Donald Trump Is Officially Building The Wall

Donald Trump Is Officially Building The Wall

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your comments from a previous video at the end of this one, but for now, let’s get
into it shall we? So he’s doing it. I won’t lie, I didn’t think it’d ever
actually happen, so kudos to you President Trump. For those of you that dont know what Im talking
about, which I’m not sure how that would be the case given the thumbnail and title,
but whatever, Trump is actually building the wall. The wall he promised to build between the
American Mexican boarder if elected. The wall that so many people thought, and
still do think, is a terrible idea and waste of money. The wall that no one thought would ever actually
be made. Ya that one. On Tuesday, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper
authorized diverting 3.6 billion dollars in military construction funds to instead, focus
on 11 wall projects on the American Mexican board. In his letter to Congress, Esper wrote he
has “determined that 11 military construction projects along the international border with
Mexico, with an estimated total cost of $3.6 billion, are necessary to support the use
of the armed forces in connection with the national emergency.” Officials at the Defense Department say 127
million construction projects are now being put on hold in exchange to fund 175 miles
of a wall on the southern boarder. Construction is expected to begin in early
2020, but depending on issues in regards to acquiring private land, may take over a year
to complete. According to chief Pentagon spokesperson,
Jonathan Hoffman, half the money is coming from deferred projects over seas, and the
other half is for planned projects in the US, with the overseas money being used up
first. As of now, which projects specifically are
going to be impacted is not being released to the public. First, members of Congress who’s states
or districts will be affected and have projects lose funding are going to be informed, and
then the information will be released to public. Chuck Schumer, a US Senator, released a statement
claiming “This decision will harm already planned, important projects intended to support
our service members at military installations in New York, across the United States, and
around the world. It is a slap in the face to the members of
the Armed Forces who serve our country that President Trump is willing to cannibalize
already allocated military funding to boost his own ego and for a wall he promised Mexico
would pay to build.” He went on to say the the diverted funding
could delay critical construction projects at military installations in New York, such
as the US Military Academy. Senator Jack Reed also disagreed with the
move claiming in a statement “President Trump’s immigration efforts have failed since day
one. Today, he made it clear he is willing to take
funds from our troops and disaster victims and divert them to try to protect his political
right flank. And ultimately, that could put Americans at
risk.” He went on to explain “This isn’t just an
attempt to shift funding, it’s a bid to shift power away from Congress to the president. Clearly, this administration is trying to
circumvent Congressional authority and this ill-advised attempt should be legally challenged
and struck down by the courts.” Now of course, a lot can happen between now
and early 2020, when construction is expected to start. It seems the move left a bad taste in a lot
of people’s mouths, especially after Trump promised Mexico would be the one paying for
the wall. Now that it’s taking away from military
projects, something the US prides themselves on, well, it’ll be interesting to see how
Trump does in the next election. As always I’d love to hear your thoughts
on this entire situation in the comments below. Do you think the wall is actually going to
be built? Let me know why or why not. For now, let’s read some comments so we
can all feel a little bit better about ourselves. In the video Doctor Finds Venomous Brown Spider
In Womans Ear After She Thought It Was Just Water IDerp_20 said My ear:
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100 Replies to “Donald Trump Is Officially Building The Wall”

  1. I’m not even going to waste a word with this building a wall. There’s no point in doing it. So let me say way to represent for them birds Jarred. Go Eagles!

  2. :40 is when the news starts.
    Also. It took you a few billion dollars to figure this out? They've been building it for a while.

  3. I hope this doesn't happen for real in 2020 because Trump is a racist. Remember his immigration speech "when Mexico sends its people it's not sending it best it's not sending you or you they're bringing crime and drugs they are rapists" that was is in 2016 and he's only gotten worse over the last 3 years trying and failing to ban trans Americans for joining the army his hardline stance on immigration and his racist rhetoric against Muslims, Mexicans and black people
    So the fact the President wants withdraw 3.6 Billion dollars from the military budget to spend on his wall to keep out Mexico Is ridiculous and I hope Congress doesn't allow this to happen

  4. No one notices that Mexicans.African Americans.Jews,native americans and Muslims need to stick together Becuase their targeted as a threat by Americans

  5. Or… instead of building a $3.6billion wall, you could buy about 360 million Chipotle burritos.

    Its your call.¯_(ツ)_/¯

  6. I understand if he said that he will "build a wall" during his election but i did not
    think he would actually do it. Least he is doing what he said he'll do.

