Dr. Kent Hovind – 2 Tim. 1 video games and sports – Bible study 7-28-19

Dr. Kent Hovind – 2 Tim. 1 video games and sports – Bible study 7-28-19

good morning folks can open here in the crew at dinosaur adventure land in Lennox Alabama it is July the 28th 2019 thank you for joining us we're gonna start a new Bible study in just a minute we're gonna leave mr. Nelson and Rachel oh by the way Rachel's misspelled Cora fixes that me doesn't have an A and other than the title to the thing somebody said oh you can't spell our name right like they got nothing else to pick on okay we believe the Bible is literally true and scientifically accurate and the evolution there is the dumbest and most dangerous religious cult in the history of humanity and if you're part of that cult we're here to help you get out of that dumb called okay bring a root for dinosaur Adventureland if you'd like teachers bring your students overnight camping if you like go fishing swimming etc volleyball August 1st that is in like a few days how many ready to play look at that alright one man beat Bob calm is gonna take on the whole diner should Rachel and crew which has never played volleyball together one time but the court is almost ready what man volleyball team we talked about that earlier Bob takes on it by himself all kinds of teams and wins 98 percent of his games he's played twenty thousand games he's in Guinness Book of World Records he's in Ripley's Believe It or Not twenty thousand games he's beaten these pro teams and volleyball anyway I want to see how he does that I had to give up volleyball years ago when they outlawed asbestos you know cuz I used to play so fast it would catch fire but people don't believe some of you but how many believe me one Tim all right you just got a raise to him okay all right someone yesterday called me yesterday morning said brother Hovind I have four huge inflatables would you like him I said uh does the Pope wear a dress of course we want him bring him down and so he made it free three or four thousand dollar inflatables how many got who helped wash one yesterday and set it up how many got to jump around on their inside did you there you go okay all right quickly here I got a lot to cover this morning in jail a month of July we'd like you to please contact everybody you know on your Facebook etc and say would you please subscribe to Kent Hovind YouTube channel and watch a couple of his video it's a great way to witness to them you'd be amazed how many folks get saved watching one of these YouTube okay join our 777 club tell your friends about us and get a copy of our videos and books and pass them around let's see as of a couple hours ago one hundred forty thousand four hundred and twenty three subscribers you can help us stay open for free if people come in from all over the world without even advertising yet you can join our 777 club we won't bother you we won't send out letters we won't even remind you that you're a member because I don't even know who the members are but if you want to do that we ask folks if they can do $1 a day to creation science evangelism CSE invest in your public school kids this neighbors of this summer give them some of our videos we got a special deal 60 bucks for the whole series of videos plus a bunch of books and all that called Julie about that okay we think this is a 1953 the same year I was made by the way Detroit Diesel it needs rebuilt and sorta why but that's okay that's about early fifties the so brother you been down working on that thing and you're leaving today but this was amazing the transformation that he did to into a dragline asaurus we're a little reluctant to call it that for some other reasons but we do need the engine rebuilt and we need new cables put on and we need a driver to clean out the lakes of all around here I'd like to get a single woman to come down who can drive the thing so we can fix her up with one of our guys here like maybe Jeff our carpenter that builds all the stuff eight men Jeff he's in favor of that we're gonna it's a free advertisement for you Jeff okay we got to fix that so some of you ladies would like to learn to drive a dragline come on down you can be a permanent job we got dead lakes to clean out new Bible study on second Timothy last time we talked about first Timothy has six chapters in it we went through that took quite a while now we're going to talk about Paul's second letter to Timothy a Christian if you're going to be serious about serving the Lord need several things I think you got to have a King James Bible throw the rest of them away or use them for a reference but get a King James I think it's flawless preserved we cover all that on video seven you need a songbook there's a lot of good songs and I don't mean the 7-eleven songs were you seeing seven words eleven times I'm talking about some real hymns got him books up there you're welcome to come borrow thee praise to the Lord the Almighty written by Yocum Neander who's he well there's a valley in Germany named meander Valley from the 1500s or something like that the Neander Valley in Germany beautiful Valley Yocum used to wander around in there and they named the valley after him after he died Neander Valley Yocum meander later they found a skeleton in there in the rock it wasn't here somebody else's young and they said oh wow they named it the Neanderthal man named after this Valley by the guy who wrote the song praise to the Lord the Almighty the king of creation and now they're using that Neanderthal word to teach kids to not love God something's wrong with that