what's up everybody building a new quail enclosure got some quail from condoms I got them in a real big temporary that would have been plenty big enough but go big or go home so putting up chicken wire figured I'd show everybody had an easy way to do it you don't have to use Horseshoe staples or whatever they're called fencing staple around this I've already went along stapled the top leave everything else loose all the way around and at this point is when I realized I probably should make a quick video upon them thinks that people would want to watch my building videos he's full of crap sometimes okay check out pontoons outdoors but she sees she's loose I usually take it just in random spots along the bottom hand with my thumb push down as hard as I can staple you can see she's pretty tight hit it in random spot every so many feet probably a footer sub-species real nice and tight it doesn't look very good if you're if you're fencing is wavy so just go along pull down get your I'm gonna do what you like it and then I go through once I do that I'll go through a bunch of times and those people will understand why I got this hanging over I'll come through here and I'll put dirt and that'll help keep stuff from digging because they'll usually start right here they don't start digging back here so leave a little bit of excess out on the bottom try to prevent digging anyway alright thanks for watching like and subscribe well hang on I'll show you the staples I'm using just a quarter inch crown staple you can pick these up for like 20 bucks at Menards so thanks for watching like and subscribe appreciate it thanks


  1. Yes I agree with Pondamn’s Outdoors these building videos are great. You do this stuff without a second thought but many people will search for videos like this to learn how to do it! Well done Trapper 👊🏼

  2. We can't have chickens because we are not zoned for them. I sure did want some though. Thanks for sharing your technique for fencing them in.

  3. See everybody likes it. That's gonna be a quail resort when its finished. Those quail live better than I do LOL

  4. Your welcome your such the handy man trapper j.i need you to build onto my trapping shed and ill watch.lol

  5. Good tips! I’ll have my boy watch this video so he can see how easy it is! Thanks for sharing

  6. I never thought off staples..wow..
    This will come in handy the next time I use wire to build my HALLOWEEN props

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