24 Replies to “DIY Archery Target And Stand”

  1. I was wondering what you were going to use for the backing. That's fucking genius!!! I'm going to try to make something like this. I have an actual bow target, but I was wanting to make a stand to hold it. I can adapt this for it. Thanks!

  2. Do the holes rexpand and close or are you getting pass throughs after awhile? I wonder if adding a rubber mat in the middle would help?

  3. Hello,

    It's a very good work!! 😀 i'm a big fan haha
    Can you give the dimension of each wood plank please? 🙂 (if it's possible of course)


  4. You should try EVA foam floor mats instead of that spray foam, they are less expensive, a bit more self healing so you get a longer life span with target arrows and you shouldn't need a backing unless you you are pulling 45 or 50# 🙂

  5. Am I the only one bothered by the fact he's handing turning all the screws but using a lot of other power tools??? haha. Great job on this though, might attempt this..

  6. Came out great! Looks like you forgot to reset the saw depth when you took it off the edge guide. I can appreciate the mistake .we've all been there I think it's great that you showed how you fixed it.

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