picture anyway the Bible says in Ephesians chapter 4 let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and evil speaking be put away from you with all malice and be kind one to another tender-hearted forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you okay it is long time here at dinosaur Adventureland we're gonna sing this this verse is set to music years ago the song be kind one to another let me call it up so I get some background music I get a lot of requests but I'm gonna go ahead and sing anyway okay all together now kind one to another tender-hearted forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you he a kind one to another tender-hearted forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you there are literally thousands of scripture songs set to music how many you've never heard that one before we're just saying it pay attention next time okay all right every time yeah oh you need a songbook get some good songs in your head fill your head with good songs and you're gonna this this one I just know today's Bible study is gonna anger a lot of people and I'm trying actually I don't mind doing that okay Oh new songbook you need a Bible dictionary sit you look up what the word means use I don't know what that word means well look it up okay we're gonna commentary where somebody made comments on it explain I don't understand that verse will get a commentary a lot of people have studied it before you and me Matthew Henry's commentaries are fabulous okay so get a commentary or dictionary look up some of the words if you're gonna be a serious Christian you're gonna have to look up some of the old words or some of the verses thirty 1101 verses in the Bible that's a lot to study it's number four five you need a checkbook hey what are you gonna support which ministry you support with your money charge them that are rich in this world Paul said to first him in first Timothy communicate give give help those that you're better be they're feeding you if you go eat a good meal you go to a steak house and eat a great steak you don't run next door to Kentucky Fried and pay pay the money you pay who is getting involved in a good ministry that feeds you and then support them if you're being fed get involved in a good church and say these I'm learning here here I want to help support this church so they can stay open God's system in the Old Testament was one out of the twelve sons of Isaac Abraham Isaac Jacob one of Jacob's twelve sons was Levi he became the priest in charge of all the priestly duties and there's a whole bunch of bazillion of them in the Book of Leviticus and God said I want all the other eleven tribes just tithe give 10% so that these guys don't have to work and they can do my job for me that's what God's plan for his people and I'll read the Old Testament okay so you did involved in a good ministry that feeds you and supportive second Timothy chapter 1 Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God according to the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus was this Paul guy Paul got saved on the road to Damascus he was going there to kill Christians light knocked him down and he ended up getting saved and became a great Christian Paul actually wrote all these books and all these books in the New Testament and probably the book of Hebrews most people think he did so Paul wrote 14 out of the 27 books in the New Testament Old Testament is everything written before Jesus came 39 books and then New Testament 27 books is everything written after Jesus came the first four are Gospels then the book of Acts tell us about the actions of the disciples and a whole bunch of the rest of it is Paul writing so he's a really important Christian in Scripture and then James wrote one book guess what the name of his book was James okay Peter wrote to guess what they're called 1st and 2nd Peter okay John wrote three letters guess what those are called for a second third John and John also wrote revelation so John one of Jesus disciples actually wrote five books you wrote the Gospel of John the three letters and the book of Revelation and Jude wrote one guess what his is called Jude okay got it first to 2 Timothy so Paul is writing to Timothy remember he left him at Ephesus and said I want you to take care of that church I'm gonna go on to Macedonia and start some more churches yet some people say 2 Timothy my dearly beloved son grace mercy and peace boy I think that's what everybody wants in their life isn't it does it is it I want that peace Grace mercy from God the Father and Jesus Christ our Lord I thank God whom I serve from my forefathers with pure conscience here's Paul I used to go around killing Christians telling Timothy I serve God with a pure conscience did you know you can do some really really bad stuff in your past and God can forgive you and give you a pure conscience see when you get saved he doesn't just forget the things that you did he's he promised I will remember them more remembering them no more is different than forgetting because if you forget something you can later remember it God promised I will remember them no more whoa dwell on that one for a while so when you go say God remember that thing I did five years ago and Lord no son I don't remember yeah but Lord remember how I messed up my life so bet no son I don't remember get to work I got work to do we're the ones that dwell on it not God we punish ourselves with our past God's not punishing you renew your mind get a pure conscience without ceasing I have remembrance of thee in my proof I'm gonna talk