Electric Fence To Stop Deer And More Solar Panels Coming

Electric Fence To Stop Deer And More Solar Panels Coming

hey guys a lot has gone on off-camera I just had to get it done I didn't have time and setting up cameras and moving around me it's just too much time I just had to go go go so you might notice the campers missing from over there Melanie and I actually we hand pushed it across the yard I wish I could have shown you but honestly it was just we had to get it done I got the camper over here Aaron out I wanted to get I'm cleaning up the yard for one all of this has to come out of the yard so obviously you see I've been working at that I want to get all the machines and equipment put away and the camper I wanted out of sight I wanted to have a look at it it's never going to be a camper again sadly its demolished inside it'll never be a camper I do have possibly another project for it but that's it for there you'll see some three steaks here and six six or six-thirty or something like that just a military coming around 6:00 or so I looked at where the sunshine and you know I had considered putting my solar panels here last year I really did let me wait a minute that's just that's cool though those two guys just flying over that's from grayling it's just a little bit loud and distracting for working so my main solar panels I put them there for reason they're closer to the tiny house where we were at the time and I set them up for the purpose of having them close to the tiny house to reduce the the wire length so there they are now they don't get sunlight after serve at this time of year probably about five six o'clock that's gone off those panels now 6:30 or so whatever time it was I put these steaks here and they were still in full sunlight far enough from a tree far enough out from the tree not gonna hurt anything I'm gonna have another solar array about that big okay we've got 20 solar panels on the way everything about those will become be explained in detail later on but I hope they're on the way so I've got 20 solar panels gonna be set up here okay they're gonna have their own batteries and their own everything so I've been really really really busy running around and I'm just gonna give you a summary what's up okay now over here the deer have been eating my apple orchard my all of my orchard what did survive and didn't get killed is being stripped literally bare by the deer and is sickening so I ran I took away all the electric fence wires from here and I ran them around the orchard then again I just had to get this done quickly so I ran the wires along here my shoes are insulating good so that doesn't hurt around each tree is a wire now this tree is dead all the way through but it's coming back from down below and the deer have been eating I don't know where here the deer we're eating the the branches off and nibbling them off and eating them down below they were eating them clean earlier on then they left this one see all the leaves are stripped off here they left this tree and decided to strip this poor little tree bare now this one survived the winter it's got cracking but it survived the winter and started coming back and had flowers on it and the deer have stripped everything in the last couple days this poor tree is being stripped bare so now I've got a square of way around this okay and here as well the lower branches have been cleaned off entirely there's nothing left it's so sickening here just strip them all bare there's nothing left to these leaves here on these lower branches this one had flowers I think it did they may have been hurt by the frost but the deer were eating the flowers too so really annoying and then this tree got killed down except for the bass and down here there's some sprouts coming some buds coming so it's alive up to a certain point but up above is dead it was a brutal winter I don't know how I'm gonna save them next year but I've got to figure that out so each tree now has a square round and except for that when I ran out of wire for tonight and time but that's inside the fencing close enough for now that one's got life down below in the in the bay and this one is squared in triangle din and that one was being nibbled on as well it was trying to come back to life in the base I have a choking vine around it that I'm gonna have to remove but the deer have been eating this poor little tree so I had to deal with that and protect it so there's not much to it but it's trying to live and I'm gonna give it a chance some say it'll never have the strength that had before but you know look at this look at this shattered from the winter crazy just destroyed there's no life in the tree at all except for in the bottom and then a another fruit tree all dad except for a tiny little bit in the base so I reran somewhere here so hopefully that doesn't touch I've got oh yeah that touches here I can't have these two touching I've got another wire here that I disconnected it's being held up yes and that is not hooked up and not supposed to touch this wire which it really wants to do for some reason doing anyway um ah yeah yep that was a good round ok the wire works good I don't know what I was grounded to there but I sure was fence works oh I see I'm in a tree over here okay yeah that doesn't help at all either this tree grew and grown to that out okay so well you bet you get a laugh out of that one okay so that the fence works fence works good I have no idea why that hit me like that I've never had that with my shoes so it must have been the other wire grounded me I don't know but that hurt oh that hurt oh that's all done all done and then I came around that tree never did come back when I first planted it and I came around here again all that in the top tiny bit on the bottom trying to come back I went around the outside of the greenhouse because I know if the deer find its greenhouse they're gonna be munching on it I'm gonna put higher wires I've got some taller fence posts and I'm buying I'm going to go higher and I'm also gonna put a second row in closer so the deer can't jump over one then then lean in and eat if he tries he's gonna get zapped by the second row so I'm gonna have a second row all the way around to prevent that on the greenhouse and keep the deer from from munching on it so there's all that let me take you out to the electronics lab and show you what's going on there now here if I have topped off all the batteries now here I have 10 batteries so we get some light out in here that much we got the Albany going on again all right now down here are my old motor home batteries my original six motor home batteries these two are the strongest of them all and they're sitting at over 12 volts they were sitting at about 12 312 v at rest after sitting for a couple months and I fired the Bedini back up finished topping them off in the next couple days they have these guys are a little weaker I've still got to work on them but these are gonna start out with those new solar panels I'll explain everything in detail later why just two batteries for now are sufficient but I'm going to start out with two and then as I start restoring batteries I'll keep adding on so there's what's going on I mean even swap these two to power the electronics lab because all I have in here is lights and small experiments and take those four to connect those big panels I don't know I'm gonna check and do some load testing I have a load test through the real thing I'll check and see what's the best batteries I might even get six and I'll probably take my big power inverter and use that all right so because I do have the aims in here that works as well and that's probably all I'll need for the electronic shop anyway I'm working on batteries I've got solar panels on the way I'm working on electric fence wire and that's what's going on the lab is a mess it always is a mess in the spring so I'm cleaning that up too and we'll get this done a lot going on batteries coming I mean panels coming we're expanding the the off-grid solar power on the homestead we're gonna have seven and a half almost eight kilowatts total on this homestead when I'm done Melanie's waiting for me for dinner and I gotta go so that was it that's what's been going on today that's destroyed from the do-it-yourself world and the off-grid project thanks for watching please like subscribe and share follow our daily videos as we strive to become fully off-the-grid and self-sufficient on a budget good night you

