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  1. Now I remember why I didn`t have kids !!! You would think he make an half baked effort at least.. Lazy and going nowhere fast !

  2. Have you ever tried the sika fence post mix instead of concrete? Curious what your experience/thoughts are on it, it seems like an expensive but viable alternative to concrete.

  3. Nate is a perfect example of why I always work by myself. My saw horse takes direction better then just about every lazy asshole I used to hire. To the young kids out there who DO bust their asses working hard doing labor jobs like this and taking shit seriously you get to feel that feeling of pride and satisfaction when you never have to ask a real man or woman to change your motor oil or fix your fucking toilet like the rest of today's generation. Flaky whores.

  4. Question I'm building a pergola do you recommend digging 4 feet down placing 12 ft post in cement or anchoring 8ft post ontop of cement? In the gta so I'm dealing with frost and clay

  5. Any experience with Sika post fix and how it performs when the ground freezes? I’m guessing you don’t recommend using metal spike but what do you think of them?

  6. Why type of wood posts are those and is there any issue of the wood rotting eventually since it’s buried? I live in Ontario as well.

  7. Allow me to reiterate with reasons for my opinion. I am a semi-retired 76 year old third generation building/remodeling contractor . My most recent fence job was stick built, 420 ft , including 5 alcoves to accommodate trees and hydrants. One of many, and when I started there was no such thing as a "fence post level". I agree with your rebuttal, but it applies to buildings, not fences. Just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions. Good luck.

  8. This is exactly how my fence was done 10 years ago, every post completely rotted out. and I live in a cold climate the concrete needs to go a little bit over-the-top soil and slope it down. Definitely takes two bags of concrete.

  9. For $5 Home Depot will sell you what they incorrectly call a fence post level which negates the need to keep checking your long level. FYI, fence posts aren't leveled, they're plumbed.

  10. DIY Video's are all so much better to watch when you have a punk and a stooge working together. Good work you comedic duo!

  11. lmao "does it say….?" Nate, "Yea" you, "Nope" lesson one… follow instructions, you will be tested hahaha

  12. It’s isn’t a good practice to plant wood post into concrete as it will entrap moisture in the member and that accelerate the decay and deterioration of the bottom part of the post.

  13. The kid needs to blacken his eyes and ask him if he hit him with a left or a right for the insults.. 👊🏻💥👻

  14. Love your videos. Keep up the good work. There is always going to be criticism when you put things online. A dust mask to open a bag of concrete? lol at some of those comments

  15. By the way, Nate must've had one a helluva night before filming! He's in slow motion, yawing frequently, and has his "i'm too cool for school" shades on. LOL

  16. Guys! Thanks for that small bit of information you gave at 2.26 in to this video! There are many people that "demonstrate this technique" but FAIL to explain the technical reasons for it. Kudos!

  17. Great video. Must be a lot of fun working with your son. Ignore the idiots who think your son is lazy or whatever. While your son was helping you, their kids were probably playing candy crush on their phones.

  18. Would you recommend setting posts in a sonotube in a four season climate? Or just concrete directly in the dirt hole

  19. The son acts like guys at my job. Hit the bong too early to get the day started and you do the work while they yawn and stand around until you tell them to do something. Yaaaaaaawn. I'm standing yaaaaaaawn

  20. Hey Jeff, I'm planning on doing my fence next summer with your videos as guidance. I wanted to know what you think of the following product: http://pylex.com/en/products/12985-heavy-duty-spike-44-khaki. I live in Montreal so I have the same climate as you.

  21. How long after the fence post is set can you start building your fence? Do you have to wait a day or 2 or if you use fast set can you start within an hour or so?

  22. There is nothing better then tbe old school way to mix all the concrete in a wheel barrow this way you know it all has been mixed right & there will be no dry patches in the concrete.

  23. Help me understand why you did all of that leveling before you poured the concrete? You leveled it and proceeded to wiggle it around, then held it with the same unsteady hand as you poured in the Quickcrete. Then wiggled it some more to make it level. Could have saved all that time by plopping it in, making sure it wasn’t significantly off kilter, then done the leveling once the QuickCrete was holding it for you.

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