today a little bit about your mind and remembrance and what are you putting in your mind what things do you remember it's all may teen with a pure thou wilt show thyself pure he said David said got with people who try to be pure you're gonna show yourself pure with the froward that's stubborn thou wilt show thyself froward that would be an old english word you need to look up in a dictionary because we don't use that word much anymore but it's 1600s every kid in kindergarten knew what that meant it's on your being froward today I'm sorry dad stubborn all right work none of us have ever done it if you read the book of psalm 119 the Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters in it Aleph Beth gambolled etc in the book a scepter 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible 176 verses each group of eight verses is divided up by a letter of the Hebrew alphabet so the first eight verses start with the letter A so a Hebrew kid could memorize the whole chapter pretty simply eight verses in a row start with a the next eight verses start with B Beth now that's why that Beth is in there in some Bibles Aleph Beth gimble delyth Exeter it's their ABCs for us all I'm 119 verse 9 wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way how do you cleanse how do you clean up your life how do you do this he's telling how does a young man clean up his life well here's the answer by taking heed thereto according to thy word listen to what the Bible says and do it with my whole heart I sought thee do you seek the Lord with your whole heart I think we've got something creeping in a creeping in nothing barging into our lives that is preventing us from doing this and I want to talk about that in just a minute with my whole heart have I sought thee or let me not wander from thy Commandments thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee my pastor encouraged me as a young Christian age 16 memorize Scripture memorize write something on a card stick it on the dash of your car or wherever you work or glue it on your forehead and think about it all day and memorize it what do you think about all day thy word have I hid in my heart why would you hide God's words in your heart because then they keep coming back out and you can meditate on them you know a sheep or a goat will go eat for a while then they go sit down lay there they chewed it they swallowed it you know an hour ago and then they spit it back up and chew it again don't they chew the cud cows do the same thing we should do that put something in your head memorize it and then you can get to chew on it later think about it well what do you think about all day Psalm 24 who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord who shall stand in his holy place he that hath clean hands and a pure heart are your hands clean is your heart pure well then you get to go stand before God Wow set for a second Kings chapter 10 there was a battle going on and one of the guys said to Jonah dev he said is thy heart right as my heart is with thy heart he said it is a simple question it is your heart right is your heart right with God your parents will understand that you kids will not understand the thing I'm about to say but your parents will get it kids can do the right thing but do it with a bad attitude or the wrong heart you know I'm talking about did you clean up your room yeah I cleaned up my room my pastor had a little dog that you all what kind of like NIC and Julie's useless little mutt and he would tell the dog go to the corner and the dog had go over to the corner turn around go yep gotta get that laughs yep I did what you told me but I don't want to do it is your heart right proverbs 15 the thoughts of the wicked are an abomination to the Lord even the things they think about makes God sick the word abomination you can look that one up it means to make you sick there are two kinds of abominations in the Bible some things it says if you do this it's an abomination to the Lord that makes God sick Deuteronomy says Deuteronomy 22:5 I think if a man if a woman wears man's clothing or a man wear his woman's clothing it's an abomination to God give me Scott's sick now other times he says if you do this that's an abomination to you he said don't eat the meat from the pig he's telling the Jews that I like bacon okay he told the Jews don't eat the pork because it's an abomination to you that'll make you sick and sure enough until they discovered how to get rid of the diseases in pork a lot of trichinosis hookworm etc so sometimes in the Bible things are an abomination to you and sometimes it's an abomination to God it'd be a good study for you to go there to go through anyway but the words of the pure are pleasant a person who tries to have a pure heart speaks Pleasant words if we just recorded what you said all day and then played it back is your heart pure are you speaking Pleasant words he that loveth pureness of heart for the grace of his lips the king shall be his friend man if you try to have pure lips and say the right thing you'll get promoted people get promoted that have pureness of heart blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God I want to do I want that one right tonight it's time today's time to shoot another sacred cow or to death to all sacred cows blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God Philippians chapter 4 Paul wrote this book tucked letter to the church at Philippi he said finally brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure whatsoever things are lovely if you want to memorize that verse true