DOMINATING WITH THE SLR – Long range shooting feels so good – PUBG

DOMINATING WITH THE SLR – Long range shooting feels so good – PUBG

oh my god what's the best I thought it was the best always there [Applause] weapon spawns hell weapons right now well okay I didn't want to do that oh yeah I'm saying people found weapons in the beginning that's no HP my god what a pain what a pain oh my god I hate this gun oh I don't have any healing well I hate the pizza gun it's not what it's not my style I like pizza though yeah really like pizza too much if you ask my wife looks good I don't see him I don't see him I didn't see him I just assumed random spot and then he was there oh my god unbelievable that was way too close I don't know maybe maybe I ain't punched that guy and that's why he missed some shots it could be because when I started hitting him he no longer hit me so maybe come on faster what an idiot I'm sorry but he was just trying to ruin my car even more like he already shot the tire and then his sacrifices like you to ruin the car even more I mean sorry but that's not really smart this is one car someone shooting at me with a sniper from the wall like from far away oh damn it we'll hit him twice well 668 meter headshot with you with the SLR all right I guess gotta go you can see the distance it's not very fucked yes but it was kind of cool though oh yeah a takes I could do statics I just really liked the six but you and this distances distances I should use the eight at for sure let me do that whoops that's like that I don't see this guy is he in the building good shots but about this guy let's headshot that's a headshot okay even though it's not pop genius and I would rather have we don't see distances it's kind of fun that's the headshot as well and now two times hit this guy to face what about this other guy he doesn't have a head hit him once there he doesn't handle it anymore 261 all right you found a helmet up there only 261 yeah actually had the same feeling just got twice what's the other guy 255 all right 386 that's better man this is Laura slaying okay okay okay I was I jumped the gun there it's fun to see the distance okay I apologize that was wrong in solo it's fun I think it's still a problem in squad and duo aim it Oh dress just as I run out of bullet another guy only 176 all right it's time to leave as well I'm done yelling really ah least I'll be good at the game got'em I don't think anyone is up here if the world I would die the reason I'm doing this is because I want to see the next zone before I go any further hospital and won't that place let's go to that place then what's a good pop there think this way let's go that place it's gotta be it could potentially be extremely how many smoke okay I got a lot of folks it's good I'm right in the center that's pretty good I don't want to go an open right now no one wants to go on the flat oh you could stay over there Pospisil guys cannot I should boost so the Hospice's guys cannot stay there and the only way they can play this is either being the stress of grass over here or come to this building that's the only thing that really makes sense I think they're probably gonna come here well now I'm spotting from there I don't really want to fight a guy there I want to want to do this man this guy oh I see him I think first show us up there yeah shooting from these windows they're broken did not die I don't know if that guy I'll die ok I don't think it did my my got a move soon he's that there might have been a headshot bowl boy I did not see the zone being this close this is really bad I might be dead now [Applause] whoa GG cuz that was that was a close did you guys

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  1. You run in panic and get behind a hill in the shrubs….I run in panic and end up in the middle of an open field =(

  2. Wacky Jacky what headphones do you use? And what in ears would you recommend? Other people you can also give me some recommondations. (gaming)

  3. I remember once, I saw a guy at the end of the map climbing up the hill and I was just picking his up by shooting randomly and I suddenly got a headshot. I was aiming him with the thick line of the scope which means like 800M lol. It took like 1.5 second to reach. The weapon was SKS though slow af bullet.

  4. So the gas can trick finally worked. Sorry for ruining it you first on erangel near pochinki. Where you camped with the setup of can near the uaz. GG 😁😁😁

  5. That Feild Of View is fucking with your head dude. FOV makes near thing look far so you're saying only this meter only that meter but actually 200 or 300 meters is a really really far distance

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