26 Replies to “Dog Kennel Fence Installation Part 2 of 2”

  1. This was so helpful. We are going to build a much larger fence for our dog but using every tip and way you guys showed in this video. Thank you for helping us make our pet safe and happy.

  2. Here's an additional helpful tip! Don't leave your dog in a kennel that doesn't have any shade….

  3. those wires are so easy to bite off by dogs, even my dachshund can tear that in 1 day of trying to get out

  4. Oh my gosh.  I think this was a very helpful video. Thank you for posting.   Im amazed at all the negative comments!  There is no need to make comments that aren't helpful.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge for FREE!

  5. Would you need h braces if you didn't have the top rails if the fence is 25 feet
    Using 6in x 8ft post buried 4ft

  6. I'm going to make this a seperate post as a question …. the dog house is about 30 ft from my back door and a yard line works great to run in and out …. but does anyone know a way to make the yard line attach and detach when my dogs make it to the building …

  7. On the fence stretcher… Did you bolted the 2x4s sandwiched the fence? Or the chain came through the fence around the stretcher and then you made the stretched, top and bottom ?

  8. Help.  I've got sloping ground and can figure out what the best way is to install this type of wire mesh fencing.

  9. This might work for some dogs, but there are other dogs who will tear up that mesh fence and chew through those wood posts and may even dig their way out. Some will even leap over the fence itself. I would say anyone who builds this type of fence needs to keep in mind what their dog is capable of. If this works for your dog, that's terrific. You may even find you need to make a few slight adjustments. All in all, this was a good video, and it's inspiring.

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