Dumbass VS Defensless Sausages – Hot Dogs Horseshoes & Hand Grenades VR Gameplay

Dumbass VS Defensless Sausages – Hot Dogs Horseshoes & Hand Grenades VR Gameplay

let's just make sure that there's nobody here to kill me oh I found I found a sculpt I can't put it on my gun it doesn't fit I need some duct tape what is this hello huh get loot take capture points defend them get more loot go on as long as you can let's do it I'm prepared to you know kill and slay some sausages cuz that's what we do here oh wow this looks actually pretty cool take an old loot progression and standard playerhealth human items because I'm you know I'm bad at this game pick up your starting equipment to follow indicators to supply other hive in the indicators what the hell is this let's do this right how the hell do I play this journey to find some loop first it's not the thing here I don't think I might need to you know maybe start the sequence before I do anything else how do i stall start there's a giant start button right there let's click it let me get that loot I need those weapons directly what is this what invincibility I'll eat it I'm invincible oh there's somebody over there okay I want to find him I want some loot though like anything at all okay you know what I'm just gonna go over here I don't even care I need that loot so I was I was being an idiot just now I need to do this I need to actually open the bloody briefcase there we go oh yeah now that's the thing I learned from you guys as well I'm ready now I think there we go I'm ready yeah I can I can put stuff in my pockets and make them stay there ooh I have a csgo knife as well well I can chop people up we're yet buddies come over here where do we need to go take and hold I'm just gonna walk around in random places and hopefully I can find somebody to kill I missed oh boy oh boy no no no don't shoot me bounced around out of bullets at some point ow okay maybe I need to oh boy okay cool how much help do I have I have plenty of health oh that's nasty it's nasty okay how many do I need to kill still hey we have some people I've played Pavlov enough to do this haha how do I take the point sausages are getting it let's a nasty sound by the way oddly enough they seem to appear as soon as I reload look I'm just shooting in there on random and it should you know it takes care of them pretty good hold the point to actually need to stand in the point who knows I'm gonna stand here and hopefully that you know helps the point disappeared I can move again okay hello anyone over here let's go take some loot shall we let's just make sure that there's nobody here to kill me yeah haha you thought you had me just then did you okay here we go let's put this over there let's see what weapon we get from this box then baby is this an automatic one if it is I'll I'll change to this one oh it most definitely is I'm gonna keep this one instead you just you just go go away our room more ready now than I've ever been to kill some sausages what is this kind of smell it what does this sausage do it does dual damage I don't need dual damage cuz there oh I found I found a scope not that I need a scope but I found one I can't put it on my gun it doesn't fit I need some got tape starts hopefully it's something really cool no I don't want this it's cool though but I don't want it because you know I need some automatic weapons here to do this to do this properly okay there you go I don't need to use two hands for my weapons I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger I can do this with one hand look have I lost any health nothing at all haha holding the point ain't nobody getting through here hello um you know just run out of bullets I just ran out of bullets oops a magazine no no no just don't do that no oh I ran out of bullets well that was pretty fun let's try out something else ah hmm something else that doesn't require me to do multiple things at the same time boom ski what's the boom ski what's better than an arcade bowling in the sky arcade bowling in the sky with explosives I like explosives you all know that I am pretty good with explosives if I say so myself what is right Oh some grenades how does this work and not like that well I got two of them how the hell am I supposed to get that up there this game is setting some standards oh I need to really throw it okay okay you know what I can cheat the system here we go what ha ha I don't need to put it off oh yes I don't need to use this stupid thing come on hit it properly oh that was a good one if I had a rocket flush I would be doing even better let's see now oh that's perfect perfect boom I'm wondering if I get extra points from using this thing I don't know let's try to eat the giant red thing at the back there good yes oh that's bullshit 85,000 what the hell could just pick the button again oh it resets well okay then let's do this one more time that was pretty enjoyable but I much more like to throw it like this you know like an actual proper grenade kaboom yes that was a good to hit that one oh that was little bit too far maybe No pretty good no okay I need to I need to do that again here we go huh oh that's perfect it's hitting the a he could get more points from the red ones and the yellow ones rather than the blue one so we're gonna go for that red one in the back there here we go all that went a little bit farts is left it's totally fine though oh man that's really good go down ah I didn't go down enough he's just here's a grenade let's see if we can use this thing then like a Robert I was gonna say a proper throw but that was not it is this all I can do there's no high score no nothing well okay then let's go back to the main menu this was pretty fun I mean I like grenades and explosives breaching proto an experiment for breaching clear challenge in Anton's apartment yes let's do just that I don't know what it is but I'm gonna dump I'm gonna try it I think I should go you now save for this round and by safe I mean having an endless amount of bullets here we go let's clear this bad boy how do I do this goo crap okay random positions here we go boys who's up for some they need to kill these blue turds is that the ones I need to go I don't think there's they're the one I needs to kill to be honest I think I need to kill some sausages maybe I don't know I think these are the ones that need to kill this is a very small weapon it takes a long time to do you know do the thing hey yo it's completely bad I don't know what I'm doing here it's like sending an idiot to space there's one get over here did I do it I think I killed everyone