Distress Oxides Moon Scene with Picket Fence Studios Stamps & Brushes

Distress Oxides Moon Scene with Picket Fence Studios Stamps & Brushes

Hey everybody! In today’s video I’m going to be working with the newest Picket Fence Studios release and making a little scene with a Distress oxides and the new circle stencils and mask from Picket Fence Studios. These come in three different sizes. I’ll be using the smallest one today and I’m actually just going to use the positive with a little bit of temporary adhesive on it. I use Hermafix, and I’m placing that down on my card front and now I will create my scene. I’m using the life-changing blender brushes with three colors of Distress Oxides. Sorry for my throat! Tropical storm city here, which means mold city, so I’, struggling. But with the mask in place, I’m adding color as the basis for a galaxy background, and this is so quick and easy with these brushes, and the last step is black soot which will give the illusion of a night sky. So I’m finishing that up and then I want to give like just a very subtle glow around my moon. Since Distress Oxides are pigment inks you can layer them, so I’ll add just a tiny bit of the squeezed lemonade to give an aura around the moon, this will be very subtle, and after I give that one last blend I’m going to do something really dumb and take the mask off and remove some of the adhesive, and then I realize I need to put that back on. (but I left it in so you know I’m human) Then I’ll sprinkle water all over the Distress oxide ink that will give me sort of abstract stars, and then I go to remove the mask and look! I plop it upside down on the card and I get two little marks, but it’s okay, the image I’m using is a silhouette image and so I’ll be covering that up – no biggie! I do want the water droplets to dry though before I go on to the next step, since I’m stamping, so I’ll set the card front up in my Misti and I love this stamp – it’s so fun! It’s like a string of shaped Christmas lights and I want it to look like it’s swinging in front of the moon but I also need it to cover up my mistake, so you get to be here for all of that. So I’ll kind of adjust it, I didn’t want to lose the stocking and the angel at the top so I end up moving it down and it still works with the two images at the bottom obscuring my mistake so that’s perfect! I’ll make sure my card stock’s in the corner, and then I’m using my favorite – especially for solid images – Nocturne ink it’s fantastic ink for solid images and I inked this up and stamp it right over the whole scene and you’ll see how it covered my little blotches perfectly. Doesn’t that look cute? It looks like you’re on the porch and you’re looking out and you have your little Christmas lights strung up on the porch and it’s kind of a windy night. It’s what’s in my head anyway. Now since I’m using the MISTI, I will stamp it again make sure it’s perfect and then I’m going to add some embellishments – really, accents – with the white pen. I will create stars with my white Gelly roll pen. Most stars will be dots, some bigger, some smaller but I do like to create a little puddle of ink and then flick out four little star light effects like I’m doing here, and that just adds some interest to random stars all over the scene. Other than that I left this in real time just to show you the difference that a minute can make with your final accents – makes all the difference – and you can go fast and make tiny dots with this pen or go slower and make larger dots. (Sorry for the croaking – it is what it is, and it’s supposed to rain! It’s been raining for freaking ever and now that we’re getting these storms these were like the precursor to the storms and now that we’re getting the storms it’s going to rain forever again and I’m just going to sound like a frog the whole time. Now the difference between the larger and the smaller stars I think is what makes it interesting so be sure and put both. I like to create little clusters like little nebulas and then just random stars but in a minute you can have a big difference between a flat sky and a galaxy! So now I’ll add highlights even though the moon isn’t technically shining on these Christmas lights. We have to remember this is a card and it doesn’t matter, so draw highlights. No one is going to give you a physics test after you make a handmade card or if they do, you should get them out of your life because you don’t need that kind of negativity! So I will highlight the right side of each of these images just to give them some dimension and some interest I think it makes it look really cute and three-dimensional. Aafter you’re done with that you don’t really need to do much else I added a cute sentiment and stuck it on a card base. Head over to my blog for the rest of this release, a coupon and a giveaway, and thanks so much for watching!

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  1. Lydia, I love your background, & how you stamped the ornaments/lights over it! I just wish you hadn't mentioned them blowing in the wind, because now I'm dizzy. It doesn't take much to get me going. I WILL make myself get over it, though! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing this, despite the dizziness factor. Hope your allergies lighten up soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love this release, such fun stuff in it (gotta love the Inappropriate Christmas sentiments, I'm still giggling over a couple of those). Thanks for the video on how you made this card, I definitely will be referring back to it next week when I start my Christmas cards (or at least that's the plan lol).

  3. Lydia, you mentioned a brand of repositionable adhesive (used to hold down the round negative of the stencil) that you preferred, but I hadn't heard of it before and wasn't sure I heard it right, anyway. It's not in the description section under the video, so could you please give the name? I haven't been happy with any I've used, so I'm definitely on the prowl for something better! Thanks.

  4. I love this card! And I love those brushes but cash is a little tight right now. Hopefully, later I will be able to get some.

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