Do Horses Need Shoes?

Do Horses Need Shoes?

hey guys welcome back you guys have been asking to see more horses so today that is what I'm showing while also discussing a very important topic Dixie Hearts commented on my last horse video asking do horses need to wear shoes that is an excellent question however there is no yes-or-no answer to that so I've decided to do a video answering just that question I'm Megan with Happy Tails pet care and I'm a professional pet expert and nutrition consultant my goal is to educate people about animals and help pet owners provide the best care to their beloved pets see a pet in my video you like let me know and I will feature that pet in more videos if you are wondering if a horse needs to have horse shoes there's a lot of information that goes into answering that question each horse is different and has different needs and has different circumstances to determine if they need to wear shoes or not so let's first understand what shoes are for there are three main reasons why a horse will need to wear shoes for traction when we're exceeds growth or and to correct a problem traction is for sports there are lots of sports that involve horses such as polo racing dressage jumping barrel racing and the list goes on so just like for human athletes the shoe is designed to help the horse perform better and to make the movement easier the second thing that shoes are for is for it when we're exceeds growth in the wild horses would naturally wear down their hoof by walking over a different terrain their hoof is constantly growing however sometimes it's not growing fast enough for what they're doing horses that are ridden where there is a lot of pavement wear down their hoof faster than it grows they therefore need shoes to protect their foot the third reason is that horses need shoes to correct a problem horses that are lame or become lame easily need shoes to help them due to a number of problems horses can suffer from a wide range of health problems to their feet many shoes are designed to correct this problem for them and to help relieve pain but not all horses need to wear shoes horses that are pasture that are healthy retired horses even horses that are used for easy trail rites sometimes don't eat juice rainbow here for example has never worn shoes in her entire life so now that you've learned the reason why horses need shoes let's take a look at the process of shoeing a horse my father is a farrier which means he shoes and trims horses for a living he's been a farrier for about thirty years so who better to show us how it's done he has kindly agreed to let us tag along and we will get to see him at work if you enjoy today's video be sure to give it a thumbs up and if you're an animal lover don't forget to subscribe I put out a new video on animals every week you can also find me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter see you guys next week

49 Replies to “Do Horses Need Shoes?”

  1. If you don't have them on manmaid metal (rock) road's and places (which they never were meant to.) Theirs no real purpose for it. However if you want to try it you can you should try cutting apart a bunch og your foot and or Nails, and then driving some screws (nails) through it to secure a peace of metal to it. Let me know after if it was needed. I'd say unless they are going to be on man maid hard objects alot then they were made to run and operate the best by how they are naturally made.

  2. Question… i want to but a horse off a family friend and she shoes her horses,and I want to know if I can not shoe him when I have him…after he has been shoed before? Like I want to stop his “shoed life” haha

  3. wow those are long nails, how do you know how far can you drill a nail into horse's feet without hurting them?

  4. So from the reasons she gave it seems horse shoes are more for us then the horse. If it want being used for sport, if you where not on it's back, and it lived in its habitat it would be ok. I understand it helps the horse. But it seems like it's just so it can be convenient for us

  5. Is the hooves trimming relieving for the horse? It sure looks like getting all that dirt and excess hoof feels nice.

  6. Do horses feel anything when putting shoes on?

    Edit: or is it like when im cutting my nails with clippers? Doesnt hurt but i feel something

  7. Do you have a pet snake? We have one and I'm planning to take ownership of it once I have my own place.

  8. Think of it as cutting down your gross fingernails and cleaning them out. The horses probably like it.

  9. cant see how this video answers the question wether horses need shoes!
    the impacted, pushed up , coronary band tells me that it would be better off without shoes for a long time , and its wall edge well rolled

  10. So if I got a mini ( I’m doing research to see what it will cost to own a mini horse ) for driving would I need shoes. There is a spot with dirt I could go if it’s better. My dad could trim feet but I don’t want shoes. Can someone tell me how I could do it barefoot. Thanks for reading☺️

  11. 6-8 weeks? So, the shoes need to be change every about 2 month?

    I have a good interest in horse since i was a lil kid, but i dont know this. I need more knowledge about horse, I perhaps have so many questions about horse. Thanks in advance.

  12. Your dads a farrier and your horse has never been shod. I just assumed all horses required shoes. Thanks for the informative talk on this subject.
    Does your horse need a hoof trim every couple of months? Is it expensive? ps your horse looks so gentle and relaxed. My kind of horse. 🙂

  13. Dude, it is SOOOO satisfying watching him cut and carve the hoof …. like u know.. one of those weird things.

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