honest just pure lovely do you think about things that are pure honest just pure lovely you can memorize the verse in a matter of minutes whatsoever things are of good report if there be any virtue if there be any praise think on these things he's telling the church at philippi look fill your brain with good stuff I'm worried that the Christians and children in America especially even in Christian homes are missing something very valuable here I'll show you what do you spend most of your time thinking about what do you teach your children to spend their time thinking about what do you think about think about that for just a minute keep thine heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life put away from the a froward mouth stop being stubborn and perverse lips perverse train up a child in the way should go and when is old he will not depart from it parents it's your job to train your children in the way they should go what do you want them to be thinking about what do kids today spend a lot of time doing and thinking about violent video games Grand Theft Auto you mean who can steal the most cars do you want your kids thinking about who can steal the most cars wake up parents think about what you're putting in that kid's mind violence death evil cults the video games are full of this stuff so are the TV so are the movies so the DVDs and the man Internet is really full of this stuff what are you letting your kid put in their mind an overwhelming number of American children between the ages of 2 and 17 are playing video games a new study released today according to the research 91% of kids between 2 and 17 or 64 million people are playing video games that's up 9 percent from 2009 what are they thinking about what is this encouraging them to think about all day I won I killed all those other guys back up get out of the game for a minute if you can get it out of your head and think about the bigger picture what on earth are you teaching them to think about stealing things killing people victory overcoming banging people down come on we'll be careful little eyes what you see well be careful little ears little eyes what you see for the father up above is looking down in love I was gonna play that song but you can google it that's a good song hole be careful little eyes what you see I'll be careful little eyes what you see for the father up above is looking down in love Oh be careful little eyes what you see the children's song you can teach your kids okay how many hours a day does the average child play video games never I said sacred cows actually gonna be two of them on average children play video games for two point one three hours a day 92% of parents let their children play at least an hour of games each day eight percent admitted they left their kids play more than five hours a day what are you putting in your eyes what are you putting in your mind how many people veg out all day aural hours hours a day playing video games I'm not saying it's good or bad I'm asking you to consider what are you let what are you putting in your mind and what are you letting your kids put in their mind is this things that are true honest just pure lovely if there be any virtue if there be any praise how many gamers are there in 2017 67% of Americans to 211 million people play video games at least on one type of device more than half of these who play playing on multiple platforms I don't even know what that is I've never I don't think I've ever played a video game the assets pac-man when was that 25 years ago the Bible says the desire accomplished is sweet to the soul you know some people don't have a sweetness in their soul because they don't accomplish anything what do you accomplish in a video game when you're all done where do you accomplish I like building something you stand back and look at say man I built that thing I fixed that whatever you know what have you accomplished the reason some people don't have sweetness in their soul they're not accomplishing anything with their life I mean accomplishing winning a video game is not accomplishing anything how much violence is there in these video games anyway you want your head filled with this stuff I don't even know what fortnight is it looks to me like the people are trying to get up there to get saved when he's cutting their hands off so they they fall back down do you watch your head full of that stuff 10 reasons why video games should be banned for children under the age of 12 number 1 physical impairments they sit around all day and they get fat get out and do something okay the overweight obese well shut the TV off and the video games off like duh it's a no-brainer you might have a real healthy thumb oh look at that thumb okay brain damage it's called frontal lobe pruning attention deficit impulsivity learning disorders this is what this article said videogames causes sleep deprivation you know the Bible says the sleep of a labouring man is sweet if your work actually work hard all day you sleep like a rock how many have ever done that before the sleep but kid plays video games all day he can't sleep very well he doesn't accomplish anything aggression violin do you think there's aggression in the video game mental illness poor academic performance the kids are losing out in school poor social relationships they are unemployable I ask kids all the time when they come here to visit can I help with nicer adventure honestly what are you good at video games we don't need that around here can you mo can you mow the grass no I never did that how many people are unemployable