DIY Chicken Wire Fox, MAN VS. PIN #6

DIY Chicken Wire Fox, MAN VS. PIN #6

Hey what’s up, Rob here Man Vs. Pin The show where I take interesting looking pins from Pinterest and put em to the test Because you and I know there’s a lot of BS out there A few episodes back Punky Jo suggested that I try out this pin” A fox sculpted out of chicken wire Now these things are all over Pinterest, so I decided, what the hell, I’ll give it a shot Supplies: Chicken Wire Thick, protective gloves Wire Cutters and some pliers if ya got em Oh yeah, and a reference picture to work off of while you sculpt Here goes nothing First, I began to unroll the chicken wire, which I quickly learned, is next to *BLEEPING* Impossible I’m gonna start with the body shape first so I guestimated the width of it and cut off my first piece It became quite evident very quickly that…well that I just had No *BLEEPING* clue what I was doing. Whatsoever My first instinct was to create a tube like shape I guess, so I went with that Using the pieces of metal wire sticking out from each side I carefully wrapped and twisted the two sides together Alright, I guess I’ll..start forming the back end of the fox..(?) Just scrunching the wire together and shaping up the butt. Alright, easy enough Now for a crack at the other side It arches up a bit to create the neck area so I’m just bending this up upwards a little bit and shaping that.. Yeah.. I guess..I guess that’s it Next step, the legs These seemed pretty easy I just have to fight the roll of chicken wire again and cut another piece off Once it was cut and straightened out I began to roll it back up into the shape of a leg Ow! What the- *BLEEEEEP* These gloves said they were impenetrable! Which brings me to this fair warning: THERE WILL BE BLOOD So I got my leg piece here, I’m just gonna bend the bottom of it up a little bit and make it in to a foot Pretty easy I repeated the same process to another piece of chicken wire to create the other leg And ah..There you go. Got two front legs Next I attacked the roll of chicken wire again to start on my back legs Now these back legs are pretty intense The top is obviously larger, so I gotta kinda, make that into like a cone shape And then…probably bend it kinda that way and then the leg goes back a little bit so And then the leg arches so..I’ve gotta..where the *bleep* Is the picture? Just kinda bend that there and OW!! WHAT THE- *BLEEPING* GLOVES DON’T *BLEEPING* WORK WORTH A *BLEEP* Just kidding. That didn’t actually really happen at all After 20-30 minutes of bending this chicken wire to hell and back I ended up with these two Ridiculous looking back legs Next appendage is the tail. I got this. I created another little tube, shaped em to make em look like the tail and BOOM, I had myself a fox tail! Alright, all that’s left is the head I cut myself off another piece of wire and created myself another little tube By bending and connecting everything together Then started shaping the head Which…was surprisingly easy to create I shaped of the snout, bent up the ears a little bit, and it was done Like in, 2 minutes It’s a good looking Fox head, I can tell ya that much Alright, last step, here we go, assembling it all together Grab yourself those pliers, throw on the head It just kinda slips on right over there and the two front legs, you just put those right on the front, pretty self-explanatory, back legs go on the back Attach the tail by sticking it right up in the little..*BLEEP* section there And..well..wait wait wait for it.. Wait for it You just, just..adjust..the legs a little bit, hold on We’re close, we’re close! Here we go, here we go! Ok. Alright. We got it. You know, I’m actually really surprised by how this thing looks on camera ‘Cause in the real world, this thing looks like..*BLEEP* It’s also the sideways angle that makes it look good Take a look at this thing from the top and it looks like a robot threw up all over the place I’m honestly not sure what to do with the piece of *BLEEP* But Corrine has made it pretty clear I can’t destroy it because it is now apparently a living thing If you’ve seen a pin out there recently that you would like me to try, make, test or in this case completely annihilate Be sure that you leave it in the comments below, I’m always hanging out looking at all the crazy things you guys post So, give it a shot. Check back next week for a brand new episode of Man Vs. Pin and I’ll see you next time

100 Replies to “DIY Chicken Wire Fox, MAN VS. PIN #6”

  1. From here on out you keep on cursing and using your middle finger. I like to your other ones before this.

  2. I think the fox in the pinterest was made out of wire. Chicken wire is thin and got small sized holes but in the picture the wire things are thicker and the holes are all different sizes

  3. Ok I could've sworn that the thumbnail used to be something else. I noticed this with all the videos. Please explain

  4. Made us laugh here in the UK. Great sense of humour. We’re gonna attempt a smaller version. Gotta get some good gloves first!

  5. Kinda reminds of the wolf statue my grandma owns,she told me never to touch it.IDK why so I didn’t because it looked like it was blinking,breathing and staring at everybody who got in my grandparents pool yeesh did it creep me out😰

  6. Oh,a baby Rob that has patience to try an actual tutorial!!That is precious for us 2019 watchers!
    I'm on a Theadbanger marathon due to the flu.
    Good times.

  7. Dude you need leather gloves, very thick. I want to do something like this and then grow a vine on it.

  8. what you e got there is an armature dude! And a nice one at that. Cover that shit in paper mache, paint it up and put at the foot of your driveway and watch all the traffic slow down to avoid the fox!

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