Distance Running Weight Training Workout With Dumbbells

Distance Running Weight Training Workout With Dumbbells

what's up guys today we are talking about a distance running weight training workout with pair dumbbells that's really going to complement all the running do outside build that athletic base that you'll run strong injury free for the season too coming all right guys I'm here at San Francisco CrossFit my home base to talk about some things runners can do with the pair of dumbbells that are really going to change the game in terms of their their body and you know running is really a reflection of how strong and athletic and mobile and capable we are so if we really want to prove ourselves as runners and proving ourselves as athletes is actually a great way to start now with the inverse of that I'm not necessarily saying that you can Burpee your way to a marathon right we're not necessarily talking about that but there's something in those burpees that's going to build a strong body that can handle the marathon training right we want you to be able to run more because that's where the magic really happens so the strength work is actually just going to enable you to handle more run training that's kind of a way to think about it we've got three exercises today we're going to work on some deadlifts with the dumbbell we're going to work on a hang power clean I know I just spell gibberish to some of you but I'll explain it don't worry it it's actually a thing and then we're going to work on some dumbbell thrusters we've got deadlift we've got hang power cleans we got dumbbell thrusters I'm going to break down each exercise I'm going to talk about how we're going to put the whole workout yet all right deadlifts are first on the list I love these things they're just so good for giving runners really what they lack which in a lot of respects is kind of connection and coordination through this whole trunk this midline and a little bit of stronger posterior chain which is a geeked-out way of seeing everything behind our calves or hamstrings or glutes and our back now a deadlift is actually just a formalized version of picking up something off the ground so really what we're talking about is hey how do I pick up something off the ground in a good position that's mechanically optimal but what I mean by mechanically optimal is that you're not going to keep your back example of not mechanically optimal is you know coming in with a cell phone in your ear and a grocery bag and bending over in some awkward way to pick up something off the ground right that's the thing we saw on a void so I've got my dumbbells in the ground and I'm not going to touch them yet because I'm just going to go through a few phases first with this a deadlift the first thing I'm going to start is just an imaginary dead left my hands the dumbbells are eventually going to be here but I'm going to put them right on my thighs the first thing I'm in a practice with this deadlift is actually just hinging over at the hip so there's a hinge over the hip my palms eventually pass my knees now notice a few things my back is nice and straight my knees have been a little bit that's just fine and then I've gone from that hinge drill position to standing up now notice there's a difference between me bending at the back I'm not necessarily bending at the back they tend to round my back chilling out is not doing anything it's just I'm pushing my hips back and then I'm driving my hips forward I'm pushing my hips back and I'm driving in each for that's gonna be that first part of this deadlift now once I'm here I've noticed that when I push my hips back this way I've loaded my my giant hamstrings up like like comes on rubber bands I'm going to actually drop my butt and bend my knees a little bit if I want to get a little bit lower so back to straight push those hips back I've loaded up my hamstrings here my palms have past my knees that's important and then I drop bend my knees well I'll try to keep my hips up kind of high to get down a little bit lower and boom I can all of a sudden grab these dumbbells and stand up tall notice what I didn't do I didn't say hey guys today we're going to deadlift I'm going to bend over and grab these guys right up dead lifted myself down into a good position to grab these guys and then stay up so our first set here is actually going to be eight deadlift and the first part just if you're very new to dead lifting I just want you to go to your knees here to the knees and back up tall if that feels good and you'll have the mobility so you can start to go a little lower go to the knees drop down to the dumbbell touch but as soon as you start to feel your low background or your background in some way that's going to be your end range for the day so for some of you guys this is pretty low so you're going to go here past the knees and you're going to notice that your back is going to want to round to get there we want to avoid that situation you're just going to go as low as you can and then over weeks if you can figure out how to get lower with the straighter back that's the drill okay so up next is our hang power clean no this is our first little baby Olympic lifts this is where things start getting a smidge more technical but I'll walk you through a few couple steps and hey what's nice about the deadlift is that there are the the dumbbells is that they're pretty forgiving so with this hang power clean what's basically this means I'm gonna have my imaginary dumbbells in my hand I'm going to start just by hinging over just by a little bit I'll step back so you can see me all the way I'm going to work on some sort of jump powerful hip and shoulder extension and I'm going to finish and this baby front squat which basically means that my knees are dipped a little bit and all of a sudden these dumbbells that were down here are up here and what we call a front rack up on our shoulders so I started here I've jumped and there's dumbbells up this way the reason why we like to hang power clean is because it teaches us how to be powerful and explosive with our hips and then actually to quite challenge for the midline on those shoulders to hang on for the ride so that's really what we're going for now we just did the deadlift so the deadlift is that core competency in foundation I definitely want to be comfortable with that before throwing these dumbbells around but once I have those deadlift what I can start to work on is the space now we're going to just work on a few different pieces here this first part it's just going to be that dead left so just quick review we're just going to go to the knees and back up if I have this that's step one the next one is actually going to be a little jump off the ground and a high elbow pull it's going to look like this I'm gonna go here I'm going to pull those elbows up high this one is going to feel a little awkward this in-between step but the focus of this in-between step is to make sure that I stand and open my hips all the way and then I follow through with the elbows what I sort of want to avoid it's pulling my elbows too early and turning this into some sort of reverse curl finally once that Dumbo's up all the way my elbow slides underneath the dumbbell and then I catch so what's up Shane is going to be this kicks back I'm going to jump up elbows underneath I'm going to jump up elbows underneath that's going to be that movement and just go a little slower I've set myself up here dumbbell to just outside my knees I mean if we got big hips and shoulder extension and I'm going to catch with my elbows up nice and high here and then I stay in squeeze the belly and butt and I'm all down the most important thing who died right there just my back is straight my belly's tight if I pull too early with my arms have I really messed anything up not really it's not the most optimal or efficient movement but it's not necessarily unsafe the one thing we do sort of want to avoid again this isn't super unsafe but this is common is that this dumbbell starts to swing way out wide here so if I'm starting to reverse curl this this is not exactly the same thing as this dumbbell going straight up that's the handcar clean alright the dumbbell thruster it's a little simpler than hang power clean but it's also kind of the nastier one it gets your breathing hard and you're kind of taking this dumbbell through the greatest range of motion so these dumbbells are going to live on your shoulders my feet are going to be wider in a squat stance remember if you squat with me and with us before those hips are going to go back a little bit those knees are going to go out a lot I'm going to focus on staying pretty upright through this movement that's going to be the first half and what I'm actually going to do is follow through the squat big powerful hip follow through with this press overhead so I'm down here big squat big powerful hip press up overhead it's a connected movement notice it's not this it's not a squat think about it and then press it's going to be one fluid motion all the way up a few key things making sure that the bottom of my squat is in a good position so I'm up right my knees are out my chest is nice and tall if you're someone who has trouble grooving down in that squat just go as low as you can that's always what we kind of say and then on the way at all what I want to make sure that this dumbbell finishes lock out up overhead rib cage is pulled down and by to squeeze tight the trick with a thruster is that sometimes we arrive and we're a little arched and unstable so what's important is as soon as I go overhead everything is locked down as tight as can be so I've got my dumbbells these guys are up here on my shoulders I'm going to work on this squat big press belying but tight come back down big breath remember it's not this I'm not squatting and then trying to press I'm using my hips powerfully and then what I'm trying to avoid doing is arching my back as I go overhead I want to be nice and tight oh there's a thruster para our workout today is going to be this it's going to be five rounds of quality movement I'm going to start with eight deadlifts for the dumbbell and then immediately go into six hanging power cleans and then a media I'm going to going to go into four dumbbell thrusters you know what I say I want to do five rounds of that but after each round the rest about 60 seconds this can allow me to collect myself and before I start the next thing now I'm going to hold onto the gun that was the whole time so I'm going to hit my deadlift of an immediately going to my hang power cleans and then once these doubles up here I'm gonna immediately hit my thrusters so it can be kind of this long superset of movement if that feels too confusing for you you can put the dumbbells down in between separate it out a little bit that'll be helpful if you want this to be harder you can grab heavier weight you can certainly increase the reps from eight six four to ten eight six or twelve ten eight or whatever it is you'd like to do but you start to add something that's different once a week you're really going to build that conditioning base in that engine that's really going to fuel your running guys one more thing there's always one more thing if you like this video go ahead and let us know hit that like button down below if you have any comments or questions and we did on in terms of the sets of the Raptor what weight you should use for those dumbbells hit us up in the comments we always a future of video requests as well we take those to heart if you want more videos around strength training running technique on how to to run and improve your 5k or 10k time really anything we got something for you on the run experience oh definitely subscribe to our channel accept Li worth that and because you've gone this far with us weekly have a little hookup for you we've actually have a strength training to week of strength training exercises and workouts just for you with the mobility work in there all you need to do to get it if to click this link in this video if you happen to be on a mobile device all you need to do is hit that link down in the description what your their name and emails all we need and then I'll be able to personally send you your two weeks a quick start strength once again thanks for watching and catch you in the next video