Jeff how many people have you had work with you building stuff hundreds and many are you got to wonder where were you growing up kid didn't you learn nothing let me explain it to you this is a nail the pointed end goes down okay you hit the flat end I mean you got to start from zero don't you it's like where have you been all your life son their game transferable phenomenal called game transfer phenomena we've all seen children acting like characters recently viewed in cartoons movies or video games so if they want to put their underwear on the outside of their pants they think they're Superman now while these actions should be considered normal could be considered normal and part a pre 10 to play in early years what is abnormal is when the child disassociates and becomes non-responsive to interactions with parents they played games so much mama says good morning son porn sexual perversions how much of that is found in video games these days dispute perverse disputing zuv men with corrupt minds we've talked about that in first Timothy chapter 6 in Genesis chapter 2 the Lord God said it's not good at the and should be alone probably got to find all you guys a wife okay that's not good and it's not it's not good for the man to be alone first thing God said to Adam be fruitful multiply and go fill the earth he's told that to the animals now all your animals after he made the animals he said this right here verse 22 be fruitful and multiply the first command was go make more babies and that's probably the greatest drive of every male of every species to accomplish that goal God gave that drive okay it's an inborn to man that's why they fight with each other who gets the herd you know he just google it male animals fighting they want the herd okay God said to Adam and Eve be fruitful and multiply so this is perfectly normal and natural to want to have sex and make babies that's what God said to do but he gave some commands about that thou shalt not commit adultery and don't covet your neighbor's wife get one and be happy Jesus said you thought you heard it was commanded don't commit adultery but I say unto you whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery already in his heart I've never met a man who did not understand the importance of how women dress and I've never met a woman who does understand girl trust me it's important how you dress you say yeah it gets their attention they look at me yeah you are correct you moron okay question you think the video games are promoting and encouraging a pure heart by the way the characters are dressed look at the female characters and the way they're addressed is that promoting a pure heart Paul Sarah proverbs 5 drink water out of your own cistern and running waters out of your own well he's telling his son's book of Proverbs get your wife stay happy with one wife but they fountains be dispersed abroad and rivers of waters in the street let them be thine own only thine own and not strangers with thee let thy fountain be blessed and rejoice with the wife of thy youth let her be as the loving hind and pleasant row let her breasts satisfy thee at all times and be thou ravished always with her love you can be happy with one this is proverbs chapter 5 now 1st Corinthians Paul said knockin the things that you wrote to me about it's good for a man not to touch a woman nevertheless to avoid fornication let every man have his own wife and every woman have her own husband I'm trying to fix you guys up okay we'll run a couple ads every night till we find somebody what else do we need besides a truck driver if you can what never mind okay math Jesus disciples were married at least couple of them we know Matthew chapter 8 and when Jesus was coming to Peter's house he saw his wife's mother laid in sick of the fever and the COPE the Pope's say their priests should not marry and they say Peter was the first pope Peter was married now it is true it never mentions Peters wife it does mention his wife's mother my preacher said a man would be a fool to have a mother-in-law without having a wife be an absolute fool okay I think we can deduce from that that Peter was married okay so what about these video games which country ranks number one in video games America I think it's part of a bigger plan we'll cover that on video number five of my series the way to dumb down a country to be able to take them over for socialism communism Karl Marx rules for revolution we cover that on video five the one the government hates me teaching on ok aggression or violence is there aggression in the video games or sports for second Corinthians what Satan should get advantage of us for we are not ignorant of his devices you know how Satan is getting into Christians getting into churches getting into families don't be ignorant of his devices this is how he does it what are you and your children filling your eyes and your mind with will it help you have a pure heart will watching people shoot each other give you a pure heart and a clean mind while watching sports and people beating each other up will that give you a pure heart and a clean you know does that help you grow all the violence I look I played tennis all through high school and I was number three man I could probably still play pretty good I'm not against sports sudden necessarily but I want you to think about does too much of this or does the wrong kind create violence and the wrong thinking in your heart let all bitterness and wrath bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and evil speaking and all malice and be kind one to another