DIY Archery target on a budget! Cardboard version | What the hack #26

DIY Archery target on a budget! Cardboard version | What the hack #26

hey guys welcome back I was working on a new slingshot ball project when I found out that the cardboard target I made for my previous video got ruined during the rain and we had to get rid of it so this week I decided to make a bigger and a better one stay with me as I walk you through some simple steps to make your own target and in the end I'll put it to a small test to see how it stands up to some action first of all I got hold of a decent cardboard box I chose a cuboid shape instead of a cube it is a standard 30 kg packing box from Ikea and no the video is not sponsored by IKEA the depth of this box is smaller than its height and length and that is beneficial for us because I don't need a lot of material to stuff in it and it's not that narrow that it will topple with a hit next I measured the face of the box and cut out a template from another cardboard box which fits inside perfectly using this as a template I cut out 33 more of these they don't have to be perfect by the way any holes or slits can be covered with cellotape I took half of these pieces and binded them tightly with some packing tape initially I thought of gluing all the layers one by one but that would take a lot of time and glue this is simpler and equally effective the aim is to stuff these pieces of cardboard in the box towards each side to make a double-sided shooting target now that our slab of cardboard is ready I'll apply a generous amount of glue to one side this is regular liquid glue you'll find in the school supplies section now place the whole thing glue side down inside the cardboard box and place a good amount of weight on it call it overkill if you want to but I'm going to leave this for a good couple of hours to cure once this side is secured I'm going to add some more tape to the sides and then repeat the process with the other side our target is almost ready these 17 layers of cardboard on each side will stop any arrow coming towards it instead of it piercing through the carton to the other side but the center of the box does seem a little empty when I was cutting out the big pieces I was left with a lot of smaller cardboard scraps I decided to cut them into random squares and stuffed them in between to add a little more structural integrity to our target once again I'll stack all the pieces together and bind them it some type the X tile apply glue to both the sides and then push it in between the two sides of the target I'm not going all the way to the bottom of the box I leave it roughly centered once the glue is dry I'll add some final reinforcements to finish it off finally after about two days of cutting gluing and waiting my target box is ready but it's not quite done yet it's time to add some aesthetics I went ahead and downloaded an archery target online and printed it out in quarters on some a4 size paper after trimming out the edges I glued all the pieces together and then stack the whole thing onto the face of the box I did this on the other side Israel so when one side starts to look like Swiss cheese I can simply turn the box around now let's shoot some arrows to see how it holds I'm gonna use my strongest slingshot bow to do the shooting I made this in another project video first I'm gonna show you what will happen with an exact box that is not modified in any way the arrow goes straight through the box as if it isn't even there now it's time for our homemade target I'm really happy with how the whole thing turned out the 17 layers of cardboard on each side are more than enough to stop any arrow without damaging it it's portable easily fits in the trunk of your car it's not so heavy that it is difficult to lift and not light enough to move with the impact of a shooting arrow and it is also equally balanced on both sides which prevents it from toppling alright guys it was a fun weekend for me and along the way you'll learn how you can make your own cheap archery target in my case it was completely free of cost the only thing I spent on was the tape and glue I got all the cardboard for free from shops that disposed them anyway if you enjoyed this video please hit that like button below and subscribe to my booth for more gadget reviews life hacks in facts and while you are there make sure you turn on the notifications button I have some great projects in the making and I'm sure you don't want to miss them click on the thumbnails to watch my other videos or check out my youtube channel for more and as always thanks for watching

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  1. I did this yesterday after looking at some boxes I'd orderd stuff in. Just stuffed with crap and put a tile in the back

  2. This is a good idea. I recently used cardboard boxes taped together as part of a backdrop and it works very well. This is a good easy to follow video. Thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚

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