39 Replies to “Don't Fence Me In – Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters”

  1. Strange but true. But I was three or four when I first heard this song. Then being bathed in a zinc tub by my uncle Vin. Now long since dead. But I am not and so proud to remember those who were kind to me 70 years ago. including Bing.

  2. Played this for my father in law a few hours before he passed was his all time favorite song. While he was resting listening he got the biggest grin on his face I knew he could hear it

  3. I got here from training day but this is like the classic theme of the old days I love my way and country roads but this is good

  4. My grandpa sang this song quite often when we sat together and drank a cold beer.

    The track obviously reminded him of his past. He always told me great storys, and sang beautiful songs… Like this one!!!

    He died October 2018 at the age of 93!

    I miss you too much, you beautiful man! I love you!

  5. I found this first, and then I realized it was in Fallout 76 unlike many other of these types of songs… im special (lol)

  6. Found this gem on the 24/7 live radio from fallout so go there and maby you find more gems 😉 (doesnt matter if you play the game or even know what it is, its some rally good music going on there with some mildly funny skits in btw)

  7. I remember my sister and I heard this song when we were kids and we were dancing around our living room with our mom and we both have vivid memories of “starry skies above” but didn’t know who sang it. we’ve been looking for this song for years now, until I was watching PLL and this song came on and I instantly remembered that this was the song.

  8. Man the 1940's, feels like an illusion.Nostalgia brought by the music even tho I wasnt around to experience it.

  9. I think everyone is like "Oh my God if you started listening to this because of Fallout you're so uncultured etc etc etc…" But really, can't we just listen to funky music we came across through a game without people judging us by our source?

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