be kind one to another tender-hearted forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you and be kind one to another what on earth are we filling our heads with folks stop and think this time to reanalyze would you like to face that every morning when you get proverbs 31 woman gentle kind sweet kick your teeth out what are you and your children filling your heads and hearts with and your eyes will it help give you a pure heart all the blood and guts and death and fighting and no I'm in favor of self-defense gee whiz I'm not against that but come on I think we've gone nuts folks I think we've been infiltrated by the enemy what are you filling your head and your heart with is it going to help give you a pure heart pure mind is it all violence competition got a win got a beat the other guy is that what we're feeling it finally brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure lovely good report if there be any virtue if there be any praise think on these things up there's not gonna be a quiz at the end of this one from me there will be from God a quiz are you thinking on these things or are you thinking on other things think about what you think about all day long what are you meditating on God saw in Genesis chapter 6 before the flood came the wickedness of man was great in the earth and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil brother a whole lot of Christians fit into this category right now they spent hours thinking about things that are evil they're filling their eyes filling their mind filling their heart God seeing all this and saying look you're supposed to be one of my kids would you knock it off be not conformed to this world be transformed by the renewing of your mind I just don't play video games and daughter and have a TV don't watch TV don't want to I don't want to fill my head with that stuff don't even have one second Timothy verse 3 I thank God whom I serve with my firm my forefathers with pure conscience that without ceasing I have remembrance of the in my prayers night and day you know if you don't have your head full of other stuff and your schedule full of other dumb stuff you'll have time to remember people and pray for them how much time do you spend praying for people and remembering them and thinking about them writing them letters encouraging them making giving a phone call greatly desiring to see thee being mindful of thy tears he said Timothy I remember watching you cry over lost souls hi can I have my mind is full of good things about you Timothy what are you filling your mind with verse 5 when I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois and thy mother uni C I'm persuaded in the also there's a whole lot in that verse we could unpack it some other day but I thought talk about he said I can remember you Timothy that faith that you've got to serve God your grand ball had it and your mom had it I think Christianity and serving God ought to be hereditary not getting saved isn't hereditary but it ought to be something about mama serve God dad serve God the kids ought to serve God because they saw Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa do it now if this is not the case with you if you came from a mom that did not serve God or a grandma that did not serve God then break the chain right here right now today and you start doing it and you pass it under your kids time to plant a new tree finally brethren whatsoever things are true honest just lovely pure lovely good report think on these things he said wherefore I put the in remembrance Timothy I'm telling you I want you to remember I want you to stir up this gift which is in thee by the putting out of my hands Timothy I ordained you to that ministry I put my hands on you and said Lord bless this man as he runs this ministry I did that Timothy I want you to remember that God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind I'm concerned with Christians and Christian kids that don't have a sound mind they don't have a pure heart and I think we're causing it by letting them do this stuff think on these things what are you putting into your head you know I think the way the cake turns out kind of depends on the recipe the stuff you put in it doesn't it I don't know how to cook very much but I'd be willing to bed if you put if you're gonna make ice cream and you include lemons and sauerkraut and onions and garlic it it's probably not gonna taste too good what are you putting into your recipe in your heart I've been a Christian 50 years and I've seen America go down a long ways in my 50 years I taught school 15 years and I saw the decline in just moral standards of kids what is happening Noah had to see what's going around him and say Lord what do I do well son you keep preaching you can't building that boat but keep preaching and you know how many listen nobody listened to Noah his family and even one of them turned out bad would you spend some time today and examine your I want you to get alone with God someplace and say God are you happy God are you happy with what I look at are you happy with what I think about are you happy Lord you and God work that out let's pray thank you Lord for letting us be part of your family Lord would you please move in America Lord send revival father we've got termites on the inside eating us out here Lord eating the hearts and minds of Christian kids and Christians Lord please help us to stop it I'll post a call in the pesticide company and kill this stuff and get it out of our life in Jesus name Amen thank you for joining us see you Monday night bye