11 Replies to “Electric Fence To Stop Deer And More Solar Panels Coming”

  1. It's the frost, its the deer, its the ticks, its the rain, its the heat, its the brutal winter, its big foot, its aliens, its the neighbors, its the trolls, its………….. BUT ITS NEVER TROY……..or maybe its always him………

  2. Just a couple more questions out of curiosity… How many watts are your new  solar panels? What will the power be used for? Things to improve your standard of living like air-conditioning, or heating water, or running appliances? Or cryptocurrency mining? Thanks.

  3. A couple of questions regarding junk… The camper… Why not haul it off to the dump? The same goes for the junk batteries. If they aren't restored after all these years, they're just cluttering up your space! Why not get some money for them as scrap? Also, you could get rid of all the other miscellaneous stuff that wont be used anytime soon. Just some suggestions to make your life easer.

  4. So why not put the electric fence around the entire yard or a large portion of the yard, rather than each individual tree? That would also help with the tick problem.

  5. The deer do that to any tree, it's so depressing to try to start them. Any of those trees that are all dead are probably coming up from the root stock which will never have apples. Deer suck.

  6. Looks like you been busy for sure. Shame the winter & deer took such a toll on your fruit tree … I sure hope they come back and survive. Awesome that your getting more solar panels … little by little your making your homestead dreams come true. Your greenhouse/raised beds look good … hoping you all have a good harvest this year. You all keep up the good work … I know it has to be hard working the store and working at home too but you're doing awesome!

  7. If you find that the deer are busting through your fence wire, it is because it is bare wire. In my experience they are less likely to run through either the fence tape or the twisted poly wire. Every place that I had any length of bare wire, even with flagging, the deer ran through it. With either of the other there has not been a problem, yet.

  8. Your Right!! The deer can jump fence easy. They clear all over my horse fences. Hopefully your electric sq fences around the bottom of the trees it will help.
    Maybe get some bigger fruit trees like already 3 or 4 yrs old or it's gonna take yrs before fruit appears. Maybe cover those squares with clear plastic tents during the winter to save them from severe cold. Just a thought.
    Congrats on your Solar! I wish I had some. 👍

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