
    This goes for Democrats and Republicans

  17. The GOP Senators just gave the middle finger to the American people, saying "we do not want YOU to know the truth". Destroy GOP in next election.

  18. Oh boo hoo! Their sham impeachment is over! They can't drag this on all summer. "So unfair". . . I think this is hilarious! Trump wins AGAIN!!!

  19. House needs to submit more articles, all the way up to the election. That cheese puff has committed crimes constantly since day 1. Also he's not acquitted it's a sham rigged proceedings, he's forever impeached regardless

  20. The Democrats have the most unfair trail in the history of the US in the House, then DEMAND that the process in the senate be "fair" (according to their terms).

  21. Get Bolton on the RACHEL MADDOW SHOW. E-mail, tweet, do whatever to reach the producers of this show and ask for Bolton asap, preferrably in the coming couple of days, before the final Senate vote ! Get Bolton to explode like a time-bomb !

  22. ok, then where is the appeal in this? Don't courts or trials have appeals when the prosecutor is being set up? I could just weep for all the damage that is done by republicans, democrats better get on the ball and start fighting with the system, use the law instead of talk about it and GET HIM OUT!!! so much for your supreme courts and judges who are now, puppets. You should be scared to death right now!

  23. Notice all the Putin/Trump trolls below, coming outta the woodwork, in each CNN/MSNBC etc video concerning this Impeachment Trial…
    Vote all these contra-Trump videos UP as a counter-measure !

  24. Yep, by this action the GOP is anti-American, since it wants to witnesses to expose their crimes. A Trial without witnesses? That's anti-american, and Al Capone could not have done a better job in rigging a trial!

  25. Impeaching the president for nothing close to an impeachable offense after ignoring Bidens real corruption and impeachable offense is the true disgrace.same people in office than. Really how evil can these Dems be ?

  26. why are senators not being impeached who are part of this #MAFIA operation just shows how ignorant and hateful people are

  27. Don't worry, right now the democrats are making up more BS. It won't end. No proof on anything. And their followers will continue to follow.

  28. I cannot wait to see all them Demonrats faces at the State of the Union as they are forced to sit there and listen to President Trump as he proudly talks about all his accomplishments, lowest unemployment ever, highest blue colar increase in real wages, border Wall being built, dispite Nancy trying to block it, Recognising jerusalem as the capital of Islreal, the Golan heights as Israels, 100% of the caliphate destroyed, General Qasem Soleimani of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps executed, another terrorist al-Baghdadi executed just one month before, USMCA signed after Nancy was prevented by pressure not to slow walk it any longer, Chinese phase 1 trade agreement signed, and many more acheivements, Japan Trade agreement, Korean Trade agreement, took USA out of the Stupid Iran Nuclear deal, Prion reform, Peace Talks with North Korea, VA's finally looked after with medical care, and currently addressing Opiate addiction, Pro-life Support and Human trafficing.
    Unlike the previous administrations lack of acheivements in 8 years each, the "Do nothing demoncrats" hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahha

  29. Senator Van Hollen, this attention grabbing moment is disgraceful. You said you wanted a "fair" trial – something requiring witnesses. BUT you COMPLETELY ignore the fact that the whole impeachment process was "unfair" from the moment it started. No rebuttal witnesses allowed in the secret chambers. No opposition members allowed in the secret chambers. No release of exculpatory evidence from the secret chambers. No confrontation with the accuser allowed. In short, this impeachment process has been 100% unconstitutional from the very first gavel. Hardly a fair process. You cited judges and juries throughout the land being held to a higher standard than what you saw in the Senate. Sorry the Senate's duty is simply to decide whether or not the House had successfully made their case. The plain fact is that a civilian court would have tossed the case out before ANYTHING else happened. "Higher standard" SHOULD mean evidence of a crime beyond reasonable doubt. That's NOT what happened. What happened was the House attempting to make a proper and legal activity an illegal one AFTER THE FACT while completely ignoring the fact that they, themselves, had committed the same thing. Double standards are illegal here in the United States.

  30. Fake news media go back in your rooms and put your dresses back on, no one believes you hacks anymore including many Democrats.

  31. Fact witnesses in this impeachment: Nunes, Cippollone, Lindsey. They should have recused. Lindsey's vote must be erased. But anything goes in the Soviet States of America, I guess.

  32. Those little horribly Weak spineless Repub-Senators have no Intestinal Fortitude. They cowered in the "Face of Battle." The look of rats scuring to save themselves after raiding the Taxpayers Coffers. Their Faces show their "Destiny of Cowardice" which will be Recorded forever in History. THEY FAILED AT SOMETHING MUCH LARGER THAN THEMSELVES !

  33. Block witness? On all this Impeachment from beginning in the House to the Senate, All the witness presented come from the Democrats! No witness from the counter part, And they say no witness? They are so full of DemoCrap!