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  3. My basketball coach told me "if you throw a rock at a pack of dogs the one that yelps is most likely the one that got hit"
    Thanks for chucking Rocks Dr. Dino

  4. This video is worth watching a few times. Let it sink in, let it work on you. This is 100% scriptural wisdom.

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    Powerful commentary there Kent.

  7. ….. and now we have the game industry using bribery to teach children to gamble i.e. Fortnite world cup – Lucifer and his cronies working well..

  8. I agree with video games being a cancer to society, however Kent, I must disagree with your premise that sport is some kind of evil thing. Basketball has been a godsend for my older son, it gives him confidence and focus where before he struggled. My son has ADHD. Corporate sport may be evil in respect to financial gains etc, but club sport is one of the best things kids can be involved with. My younger son and myself learn Karate. It is not violent, it is also excellent for keeping a disciplined mind, and clarity of thought as well as conditioning of the physical body.

  9. Thank you for the Bible study Dr. Dino and I agree with the video games. My two areas of apologetics are mainly evolutionism (including naturalism and materialism) and New Age (the occult and false teachings) which are the two most growing false belief systems right now.

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  12. Atheists don't care that you have an uncredited degree. They care that you mislead people for many years when saying you had a 'teaching degree' but instead you have a 'Bible teaching degree'. There's a big difference between the two.

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    There is violence in the Bible. Violent video games don't have an effect on behavior. Not all games are violent.

    There are games like Dance Dance revolution and WII fit that involve physical activity.

    Such a condescending video.

  14. Video games are mostly like sidewalk Chalk paintings where you can make mosaic art piece but the next day it rains and all is washed away… What was accomplished? Absolutely nothing other than waste your time you could've spent on improving your life or other ppls lives, learning actually skills or whatever… I'm not completely against video games but as with anything moderation is key… Games have age restrictions for a reason so it up to parents to take responsibility and also not subjecting kids to video games as a form of child daycare…

  15. I like to find out want your view on marriage and the divorce is ? Do you take a strict interpretation of the Bible when it speak about Marriage and Divorce ?

  16. Actually most people don’t think Paul wrote Hebrews. Most New Testament scholars(and most of them are Christians) say that since Paul always wrote his name in his letters and had a distinctive writing style, that he didn’t write Hebrews. Hebrews is anonymous and wasn’t considered canon for a long time. And if you want to go really deep into New Testament history and scholarship, most New Testament scholars, Christians and non-Christians alike, think that Paul only wrote 9 of the 13 books that are claimed to be written by him.

    He most likely didn’t write 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus, or Ephesians.

    And the New Testament scholars are evenly divided on if he wrote 2 Thessalonians and Colossians.

    This kind of history about the New Testament and how books were picked to be canon is very fascinating. Something tells me Kent hasn’t read book one on it.

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