Dragged behind a Ferrari F50 ! Wakeboarding

Dragged behind a Ferrari F50 ! Wakeboarding

48 Replies to “Dragged behind a Ferrari F50 ! Wakeboarding”

  1. Dude that cars spoiler isn't meant to have a man dragged behind it. Over time the stress will get to much. No respect for the car. Driving it like that is alright but to do that

  2. You guys are absolutely OFF THE CHAIN!!! I would totally be doing this if I were independently RIDICULOUSLY weathy!!! You guys keep up the good work and F$%K the haters

  3. Oh, hell guys, you gave me the idea, right at the start of spring run off too. With a choir of red necks singing do it, do it, do it!

  4. Why is your channel named tax the rich? And yet you show exotic cars. With a name like tax the rich you should be do doing Bernie Sanders tribute videos.

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