36 Replies to “Easy Poor Man's Dog or Fox Proof Fencing for Chicken Pen”

  1. Dogs, foxes and cats are our main predators, so this really really helps in our preparing for chickens

  2. I bought a 'fox light' that flashes lights at random intervals which apparently scares them. I havent tested it yet becauseI am also going to upgrade the pen similar to your suggestion but hopefully the combination of the two will prevent further fox attacks

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  4. Is there a rule of thumb for the number of chickens per square foot of space? Is it a good idea to house other poultry with chickens ( deam.design/8gsf ) or do you recommend keeping them separate?

  5. Honestly that's not their dog fault. Take responsibility. You harboring dog food. You are domesticating a meal for many. Naturally its going to happen. You sir imprisoned a animal and left it defenceless. Naturally one chicken might have gotten hurt. But you put them in a bowl and didn't think about your design flaws you clearly claimed to have. Go give them their money back 😂😂😂😂😂😂 and stand up straight you bent over like you booty hurt.

  6. Hi chad my dad has lost so many chickens to fox… where do I get the wire and rest of ingredients for electric fence

  7. My wife is sitting here at the moment crying her eyes out as a fox killed some of our ducks I had to put the mutilated ones out of their misery .would an electric fence do

  8. Good vid . A friend is giving me some fencing of that size . Do you think raccoons like we have here in the states can defeat that ?

  9. I love this idea!! In the city and have had a fox, raccoon and cat try to get at the girls ( by code we can't have a rooster) Any suggestions on overhead prey? We have had hens attacked by hawks

  10. HI Mark. How do you go with your chickens and snakes? Do you find the snakes are attracted to the chickens?
    We live in the mountains in SW Victoria, and have Eastern Brown, Red Belly Black and Tiger snakes. We have snake repellers all around our property as well as 4 very active dogs. We have not seen a snake in 4 1/2 years and my wife doesn't want to push our luck by having chickens. What are your thoughts?

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