28 Replies to “Egypt soccer riot video: Over 70 dead at Port Said stadium”

  1. They were not killed because of soccer . Al Ahly fans were killed because they often stood up against the brutal backlash that they faced from the police and the army .In fact , the Ahlawy Ultras helped in removing Mubarak from his seat during the 2011 revolution, more specifically in “ The Battle of the Camel “ , where they fought off thugs paid by Mubarak .

  2. How many of the dead were zappers? The guy jumps into the opposing teams bleachers with a suspiciously overstuffed vest:

  3. its real sicking that people act like that over a stupid game of foot ball it's not going make a difference who wins and looses there are more tragedies in the world people dieing in the world of cancer and hunger. That is something to be upset about however football games should be abandoned people act like that are a animals i guess your parents did not bring you up right is that what your parents taught you when you were younger to start riots at a retarded football games really there should no longer be any more sports you a animals don't even know how to behave you dumb assess grow up ass holes

  4. So much hate from you people with those comments and then you think you are any better that they are by showing that hate? There is no no need to extend the negativity and violence with more hate from your side, this is something awful what happend there and there is no need to comment it further, but to prevent it and advice againts such actions and to punish those who are responsible for this. No religion is here to blame, it is only us, the humans, whose brain can sometimes easily be manipulated, what we saw from germans and world war II, although they are mostly peaceful people. That can happen to anyone, don't think it can't, as is now happening to americans with that Trump guy. The only thing we can do is to pray we don't ever get drawn into something like this or worse.

  5. the game is hrs long and only like maybe 2points gets scored…i would riot for how fucking boring it is to watch.

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