  34. They had 18 witnesses but we only heard what they wanted us to hear. The 18th witness, IG Horowitz's testimony was never heard. Perhaps there is a reason for that, maybe it proved no wrong doing. All the other witnesses that I heard said they never heard anyone except Sondland, including Trump say there was any pressure including the Ukrainians, who Schiff has called liars. The only fact witness we needed to hear from was schiff who started all this with his "whistleblower" who he coached on what to say and pressured the IG to change the definition of a whistleblower. Anyone who thinks this is anything but a set up to get rid of Trump is too far gone to come back to reality. Remember it has been proven that Hillary and the DNC did pay Ukraine and Russian agents to dig up dirt on Trump. They just couldn't find any so they made it up and called it the Steele dossier.

  35. Gloat Gloat ))) well the Trump hating turds all just got flushed Heh! Heh! Heh! You see all your hero congress persons didn't really want witnesses any more than the republicans wanted them, first because there was no evidence in either article put forth by the house with the exception of hear say from an Obama appointed, hilary supporting ambassador, and a few disgruntled ex employees, and the star witness, the man who was on the other end of the phone with Trump, the new Ukraine president said there was no deal concerning a biden investigation, the phone call was made public, and it turns out to be a another drama queen democratic oyster, nothing burger. Ya'all ever heard the phrase,"innocent until proven guilty" Let me explain this to you because y'all apparently have your heads stuck so far up your donkeys you just don't seem to be getting any air to those 3 lb boogers sitting between your ears. Ya see, it does matter how many time your near monopoly on the media, says its so, it ain't so………. and all your fat, old, sweaty, grand standing senators and house reps they don't want witnesses because then they would have to allow the defense to cross examine old bubble eye shifty Shiff, they would drag Biden and his greasy little son in and all this stuff would come to light about the real corruption and that is why your wonderful senators are piping smoke up your donkeys right now so they can pretend that they fought the good fight blaming all those mean old nasty greedy yellow belly republicans and you of course will continue to be the good little obedient servile wenches you are because after all you are intellectually and morally superior

  36. God said put your faith in no man! This is the reason why
    Truth is not important but corruption is ! This truly is disappointing

  37. To those who believe that Trump is innocent, I hope you are right. If Trump is guilty, and I believe he is, we are in deep trouble.

  38. The House could have subpoenaed more witnesses and………didn’t. There were 18 witnesses in the House Judicial inquiries they got 2 articles and then when the first day of trial hits the House managers state and ask
    they needed more time and witnesses???

  39. These basterds are wayyyy to wealthy to be the peoples representative's!! Trump your a pitiful excuse for a human being and you disgust me!

  40. Dems still 😭 after all this time. So tired of dem babies that throw tantrums when they don't get their way.😭

  41. The only disgrace I see is that President Trump is even on trail !!!! The Democrats just won't stop will their childishness ,,, Not only will they sink once again into further shame, but President Trump will be re-elected ! Why ? Because WE THE PEOPLE SAY IT WILL BE SO,,,

  42. Two articles of impeachment that did not rise to a high crime or misdemeanor. Van Hollen knows this and is a sore loser. No Crime No Case!!

  43. The fact that Trump is on trial for asking about Biden's real "on tape" quid pro quo admittance is the real disgrace.

  44. STD 2020🇺🇸 Don't spread the infection. Stop The Donald.
    Of course it won't be a bumper sticker, or a cool slogan. We've got to get behind one democrat and stay there. Remove this embarrassing obtuse fool who has hijacked our democracy and the Republican Party by peaceful protest at the ballot box. While we're at it lets get control of the senate back too.

  45. Disgraceful was watching an elected Congressman stand before Congress and on National television and fabricate his own version of a transcript of a phone call that took place between two leaders of countries. Calling it a "parody" was equally disgraceful as impeaching a President is not a time for parodies.

  46. Obvious that the Republican Senate members don't have a mind of their own and that they just go by what they are told.

  47. The Republican senators, Friday, just proved that the senate is irrelevant. By saying that what Trump did was wrong and impeachable but then not remove him, they made the Senate irrelevant. That makes them irrelevant. Clever.

  48. Republicunts impeached Clinton for an affair. Just imagine that for a moment. A private indiscretion that had no real bearing to the fate of the country. Here, Donnie OrangeCunt tried to meddle in a fair election by pressuring a foreign ally tied to our security interest, just so he can get dirt on his political opponent. For this transgression, the Republicunts (at least the ones who admitted there was something wrong) say it isn't impeachable . The only thing I can say is that if some of members of our populace weren't so stupid, they'd understand the significance of what this cowardice means, and make sure these self-serving cretins would never hold office again. Unfortunately, stupid is as stupid does, and stupid votes stupid into office.

  49. Imagine that America gave up on democracy and the Russian government quit and China became an official dictatorship. WOW welcome to the 21st century! Don't give up kids its gonna burn down anyway!

  50. You can’t stain the Republican Party because they are all ready as Black as Pitch. Now they are the Party of Vladimir Putin. They are the party of treason and racism. Their perfidy surprised no one, and their supporters truly are Base.

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