  7. I wish when reporting about "The wall" you would report all the facts so allow me to do it for you. The estimated cost of having illegal immigrates in the USA is 54 Billion (yearly).so if 3,6 keeps even 10% of them out of the country Americans save 5.4 Billion yearly……hmmm seems worth it to me. If you're gonna talk about what something cost….talk ab out what it will saved if or when it is implemented. Also, I'd like to add that this WALL everyone is so against will actually be several walls in areas that currently have NO barricade at all, no fence, nothing. We need to keep people from entering our country illegally because it takes benefits from those that are here legally and it's just not right. And Remember IO children, when reporting issues make sure to report both sides of the issue from now on, not just your personal opinion.

  8. if money is made on paper why is there so little of it for the poor and given to the rich and famous it's so sad to see all the stars making millions while the others suffer

  9. Every president before Trump has promised to secure our borders and deal with the illegal immigration problem and they did so very openly during their campaigns. I find it absolutely mind-boggling that we FINALLY get a president who has actually busted his ass to keep his promises to Americans and has followed through on everything he promised (that the idiots in Congress haven't succeeded in blocking him from doing) and NOW suddenly everyone has a total come apart. Honestly, what the hell? Was Obama a racist when he promised to secure our borders and handle the illegal immigration problem? How about Bush Jr? Clinton? Bush Sr? They ALL made promises just like Trump did and the only difference is Trump has actually KEPT his promises! We desperately need to handle immigration and rather than sit around twirling their thumbs and not doing a damn thing about it despite their promise, at least Trump is taking SOME KIND OF ACTION. It's better than doing nothing at all! My God, just how infantile can some people be? Trump has made amazing, positive changes to America but some of you would rather stick your head in the sand and refuse to hear of it. Not that the MSM helps much since they never actually report the great things he's done because it wouldn't fit their narrative. I voted for Obama for his first term and quickly regretted it by his 2nd year in office.

    I can say with confidence I am PROUD that I finally decided to do my own research and actually started paying attention to what was happening in this country and once I saw the truth, I found Conservatism and never looked back. And considering the ridiculousness that the Left has become and is displaying for the world to see, I clearly made the right choice. Please, I implore you, step back from what you're being fed through MSM and start truly paying attention! There is SO MUCH you're missing if you honestly believe that Trump is the person you should hate!

  10. Stand name: Another brick in the wall
    Namesake: Pink Floyd
    Stand Master: Donald J. Trump
    Power: A
    Durability: A
    Range: B
    Potential: A

  11. He's rich, he's said it a million times, he's thee only president 2 come in with his own money. Use ure own money, when u don't build the said wall.

  12. before this video i got an ad that said “do u support donald trump?” “sign his petition to build the wall today” 😡 heck no

  13. Didn't this fool say hurricane Dorian was going towards Alabama and marked it with a sharpie? And y'all finna let him build a wall

  14. If you oppose the wall then you were totally uninformed about the situation please google African immigrants in Mexico

  15. The wAll is already being built… 10x more law enforcement deployed, This is what you get when IO is your information source.

    I believe it will be built to the last inch. Trump will win 2020, you know it, only hardcore insane liberals (AOC squad + supporters) don't.

  16. Pushing this narrative of "foreigners are taking our…" results in xenophobia and eventually xenophobic attacks.
    Not to mention a waste of resources.

  17. Oh perfect. We get a useless wall that will keep very few people out of the country as most illegal immigrants don't climb OVER the fence to get in, instead of better health care and education for the people who risk their lives to protect their country. It's litterally a 4 billion dollar dick measuring competition with China that will leave us far less capable of defending ourselves. Can't wait.

  18. another one sided liberal view, the building of the wall was Challenged buy the other liberal's and was up held by the US Supreme Court obviously you also don't care about the United States and our citizen's

  19. He's gonna build it one way or another. I'm not a supporter or hater but I find it quite dumb taking funds away from other more important things for a wall.

  20. It's 9012, o>_<o What a short wall can do to help fight illegal entry? America need avanced sensor, camera, manpower or just landmine←_← Only thing the wall can accomplished is the porkets were promised….

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