Dog Hides Her Puppy From Fear of Adoption | Kritter Klub

Dog Hides Her Puppy From Fear of Adoption | Kritter Klub

The dog looks depressed One day, a puppy disappeared without a trace She looks as if she’s looking for her baby She seems to be detached from me and she’s always lethargically lying down Zac doesn’t even eat properly The owner gives her some snack Even when she’s hungry she hides the food and eats it later Giving her favorite canned food It looks like she was eating it But she takes it somewhere right away to the nearby mountain The crew follow her But she’s being on guard It could be due to the shock from losing her baby Zac returns Where has she been? The crew attached a camera on her Goes in the mountain A puppy’s crying is heard It sounds like Happy (the puppy)! Is it? Yes, it is! It’s Happy! Wow That’s the mountain peak. I didn’t know she would hide her baby all the way up there The crew went to find the dogs Over the wire fence Happy looks happy to see people But why Why did Zac hide Happy? Zac’s puppies were adopted only a month after they were born The babies were taken away from her while she was breastfeeding them and that’s when maternal instinct is strongest Zac was probably desperate to keep Happy and not lose her like other babies The canned food her owner gave her last time is found here The family reunited I lacked understanding Zac’s feeling as a mother and I’ll help her live happily with her puppy as long as possible I will be happy without worries from now on

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  1. well get the message and STOP tak8ng the dog's banies away.from her. It's a hideous thing to do, especially again and again
    How would.YOU like to be bred and bred, only to have.your.banies taken from you. Get her spayed and let her keep She deserves that.

  2. So amazing to see that’s how Mother’s should be protect there little ones they had . You see so many people abandon there baby’s yet a dog that people say has no idea what love is is protective over her baby so this video clearly shows souls and love are indeed true in animals animals are alive and with souls people should not be cruel to them because there more than animals there life .

  3. Her beautiful puppy is so healthy looking and meaty and she’s thin and haggard looking -shows her love! What a good mama doggo!❤️

  4. People are so cruel and disrespectful to nature when it comes to animals. Why would anyone just take the babies from her.

  5. Nobody is perfect, we all have done things that might not have been best, but later learned, and improve.

    GREAT STORY!!!!! 💖💖💖

  6. People do this to their animals every where and its heartbreaking for the mother. Why is it always assumed that animals don't have feelings too?

  7. grazie per averli salvati spero che trovino presto tutti una famiglia bellissima che gli voglia tanto bene grazie ciao piccoli buona vita amori! ciao fantastici grazie!!!👏👏💕

  8. 😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍💋💋💋💋💋🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  9. Que Hermoso Video Los Animales Aman Incondicionalmente y Cuidan A Sus Crías , y Los Protegen Siempre 😊


  11. Awww poor baby I think it is cruelty to keep the puppies away from their mom This makes the mother sad and she has a fear that they will take them again

  12. Castra ela urgentemente, para que não tenha mais que sofrer com gravidez e possa descansar e brincar em paz, castrar é uma ato de amor, castra tbm o BB, com três meses já pode.

  13. Вроде животное,а лучше сознательных людей,зверей

  14. There is a natural time when mum's are willing to let go of their infant. Just like you. Don't separate them before that as mum knows infant needs her. Be thoughtful kindly. Thank you yes you are a very kind and thoughtful man

  15. It's sad when you have to give the kittens away, it's like taking the cats babies away which can lead to sad memories, depression.

  16. Que emotivo! Una vez mas nos demuestra lo insensible que somos! Las mascotas nos enseñan muchas cosas en el dia, a dia!!

  17. Que lindo vê essa mãe cuidar e proteger seu bebê… que lição ela nos dá com essa atitude …verdadeiro amor 💕 😻😽

  18. Очень интересно умница собака заботливая эх кормит щенок! 🐶🐕👍👌😀

  19. Que hermosa madre 💓el instinto de amor tan fuerte 💪quien dijo que los perros no piensan ??que no tienen sentimientos ??se equivocó totalmente ellos sienten piensan y aman 💞

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