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  1. Well I mean, I’m tall. The class was playing baseball, and the ball went to the ground and rolled right past me. Everyone was disappointed that I didn’t get it. Well, I’m sorry, but if I had bent down any lower, my back would’ve snapped. So I guess, sometimes.

  2. Height in basketball matters so much tho that's like saying LeBron wouldn't beat muggsy I mean c'mon now

  3. This is great and informative. But you're trying too hard to be quirky and enthusiastic, it's rather distracting and annoying

  4. Shorter people will also have a lower 'radius' of sorts, so their moment of inertia will also be lower, allowing easier slow down, giving them an advantage in gymnastics.

  5. I was actually hoping that she would say that it's okay if your not tall, you can follow your dream and play basketball, but basketball wasn't mentioned and…… well, it's okay… I really liked the way you explained though

  6. *football. Just like imperial metrics, the word 'soccer' should have been long forgotten already 🙂

  7. here am i a 17 yr old 5'11" swimmer and still growing… i pray every single night for the past 16 months :))) i pray that i'll reach arount 6'1" God help me!! In the past 2 months i have also been hanging on a bar for like 2 minutes almost every day 🙂 yea i am pretty obsessed about this

  8. football (soccer) is the best sport because height truly doesn't matter the best player is messi he is 5ft7 and his rival aka second best player is C.Ronaldo and he's 6ft2 . they both have two different game style yet they are both at the top of their game.

  9. I'm short and in volley ball I spike perfectly I also got all stars every year when I was younger and I was still short

  10. There is another reason why height matters for swimmers. If one is taller, they are that much closer to the finish line (Since swimmers are horizontal in the water)
    There is a big advantage at the start as well as at every turn, probably slightly offset by the extra rotational energy needed to turn their extra mass around. + for long gangly armed people!

  11. As a gymnast with a sibling that also was a gymnast I've managed to stick at it longer and advance faster at my height of 4"10 than my sister who's 5"8, and a majority of my friends who started at the same time but ended up being taller so I'd say shortness is an advantage, I also have much less mass to pull myself up on the bars at 43kg than my tall sister does at 75kg, on the other hand she's much better at rugby than me (in both of these sports we started at the same age and ability level) but we're about even skill level when it comes to martial arts (being little and light is an advantage imo because I'm still in the under 12s height/weight section at 20 while she's been in the adults since she was 13) I guess it really depends on the sport and proportions of your body and muscle mass to determine what is and isn't advantageous

  12. 4:37 I never would have thought in my life to see Werder Bremen in a Physics Girl ideo! Im thrilled right now! 😀

  13. So that seems to be the second reason why I sprint better for short distances than any long distances. I am quite tall (177cm), and I'm a girl. I also swim pretty well. Hehe, physics support my favourite sports 😀

  14. Acrobatics/flips keep you short by stunting your growth. Taller people can flip faster if the can transition their bodies from a large plane to a smaller one.

  15. I am a swimmer and I would also like to point out that with the extra height you also have to swim less overall because it is foot to flip turns (tall people turn farther out) to hand

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