Double Recurve Bow Kills 2013 Reed & Toth

Double Recurve Bow Kills 2013 Reed & Toth

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  1. My son loves it!>>> Product works as advertised and conforms with school regulations/policy for scholastic archery tournaments! So wonderful that your kids has his/her own bow and not have to use the school's used/abused bows for a tournament. Can adjust to your child's strength and provide that extra kick that's custom to their use. So glad we got it! My son now has a better appreciation for the sport!

  2. ok you know you have the fever when watching this she looks at you all and me watching this instantly quit breathing and didnt move a muscle lmao

  3. I just ordered my first recurve bow. I have three Excalibur croosbows and have a good time hunting with them. I hope I have as much fun as you guys. love your videos.

  4. nice kill it's what you like to doing and what people who watch your channel like so I'm going to go

  5. I love how you guys are a solid team at every turn! I watch you every year and it's always worth it,..peace and full freezers

  6. i don't like shooting doe's but it kills me even more when you had a perfect shoot on it to get it in the heart yet you shoot in in the spine cmon

  7. How long are your arrow shafts? Neither shot looked like it got good penetration, so how are you getting exit wounds?. I lost two bucks, here in Michigan, in one day because of that, and I'm shooting at LEAST 50lbs. BTW love the videos! You should add more featuring your recipes!

  8. Good job guys, and great job dad, for bringing baby to the woods.  Start em young, and they may share your passion for life.

  9. Really enjoy your videos, always checking out your new stuff. Enjoy the snow for first day of PA rifle! Looks like we will have a bunch. Whak and stak-

  10. Good stuff guys> I'm in Ct -Tagged out on Bucks now going after Doe. Here if you get three Doe you can "Earn a Buck",Tag. Good luck with the rest of the season!

  11. Reminds me of my early season when I put out Dan Fitzgerald's VK. Come right in where ever I squirt it. Great Trad Videos! Recurves and Longbows Rule!

  12. PA knows what it's doing with game management. The knuckleheads that run the program in CA allow very few antlerless hunts.

  13. you boys better quit chasing them 2 legged critters get after them 4 legs need more videos loving it

  14. awesome footage you got here, bowhunting is getting more popular here in New Zealand now

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