Eating Pre-historical Horseshoe Crab in Thailand

Eating Pre-historical Horseshoe Crab in Thailand

horseshoe crabs are a prehistoric throwback a survivor for 300 to 450 million years but they're in trouble now because people have been wiping them out in fact you can even eat one in Thailand some say it tastes like plastic and swore to never eat it again in Thailand as well as Malaysia the horseshoe crab is looked upon as a delicacy and there are specialist restaurants where it is the main item on the menu the RO is considered an aphrodisiac for men and can command a high price this has led to theft poaching and over harvesting to feed the market populations of the horseshoe crab have also plummeted due to their use in medical research however there isn't much to eat from a horseshoe crab other than the eggs or roe there are several ways in which you may be presented with the role the most common way is to grill the whole horseshoe crab and then presented to the customer on a plate with it laid on its back you peel back the underside of the shell from the front and extract the roll with a spoon and eat it the RO usually varies between orange to green and color with a C like plastic taste which most described as unpleasant some people also insist on avoiding to eat the green roe another alternative to grilling the whole horseshoe crab is to boil it in hot water for a few minutes before allowing to cool and removing its ro the roll can then be mixed into solids such as damke Ming da or somtam to give them an extra bite sometimes it is also mixed with chicken eggs to make a crunchy omelet you

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  1. Why is the last 30 seconds of the video is showing 4 different little screen with disturbing stuff!! The top lefr corner looks like if its a unborn chick still in the egg! And the person is spraying salt or something over top.. like if the person is gonna eat it!!! Beurk! Then down corner its a squid but alive? How can you eat something this way??? Sooo disturbed 😠

  2. Medical research doesn't kill them. Their blood is harvested to test vaccine batches, and they're sent on their merry way afterwards.

  3. Asians eat everything that lives and always say it has some mythical benefit or that it is an aphrodisiac to make their small peckers rise which is bull shit, they are going to cause some animals to go extinct.

  4. It is chinese and thai and malaysia's fault for the extinct animals #stopeatingrareanimals

  5. maybe we leave the thing that's been around for like ever alone and not eat it, even more so if it doesn't taste very good. also it can poison you so yeah maybe not a good idea to make it a dish.
    just a hunch tho.

  6. they are being wiped out not from people eating them, its pharmaceutical companies that are fishing all of them out.

  7. I can vouch that Malaysians don't really eat it. Its a Thai thing. If its in Malaysia, it was brought from the country up north

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