Drunk Soccer Refs Stumble & Piss on Field

Drunk Soccer Refs Stumble & Piss on Field

[Applause] everyone is tight Simpkins welcome to the fumble so usually getting drunk and peeing on a field isn't you know the best way to perform at work but to check soccer referees thought differently in a match between FK pre broom and Slavia Prague two of the refs showed up belligerently drunk ref number one was trying to keep it together but was doing a really bad job at it he was stumbling all over the field and just acting a fool before being dragged off by security Ref number tun did a much better job of keeping it together until he did this yeah that's him just there taking a leak on the field the head of the Czech FA said they will probably lose their ref licenses and that they were not tipsy they were drunk they don't exist for us anymore ouch guess they better check themselves before they wreck themselves see what I did there alright guys for more sports news visit us at observe calm /the fumble and make sure to hit subscribe before you go

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  1. eh, why not? half of the players in the adult leagues I play and ref in are tanked when they take the pitch….might as well join them. makes for really crappy futbol, but nobody wants to fight.

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