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  1. I'd love to hear your explanation of how with a poor ground the charger is "pumping electricity back through your battery" and somehow ruining the battery. Never heard this theory before.

  2. also what is wrong with most earth rods? Are those clips an added benefit… I don't have them either. I connect my wire directly to my fence from the charger.

  3. Can you show how you tie the insulated wire to the hot rods, where we can order a "proper ground rod" and how far apart ground rods need to be from the charger and/or fence?

  4. Everything you said is good except for saying you dont need clamps for joining your covered wire to the fence. By wrapping it around the wire yes it will work how ever over the years with temperature changes wire expands and contracts with high and low temperature. This in turn causes the wrapped around wire to loosen causing poor connection. In severe cases this can cause an arc that will burn thru your wire or cause rust. Rust is a natural insulator as you spoke about with using rusty earth stakes. By using the clamps you maintain a constant connection.

  5. Thanx for pointing out multiple grounding rods as a fix, would scrap copper pipes not be as good as galvanized hardware,,

  6. Really good explanation, i never stopped to think about how important the earth is. Where did you get all your fencing knowledge?
    p.s. if your looking for some video ideas may i suggest a video series on farm mapping and planning a rotational grazing paddock system from scratch…. if your interested… i am 🙂

  7. Spot on explanation Tim ! Earthing is the most common cause of the issues we come across. Only thing you could add is to connect 3 or more earth stakes/rods in a row, 1-3 metres apart and joined together with some good plain or black insulated wire. Spot on summary too 5:18

  8. I've been connecting every star picket in the fence with a normal wire and connecting that to the earth system for the energiser, that way I get a 30cm deep earth rod every post…so far so good. I also drive in a galvanised star picket as far as i can at any point in the fence that retains the most moisture year round, and connect that too.

  9. Hello Tim , here I maintain a few sheep & cattle electric fences , I found out that the earth is just as important as the power output , & that dry ground can knock back your fencer,s effect badly , but you have highlighted why this happens , & the inclusion of "running earth wires " between the fence power wires is a great idea , along with separate remote earth pegs , heavy clay ground here , & when it does eventually dry out , by god , it really insulates , ( & it,s hard to get post holes in , I,ve exploded a few softwood posts in my time just pressing them in with the old j.c.b. in dry summers ) , this will help a lot , & I,ll include it in future fence builds , Thanks Mate from England .

  10. You CAN use star steel posts as your earth if they are gal. But if you want a better earth than the one he recommended use a copper earth rod.

  11. Thank U thank U thank U, that was one of the most interesting videos I have seen. You explained it perfectly. 👍🏼

  12. Awesome video mate, something I have completely overlooked, usually just earth to a star picket. I’m running electric internal fences over 400 acres for over 80 horses so this will help me a lot. Cheers

  13. Tim, I have been sharing your videos and channel on my social media. We have a Texas Longhorn cattle ranch here in the US and I also show and train horses. When I believe in a channel I support it whole heartedly. I just sent this post on Facebook to all my friends.
    "Another great fencing tip. YouTube has really become a source of great information for me. I watch and learn and apply what I have learned. Sorting out what is relevant can take time. I have been building fence for years and Tim here has created some really relevant videos that apply to ranching and farm life. Please check out his channel and if you like what you see please subscribe to his channel and let him know in the comments I sent you. Thanks"
    Keep up the great work. When I created my youtube channel this spring I didn't realize just what an amazing community youtube was. The last video I shared of yours has already been shared again on my friends pages. The world is a small place who knows maybe we will meet up someday.

  14. tape v's wire? what do you recommend. Just want to electrify the top to stop our horses from reaching the greener grass on the other side and destroying the fence. Will be using the same thunderbird. cheers.

  15. Hey mate just wanted to say thanks for making these videos! I've just started my first fencing job after being a chef for 16 years and your videos give me plenty to think about when I'm stapling battens! Thanks again from across the ditch!

  16. Just wondering if you run a wire like 500 metres then wanted to put another Earth Point in the ground do you just run a wire from the electrical fence wire to your Earth Point / rod

  17. Great video, Tim. Looking forward to more good tips. A well maintained electric fence is vital on any farm. I like seeing some of the cash saving tips, eg. making gate anchors from wire instead of buying special ones.

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