38 Replies to “DIY Split Rail Fence (Odd Jobs #2)”

  1. appreciate the immortalhd reference, no offence always thought you looked like a mix between aleks and leafy haha

  2. this is some of the most interesting videos i have seen, so normal. Problem solving at it finest ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. What a wholesome video. Just some excellent editing, a beautiful soundtrack, two hardworking fellows and a job well done. Keep up the fantastic work my dude

  4. I love this video! It's fun watching y'all do what I do at work everyday. The fence looks beautiful too!

  5. Man I had to do that by hand for some flag poles that had to go about 4 or 5 feet in the ground (I donโ€™t remember. It was last summer). My arms actually fell off afterward

  6. do you have a venmo? I would really love to help contribute to the channel. i have been a fan for quite a while albiet not as active recently but i cant use paypal because i am not 18 and venmo would be a much easier option for me and im sure it would be for others as well. thanks for the amazing content

  7. Haha, lol, he did the 666 hand symbol around 1:40, illuminati confirmed. Jk, it's the wp symbol. He's a NOOOTTTTZZZZZIIIIEEEEEEE.

  8. You mentioned that you were thinking of putting in a brick patio with a bench/swing sort of deal, And as an amateur brick-mason I've got a couple suggestions for you!
    1. Check out a YouTube channel called Mike Haddock Masonry, He's got a lot of really good videos on the theory and practice of bricklaying, and it's an excellent resource if you're planning to do it yourself. I personally learned most of my technique from watching his videos and practicing with bricks I had at home, and the way he presents the information is easy to watch and easy to understand.
    2. You could definitely build a brick furnace/kiln to do tempering and heat treating on your new larger sword projects, possibly even one that could sustain-ably get hot enough to melt and cast your own metal, possibly as an attachment to your patio, but also maybe just with leftover material.

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