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  2. Just sold my bar for my weight bench and have had to transition to dumbbells for deadlifts…feels terribly odd I wanna keep them in front like I would the bar but found slightly to sides works best, still feels inconsistent though

  3. This guy really seems to know what he's talking about but I fell asleep half way through the video. Sorry.

  4. You can learn more about workouts on Unflexal . Awesome solutions for health and bodybuilders I think.

  5. Is there a specific method to determining how much weight per dumbbell and number of reps? Nate and I look to be similar build so perhaps the 25# size he's using here is the place to start. Further, and assuming that's the case, if one completes, say, three sets of 10 reps as part of a circuit, is it better to progress to a higher number of sets or higher number of reps or heavier weight?

  6. Very cool! The explanations are very clear and help a lot. I did it with a 10Lbs set. From the video I see that when you do the thrusters you don't jump off the ground. If I do, does it mean I should use heavier dumbells? I'm worried that if I do I won't do the movements correctly.

  7. New subscriber here what workouts would you recommend to improve my time on a two mile run? I'm in the army and have a pt test coming up just wanna get better and can't seem to thanks for any advice

  8. Hey, I need to get good at running to join the police, but I find it difficult because one of my legs is slightly longer than the other, causing knee pain in one leg, is there a way to run with wonky legs? lol

  9. What is a good dumb bell starting weight? I'm worried that I will do these and unknowingly use bad form. It would be great to have a coach or someone knowledgeable to get you started on the right track. I wish I could work out with my laptop in front of me. Terrific video… thanks!

  10. good video, but i like to use a straight bar its just more comfortable to me. i've been running alot more this then in the past and getting faster is my goal but for the last 2+ weeks my liwer back has been sore i've stretched rested and i take ibuprofen what else can i do. lastly how can i get a run experience shirt.

  11. i have been suffering from it band syndrome for about 2 year i am wonder if i should focus on my hip or my whole kinetic chain? it seems like there always a tight muscle pulling my knee inward

  12. The hang power clean might also work well with kettlebells, as they allow for different joint articulation and, possibly, facilitate a smoother transition of the weight for some. Thoughts? Also, thank you for leaving your shirt on in these videos. Too many guys feel the need to prove something. I'm sure you're fit and all, but I'm glad your ego doesn't get in the way of your demonstrations.

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