that one my eye is itching for those of you who have VR don't you just hate it when your eye starts to itch spawn hotdogs fixes it oh we can let's use something that is more easily managed manageable then something that I could actually probably the desert eagle is totally fun and put it in put it in there you go all right I have a desert eagle now did you not die from that how do i how do I spawn hot dogs random positions here we go let's do this completes do this like an actual agent now what don't dead let's take cover in here there's this a child here having a cry she's not crying anymore earth earth are you kidding me there you go there is his face gone if this was an actual battle situation I would be dead already there we go okay hello there hi behind there is oh we have a bunch of people that boom boom boom oh this gun has way too much recoil for me to be able to a be properly there you go okay there's bound to be some sausage juice upstairs as well how did that oh I got you I got your mouth I wish this gun had slightly more ammo just slightly more you know a little bit more hey there's sausage that's in your crotch oh I didn't know you could grab handles like this Oh somebody's gonna be mad about me destroying that vase spawn group sausage one okay well did we actually get sausages this time what is that sound there's actually sausages walking here I don't know if he was a friendly one or or a noisy one but I killed him and I just shortened the phase again don't know if I should do that but I did it let's get another gun because this recoil is way too much for for a little wacky here I would like to use something yeah the whisper let's do that one spawn sausage group 10 we have 10 sausage oh that's actually no need to kill you to kill you as well oh no no no no Paul run away run away they're actually charging me that's slightly scary jumbo jet they are funny now combo time how am I not all you have armor on oh you have armor on you sneaky booger I didn't see that okay I think I died yeah they killed me the sausage Oh No there we go self-serve baby yeah come on man I'm dead how have I not killed 10 sausages already oh no he actually got me that bastard there you go oh that is scary I need a better weapon they use P yeah this is a fine weapon okay spawn one he's up here I can hear him clear in the last words Punk I thought so man this is a lot of fun actually stuff to do with the weapons he's down his head is gone why does he why did I not get his face off oh my god that guy knows one hell of a weapon no there he was I tricked him so that was also a lot of fun man this game has some has some surprises in it return of the rut wrote my earnest if you wonder if you guys want to see me play that let me know in the comments below and I might get around to doing it but as of right now I think I'm pretty much checked out everything the gern a sium let's go do some gymnastics Oh make sure to use quick belt slots dong oh yeah let's do some climbing I wish I had some physics you know so if I release these at the wrong time I would fall down but that doesn't seem to be the case here I can just you just shoot these things I think I need to shoot these things I could be mistaken though but I'm doing it here we go let's just do this this climbing is way too easy there you go there's one done two gone three gone it's reload oh man I'm cheating so much okay I'm just gonna ignore the shooting for now and I'm just gonna climb I just need to check to see if there is some sort of gravity to this button Aled native so I can't put any gravity on that's bullshit I wanted to do that it's no fun to try me if I can just you know leave myself hanging in the air what is this hello whoa Party Time baby yeah oh we have some fireworks that's pretty cool yeah all right what is this so cool oh my god I don't know what these things are but they're pretty silly flashlights does this even work quality assurance quite brightly that's nice this is my guns oh look it's attached to my face and like it kind of follows where I'm looking come on horseshoe oh honey badger what in the world is a honey badger always he's pretty neat by the wa2000 oh yeah oh this looks like it could do some do some serious damage here we go oh oh yeah oh yeah listen to the echo this thing will make you shit your pants Oh fantastic what else do we have why would you need this hey buddy I found a hole I can even use two hands with it Hey use my natural instinct like it kicking in right now soon as you see how I need to work you know need to do my dirty dirt whatever man these are some cool looking things man oh that is shiny shield a hand grenade what okay and what it what is a shield hand grenade does it go kaboom if I find it click a button number 69 your name I don't think I've tried this thing what is this what I wait to see what happens oh that's one load bang does it go all the way oh I didn't go all the way they did though I killed him cybron aide oh oh look good I thought I needed to release it and then throw it okay that's an amazing thing let's see how much smoke this thing can generate surely it's not that much what the this is not smoke smoke grenade oh my garden smoke grenade red shirt a red smoke grenade okay you know what why don't we just why don't we just go a little bit crazy here there's a bunch of smoke grenades here all right guys I think I've actually played around with all the weapons in the game there might be some Miller weapons or something here that I haven't tried out and I've also checked out some of the game mode so I think this game is pretty much done unless you have some weird and I mean weird ideas let me know that in the comments below and I will probably make some weird videos of this again that was her–they for this time I really enjoyed they seemed if you did don't forget to leave a like and I'll see you all in the next one goodbye

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  1. Some guns start off Semi automatic (one shot at a time) and you have to change it. Usually there is a fire mode selector by the grip but it could be somewhere else

  2. Du kan ha gravitation på hinderbanan. Minns inte vart man slog på det dock men jag vet att det går. Har kört den många gånger.

  3. Stop calling your self “dumb” or “dumbass”
    You aint!
    Your improving since your first vid on this game :3

  4. His lack of knowledge and gun knowledge actually angers me…
    Also before you try something like this look at a few rules and controls so at least your not 100 percent lost 😅

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